Montana Secessionists

Does Dan Mayland believe Democrats of Fetus Killer? If so,does he feel his hands are tied?

Rosamond Press

Does Dan Mayland know about the Montana Secessionists? Twice a day Traitor Trump calls The Free Press “The enemy of the people”. CNN just did a show on Putin, who murders members of the Free Press. I betcha Deputy Dan voted for Trump!



Absaroka, (pronounced ab-SOR-o-ka)[1] was an area in the United States, comprising parts of the states of Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming, that contemplated secession and statehood in 1939. The region’s complaints came from ranchers and independent farmers in remote parts of the three states, who resented the New Deal and Democratic control of state governments, especially the government of Wyoming.[2] One of the leaders of the secessionist movement was A. R. Swickard, the street commissioner of Sheridan, Wyoming, who appointed himself “governor” and started hearing grievances in the “capital” of Sheridan.[3] Increasing tourism to…

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