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Woodstock is a huge part of our American Culture. On this day I found Bohemians and Friends, a worldwide company aimed at preserving and promoting the Love and Woodstock Nation.

Rosamond Press

When my artwork hung on the wall of the New Balladeer, I studied The Mix. Did art and folk-rock go together? Was there a place for artists in The Scene. Bryan invited me to the garage where he lived with the artist, Vito, but I declined when he said I might get pulled into an orgy.

When I lived with Peter Shapiro, my art patron, Bob Hamilton dropped by and bought me some more canvases and paints. Peter had me grinding keys for the Kalimbas he made and sold, for a bottle of cheap beer. I did a large painting of Rena Easton that Christine saw, that inspired her to take up art in 1972. Above is a pic of me taken in 1974 in Rosamond’s studio. In back of me is the canvas she had ready to do my portrait.

Here is footage of the last Acid Test…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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