Antichrist, Santa, Ms. Naked Pants

What I observed at the God and Guns for Trump Be-in, was this……….

Defining oneself, not by who you are, but by what others are not.

I believe this describes the Trump Sickness that is destroying our Democracy. Our President has no way to define who he is but by pointing out what others are not. This dude is an alleged billionaire. Is this how they get their kicks? Epstein lured girls to him – and his friends – with money! Viva the French Revolution! Fuck these America Eagle Gun&God nuts! Bring out the Guillotine! Let us weigh their heads on the scales of the Justice the poor people own!

How many are following Trump’s lead. I got into a discussion with a young man, who was not happy to see I was a superior person. What he falls back on, is, I am a member of the degenerate sub-human crowd – not but twenty feet away. He is surrounded by his peers, his group, his people, who are carrying guns. He goes into a nihilistic rant that told me he already considered going all the way, being, he mows down thirty sub-human before EPD kill him.

Experts are seeing a link to shooters who live with their parents, or grandparents. What they are hearing?……

“Why don’t you get a job, find a nice woman, get married, and have children. Make new life, Be somebody. You live a nothing life. You sponge off us like a parasite. No sane woman would marry you. I’m inclined to warn Suzie you are not the man for her! She just graduated from college – and got a good job. You are beneath her. You are not worthy of her. You have no friends. No one likes you! I’m ashamed you came from my seed!”

We live in a Shame-based Society. Shaming others is our National Sport!

When Ms. Naked Pants awoke this morning, she couldn’t wait to put on her naked pants that go right up her butt-crack to her anus. Turning her back to the mirror, she jumps up and down, and smiles. The bounce in her bun-cheeks is friggen amazing. She is ass-ured of being somebody. Many will take notice of her. She will be somebody – for sure!

When I awoke this morning, I could not find my Santa hat, my American flag, or my Soviet flag. How do I expect to get some attention today?

“I know! I’ll go as the Antichrist. Look, there’s my crown and serpent stick!”

I didn’t put it together until an hour ago, that Santa, and the Antichrist – ARE WHIIE – the color that can’t be SHAMED? What do we white people need guns for? We got Whiteness covered. Forget about the Semitic guy named Jesus!

Oh! I almost forgot. There was a nearly naked dude that looked like Ambrose, Belle’s old flame. He twirled the pasties on his nipples. He had a following. Folks just gathered around him, and took his crazy act in. This is why I said I love White People. We’re born crazy-ass thespians. We invented – the stage! Consider King Lear and his Fool!

“Life’s a stage, son. Time to leave your Mommies house, and get in the big show. Have you thought about joining the army? You’re not thinking of sitting around in that drum circle all your life, are you? You don’t’ know how foolish you look!”

You see. God’s Gunners were DEFEATED within ten minutes of arrival. They were surrounded by un-ambitious people, who were happy, and, didn’t want to kill anyone!

“My God! And they got all………..the women!”

“Yeah! And they got the Smartest Man On Earth on their side!”

“What a smart-ass!”

Carrying around a deadly weapon on a peaceful street does not make you older, ore wiser!

I saw it coming. My High Noon! Will my darling muse forsake me, and I die – not in a puddle of pee – but on the…………stage!

John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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