My Kindred Fought For Your Freedom

My Rosamond and Benton Lineage were True Three Percenters!

Making a choice to pick up a gun in order to save a place for your lily-white ass is about as easy a task one can undertake. Saving the World and all the races that dwell within is……


Rosamond Press

Those folks who scream they are patriots, and this Country belongs to them, expect you to bow down down to them, worship as they worship, and read what they chose to read. You can spot these Liars a mile off. You see them on the News wearing red hats.

I’m done waiting for the Red Hats to wake up and see the Tyrant they adore and serve. Trump is a coward who hides behind all that my Rosamond kindred, held dear, while he attacks what is truly precious – our Freedom! If the Red Hat of a True Traitor tells me and the world, who they really are, then, come take your red hat from my hand. Any enemy of the Free Press, is the enemy of my Rosamond ancestors. Consider this a DECLARATION!


Patriot Samuel Rosamond

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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