Cohen and Trump – Midnight Cowboys

While Thump is delivering the most wooden monologues in western history, his old buddy, Cohen, is giving blow-jobs in prison for cigarettes – and he doesn’t smoke!

The Racist un-President has shot his wad, yet the show and the hustle must go on. Midnight Cowboy might be the best movie ever made. It is a real work of art. Art is proving to be the True Prophet, and Artists – THE LAST MAN STANDING! We are willing to die for the Love of Belle. True ugliness rus roughshod through this masterpiece, that ends with Beauty and Love. Dare I say the word – LOYALTY? Loyal is gone in America. Only a handful have remained – loyal to themselves! Would you go into battle with these Bozos?

Instead of the Beloved Battle of Armageddon, we get utter cowards running free with killer guns. One evil piece of shit shoots his own sister – dead!

Take a good look at Pence. This White Man works round the clock looking for ways to convict the Democrats and Liberals of murdering millions of unborn babies! Have Pence and John Voight had a insane chit-chat about aborted babies? Voight defends Thump.

For years this evil has been generated from the Sweet Evangelical Church Hymns. I see a scene, as they sing ‘Washed in the Blood of the Lamb’….. blood begins to pour from the hymn books…..and the Forever Innocent run from this false church that had led them down the filthiest, rat infested, New York alley, where the whitest of the white are giving each other a blow-jobs. For, this is what we got. This is what we see during this speech. Pence is rocking his pelvis in cadence with his Wooden Boy’s words, he desperate to make sure he gets it all out – and doesn’t look like Mr. Pinocchio!

I have described the roots of Western Culture in this blog. This is what my neighbors found insane. How white American people come to feel superior to all others, needs to be studied. Ed Ray taking down my kin’s name from a building – won’t cut it!

To see about six Policeman step into the street towards the shooter, with guns blazing, is the real deal I saw coming. Thump and Franklin Graham can’t take that first step onto the streets of Laredo! They got divided loyalties! They been preaching – Civil War!

How dare the P and VP use a teleprompter on us! The eloquence that came from the survivors is what The Real America is all about!


To watch that policeman do what he trained to do, empty his weapon, and reach for another clip, as the bad guy came at him, is what has made America Great. Thump won’t even read the National Security Report put on his desk each morning. Before the world, he agreed to handover an American citizen to Putin to stand trial. Has Thmp ever shot a gun? Is he trained to shoot down an intruder in the WH? Will he call to his caddy to hand him a nine iron? Thump shoots his mouth off when he is winging it. Millions understand he talked at least one of the shooters – into the street!

There’s no sound in the first video. Play both of them at the same time!


Joe Buck, a young Texan working as a dishwasher, quits his job and heads to New York City to become a prostitute. Initially unsuccessful, he manages to bed a middle-aged woman, Cass, in her posh Park Avenue apartment. The encounter ends badly as he gives her money after she is insulted and throws a tantrum when he requests payment.

Joe meets Enrico Salvatore “Ratso” Rizzo, a con man with a limp who takes $20 from him by ostensibly introducing him to a pimp. After discovering that the man is actually an unhinged religious fanatic, Joe flees in pursuit of Ratso but cannot find him. Joe spends his days wandering the city and sitting in his hotel room. Soon broke, he is locked out of his hotel room and his belongings are impounded.

Joe tries to make money by receiving oral sex from a young man in a movie theater, but learns after the fact that the young man has no money. Joe threatens him and asks for his watch, but eventually lets him go unharmed. The next day, Joe spots Ratso and angrily shakes him down. Ratso offers to share the apartment in a condemned building where he is squatting. Joe reluctantly accepts his offer, and they begin a “business relationship” as hustlers. As they develop a bond, Ratso’s health grows steadily worse.

In a flashback, Joe’s grandmother raises him after his mother abandons him. He also has a tragic relationship with Annie, a mentally unstable girl. Ratso tells Joe his father was an illiterate Italian immigrant shoeshiner whose job led to a bad back and lung damage from long-term exposure to shoe polish. Ratso learned shoeshining from his father but considers it demeaning and generally refuses to do it, although he does shine Joe’s cowboy boots to help him attract clients. Ratso harbors hopes of moving to Miami, shown in daydreams in which he and Joe frolic carefree on a beach and are surrounded by dozens of adoring middle-aged women.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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