Roped By Riders With Badges

So, we have reached the End of the Prophecy Trail in the long tale of my muse and I.

I am going to try to launch a massive lawsuit that will sue law enforcement people who belong to the Rapture-Abortion Cult because it distracts them from doing their duty. Paul Weyrich invented the abortion cult to counter the Civil Rights Movement. Abortuon Terrorists bombed and killed people.

Rena’s husband got over a $100,000 dollars in farm subsidies. He gets WELFRE! No famer or rancher dare say what they THNIK about Thump, lest they get on a secret list. Going after the alleged “parasites” of color I making these cowboys feel better, because Thump is going to cut funding to these people and give it to Fake Cowboys! We are on the verge of another Civil War!

John Presco

Texas police have apologised after an image of two white officers on horseback leading a handcuffed black man by a rope caused an outcry online.

Galveston Police Chief Vernon Hale said on Monday the technique was acceptable in some scenarios, but that “officers showed poor judgment in this instance”.

He said there was no “malicious intent” and has changed department policy to “prevent the use of this technique”.

Many people on social media said the photo evoked images of the slavery era.

According to a news release from the Galveston Police Department, the two mounted officers, named only as P Brosch and A Smith, arrested Donald Neely for criminal trespass.

The officers were taking Mr Neely to a police staging area. Police clarified that he was not tied with the rope, but “was handcuffed and a line was clipped to the handcuffs”.

The department added: “We understand the negative perception of this action and believe it is most appropriate to cease the use of this technique.”

Image copyright Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images
Image caption Etching depicting a group of slaves marched while they are bound together, led by white men on horses who carry guns and whips

Mr Hale apologised to Mr Neely for the “unnecessary embarrassment”.

He added the officers “could have waited for a transport unit at the location of the arrest”.

“We have immediately changed the policy to prevent the use of this technique and will review all mounted training and procedures for more appropriate methods,” the police chief said.

Mr Neely is free on bond but could not be reached for comment, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Leon Phillips, director of the Galveston County Coalition for Justice, told the BBC the image that went viral on social media was taken by an individual who wished to remain anonymous.

Mr Phillips said the incident is “difficult to talk about” as a Galveston resident.

“This was a stupid mistake,” he said. “What I do know is that if it was a white man, there’s no way they would have done that to him.”

Republicans’ amped-up focus on so-called late term abortions has brought new energy to the issue for their conservative base — forcing Democrats to respond to rhetoric about infanticide.

The GOP plans to keep at the message through the 2020 election, even if they lose the battle in Congress to pass a “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors” bill, H.R. 962, that abortion-rights advocates warn could add new pain to already wrenching medical decisions. Under criticism, Republicans’ language has only continued to escalate, including President Donald Trump’s charge this week that Democrats “don’t mind executing babies AFTER birth.”

Democrats are “taking a barbaric position,” said Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), the No. 2 Republican in the House. “It’s a radical far-left shift they’ve taken and, frankly, most Americans are sickened by that.”

So far the tactics aren’t swaying Democrats, who are highly unified around abortion rights and accuse the GOP of spreading inflammatory misinformation. To redirect the conversation, they hope to focus on aspects of women’s health where they are on more solid ground — for instance by, attacking the Trump administration’s recent move to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, congressional aides said.

But Republicans aim to keep the spotlight on their bill making it a felony for a doctor to harm or neglect an infant who survives an attempted abortion.

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