Breaking Naked

Yesterday I went to get my computer fixed. The sound on my video was not working. I thought we fixed the problem, and I made a video in response to our National Inanity.  Old Timers in AA are heard to say;

“What people think of me…….is none of business!”

Well, you can throw that old chestnut in the fire. Fifty million American are now on High National Alert, we looking at each other to see who has a poor opinion of us – and a hundred round magazine!

I had a chit-chat with a sane citizen about the last time our country was sane. I pick the era of Leslie Nilsen’s ‘Naked Gun’ . America used to laugh together. Thump&Pence put an end to that!

I have an idea for a series:

Breaking Naked

A minister gets naked in order to bring folks back into his church. Every Sunday he sets up an easle before the altar and invites a pretty young believer to disrobe so he can give Art and Biblical lessons – at the same time! He gets his own cable show, and in the studio is an odd mixture of Bohemian Leftists, and Right-ring Christian Extremists, who came for the Biblical lessons, only, because Billy Krindle his got some hot tips on the Rapture, that pop out of his mouth now and then when he gets really inspired.

Billy has a hired bodyguard standing by, just incase he goes for the pretty naked hottie, like David went for Bathseheba. Like Thump went for the married woman he took furniture shopping. How low and you go! You get her drooling over a new sofa, then you come up behind her, and……………..

John Presco

Copyright 2019

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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