My Kingdom For A Crown

I am working on a long essay on this video that I want my reader to see and make their own judgement.

Since I announced I am a Republican Candidate for President, I have often wondered if I own THE ENERGY to debate The Donald. Can I overwhelm him? I went to the God Gun and Liberty show with this in mind. Who will come out on top? The debate between a man wearing a crown, or, a man carrying a gun?  If I would walk on stage in a debate against POTUS, his jaw would drop. He would cry foul, ad say the debate was unfair. He would send Kellyann Conway – to fetch him a crown!

“My kingdom for a crown!”

What to watch for, is the idea that Trump’s election was ORDAINED, and thus he is above the law. Those who oppose this idea – are subhuman! I say I am kin to Robert E. Lee and Patriots, but, that is Null and Voided, because I am not a Trumpite. This says the Three Percenters came to Eugene looking for CONVERT-VOTERS. This is what mixing Church, State, and Guns – looks like! Only certain people’s opinions matter. These are not Patriots. Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech, is the enemy.

The Trumpite at the start of this video has hit a woman a few times, and suffered an injury to his nose. The Register Guard has stills of a fight that may be this guy. One dude says Christianity is flawed, and thus THEY get to cherry-pick what suits them. I told him this is like overlooking the flaws of YOUR President who took pride in grabbing a woman’s “pussy”.  A moron jumps in and tells me to watch my language. I told him the name Trump is written next to the word “pussy” in every major newspaper, thus, I get to quote this – in public! These dudes are upset they were not heard at the Wayne Morse Free Speech square. I was sympathetic, and was going to suggest a solution. Any solution that does not come from their Tribe, is on par with the Alleybelle Tribe.

Having no respect for the elderly tops their list of DO’s.  I draw a line on that one – with my staff! Jesus got hit in the face many times – and he turns the other cheek! This punk can’t take a couple of punches from a woman? I saw this Tribe shoving women around, and called them out. I called them bullies! I suspect the woman who threw that punch was shoved, or, saw other women shoved.

On the way home on the bus, I considered whether I could have prevented this violence, by asking the The Three if they want to go speak, and I would go see if I can find a mike, and prepare their way. It appears they decided to push their way in. I could see they were scared. I descend from Prussian Generals and Teutonic Knights. Never give up the high ground. We all share the Moral Highground, friend and enemy alike. If you deny that, you have lost your battle. Jesus The General – knew this! Consider the Roman Centurion!

If  this brat was in my army…………

But, I don’t have an army. However The Donald does! And he loves his Red Hat theatre where he relives his victory, where he tells his goons to go after people and beat them up. And they do! I got it on video! I am the real news. What  a big mistake for that one dude to say; “WE’RE asking you to shut your mouth!” He dare offer to speak for them all – when they didn’t elect him to do so! What a Poker Tell!

The Donald thinks he is the embodiment of King David – because false evangelical prophets tell him this. Thus, it is just fine that he walks in on naked beauty contestants – in Moscow. Thousands of evangelicals – trust Putin – because he’s IN THE BIG JESUS SHOW! So am I! I outsmarted, and outflanked these morons. It’s in my Prussian Blood. Never, never, be predictable! Warfare is THE THEATRE! Read Homer and Greek philosophers. Read Roman Stoics, and Marcus Arelius!


I chose the Emperor’s infamous book for my End Time reading so I can own a real historic record of when it began to go wrong for Western Civilization. Greeks, Romans, and the Brits loved Theatre. Japan invented Kabuki Theatre that Belle’s mother brought to Eugene. Alley is right out of the Kabuki Theatre. If these two can admit this, I will forgive them, because this is what we saw a the God. Guns and Liberty Theatre. We loved it! Keep coming back!

What the 3Centers did not see coming was a woman wanting to punch a dudes lights out. I could have shown them the script. They expected they would just file onto the stage, and do their act………..

‘Might Makes Right’

You got to laugh!

John Presco

  1. 1.
    make (someone) a priest or minister; confer holy orders on.
    synonyms: confer holy orders on, appoint, induct, install, invest, anoint, consecrate;

    “the Church of England voted to ordain women”
  2. 2.
    order or decree (something) officially.
    “equal punishment was ordained for the two crimes”
    synonyms: decree, rule, order, command, enjoin, lay down, set down, establish, fix, enact, legislate, dictate, prescribe, pronounce

    “it was ordained that anyone hunting in the forest without permission was to pay a fine”

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