I Love White People

Before I took my Old Man Nap, the title I chose for this post was………….

‘God, Guns, and Tie-Dye’

I found myself is the exact epicenter of Hatred. I saw violence. I saw a huge man about six foot four come up behind a sixteen year old girl – and give her a powerdul shove! Then the giant shoved a young man about eighteen, and he went flying. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. A line of strong men kept coming around that corner, that edge next to the statue of Morris! The drums were blazing! Everyone in Eugene knows this is where the Clitorus of the Goddess is located. Here is her main atery and birth channel. This is where the Cosmic Throbbing is located, and these men violated her – BIG TIME!

About forty women saw – MANHANDLING!. They let out this sound – that still gives me goosebumps to hear it. This is what Julius Caesar heard when he went against the Picts in Britain. Then, came the bloodcurdling screams of the Irish Banshee Women.

In they came – like a wall of flesh! I moved in with them and stood where I placed my Christian Amazon, Mirriam Starfish Christiling. This is where Belle and Alley dreamed of catching me, and here they come, the Alley Valkyries of Hades – IN MY FACE!

A couple of women got punched in the face! The look on the face of God’s Gunners, was utter fear. Maybe, just maybe their bodies will be sent home to their mother and father. But, I saw them being shredded by those witches knives, those crescent moon shaped slicers, that go for the ears – and then the gentrifies! The poet Robert Graves does a number on these knives.

Then, when you thought there was going to be a massive shrieking feline pile-on, with fur flying everywhere, there stood a young man holding up his Tie-Dye Wear with a big grin on his face. What guts! He put himself right there at the very core of Hatred and Violence. He reminded most of us, that the Saturday Marker is happening thirty feet across the road.

“Peace brother! Won’t you buy my Tie-Dye today!”

There was about ten seconds of silence. Then another young women got shoved! You heard what Phil Specter tited…………..A WALL OF NOISE! Then came the…………chant! I now knew why Alley moved to Paris. This was the next generation of real Crazy Women. You can not pull the batteries on them. There is no OFF switch. I looked to the perimeter of the crowd. The EPD was moving nonchalantly away, doing a Huck Fynn whistle. They had been on the receiving end of – THEM! They tried to warn these Bubba Sawyers – they were messing with the wrong crowd! This was no raft trip down Zippidy Do Dah River! This was…………. FUCKING NO MANS LAND!

Then I saw her! It was love at first sight! Here was my muse I have been looking for for my Tolkien Book. I felt her coming, and turned to catch her full beautiful symmetric face. She saw the affect she had on me, and gave me a stunning smile. She had wide tan shoulders. She was a foot shorter than Rena. She had powerful glutes, and a strong back. She jumped up and down with the beating drum. My camera captured the tremor of the beautiful layer of fat that lie under a woman’s flesh when she is about nineteen years of age. My heart skipped a beat…….

“My beloved Shield Woman. Lead your king into battle. You are my wedge, my edge, my blade…………..MY HAMMER!”

The long dark age that befell Camelot, is, over! Here is the basket of plenty, the bearer of the good children. So! This is what it feels like to wear a crown, and be king!

To be continued. coming up next…………MY VIDEOS!

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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