David Seidler And Our Ex

My enemies percieve I have not reached celebrity status – quite yet! Thus, they see me as a door that can be kicked in to get at The Meat!



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David Seidler was married to my ex, Mary Ann Tharaldsen, and thus is in my and Liz Taylor’s family tree. Maybe he can author a Bond movie?

I see a play based upon The Misfits, and Bus Stop, where Tom and Mary Ann Pynchon, end up on the bus to Mexico with Lee Harvey Oswald. What was said, or not said, to detour Oswald from ending Camelot, or, what made up his mind to end the life of JFK, would be the Story of their generation? Belief in dialogue and philosophy was at its peak. If JFK had lived, there would be no Brexit and Trump. The bond between the U.S. Canada and Britain, would be strong. I suspect my ex was recruited by the CIA.

I did not like it in Mexico…” The writer’s introspection also bothered her. “He wasn’t very present as a lover or a person…

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