Bonds With Angels – The Arrest of Jesus

For thirty-two years I have been looking for the Historic Jesus. I had already found him, and, had seen God. I believe they sent me on a Quest. Did Jesus get arrested? If so, why? Was he put on trial? Was he convicted? If so, what was his crime? Today, this matter would be a Public Record, and freely accessed by anyone who seeks the Truth.

I have been put on trial, but, no formal charges have been filed. I was tried in public. Fellow citizens wanted to see me fail, even be destroyed. My credibility was the first thing that had to go. My armor had to be stripped from me so my enemies can tear at my flesh. Shaming me was their priority! We see Christians engaged in this behavior outside the church. They have won seats in our Government, and want to control our civic affairs. They want to hurt everyone that is not one of them, because they believe they are being attacked – and hurt! I thought their Jesus took all their hurt upon himself. Jesus never ran for Public Office.

After being treated to so many Free Things, yesterday, and seeing the images of the Flower Children – who gave so much away For Free – my Angel bids me to give this uncompleted history lesson away – for free! This is the beginning of my ministry coming from  the church that I inherited from Herbert Armstrong.

I have never seen a minister so demonized as Herbert. Why? Evangelical leaders are employing this Democracy to escape all accusations that they are False Prophets, they claiming they are doing The Lord’s Democratic Work – and thus are immune from all criticism. They are Righteous for our own good! Did God, or Jesus found a Democracy? If so, then Herbert deserves an Advocate, someone to come to his defense. I do so as Armstrong’s Goel, and as a candidate for The End Time Elijah that Herbert eluded to being, and, said was coming – and must come!

This nullifies the evangelical heresy about the Rapture that was invented around 1740 by John Darby, an Irishman. It anoints thousands as Forerunners of the Second Coming. Millions of evangelicals walk around in a deluded state believing they already have got one foot in heaven. If true, why did millions of Evangelicals put Donald Trump in the White House – and can’t wait to do so again!

I say the second coming of Elijah and John the Baptist is in the historic works. We know John was a real person who got arrested – for real! A REAL Democracy is built on Facts and the Rule of Law. This truth eludes POTUS who has been accused of Gaslighting us.

John Presco ‘The Nazarite’

Copyright 2019

Bonds With Angels – The Arrest of Jesus

Why was Jesus arrested? Why was John the Baptist arrested? Do the mothers of these two prophets know what is coming? If so, did their sons prepare them? I contend Elizabeth and Mary did know their sons were breaking the law. These cousins are born into priestly line and are ‘Daughters of Aaron’ who was the first High Priest of the Jews. They would know the Torah. Elizabeth’s husband was a priest that served in the temple. He would know the Torah by heart. Elizabeth’s home is full of priests and others who serve the Lord. Were there any Scribes who came to dinner? The Torah would be orally studied and discussed in her presence. If there was something wrong, or, a change had to be made, or, something needed to be restored to the original, Elizabeth would know about it. Being old in years, and having never given birth to a child, she would wonder if God had shut her womb like He did Hannah’s. Did Elizabeth consider Hannah’s remedy? Did John’s mother take the oath of the Nazarite?   Elisabeth means: My God is an Oath’. Elishava was the wife of Aaron. I see The Oath of God because God has bid women to take the Nazarite Vow. Because Zachariah sings Hannah’s song when John is born, there is a very good chance his wife and taken the Oath of the Nazarite. John was steeped in the Torah and would know what laws his cousin would be breaking. Elizbeth would warn Mary, if she saw an arrest was eminent. Mary had to know. I will explore why. When Laws are broken, there is always a motive. What was the motive? If Mary and Elizabeth knew the motive, they are guilty of conspiracy. If a legal conspiracy existed, then, we are looking at the Historic Jesus ‘The Lawbreaker’.

I was forty-one years of age when I read the Bible for the first time. I was raised Catholic and went to Catechism, but our lessons were not Biblical in the sense of theology. The mass was mostly in Latin. Then my friend and kin gave me a Bible. I was living in a small trailer on his property. I read all of Luke to four in the morning and had a conversation with God, or, Jesus. My life was transformed. I had just come back from a gather of Meher Baba followers in Portland that was held at a Catholic college. We met in a rose garden Sunday morning to discuss whether it was time for form a religion around Baba, something he forbade. As I watched four Nuns walk by, I was the first to speak. Baba had said he was God, even Jesus in a past life. He generated interest in Christians who were looking for a Historic Jesus. Could Baba shed light on this search? When I began to read Luke, I looked for the real history. I began to find it. This book is what I found at the end of my quest. I found the Historic Jesus. I believe the truth I was not a believer, made this possible – along with my age. There are innate shame-based obstacles put in the way to knowing the true teaching of Jesus, who was a healer, not a prophet. I am discounting Revelations. In recent years Revelations of the Rapture has taken the best pews, while healing has been abandoned. What I will show in this book, is Jesus was arrested for healing. His healing was no proof he was the Son of God. Jesus saying, he was this, is not the reason he got arrested. A son of god denotes a prophet or Messiah. Jesus was neither.

To uncover the truth about Jesus’ mission, let us look at the reason John the Baptist was arrested. The historian, Josephus Flavius, said John was extremely popular, and thus the Herodians and other feared he would instigate a rebellion. Let us assume this is the case. In establishing motive, we have to ask what people John was popular with that could be easily persuaded to rebel and other throw the family that sat on the thrown of King David. I am going to cut to the chase and come to the point. I have debated whether I should have this book read like a mystery novel. It is suspension that John had a huge following of Jewish women who subscribed to the orthodoxy for the reason ancient laws concerning women were abolished. This erasure of Mosaic Law affected – THE CHILDREN!

Jewish mothers have long had a famous devotion to their children. In ‘Heritage and Hellenism’ by Eric Gruen, we see many Jews adopting Hellenistic ways that had abandoned the old gods and become more modern in a democratic way. Jewish men who embraced a Greek world that gave men more liberty, a liberating lifestyle. How about Jewish women? A single Jewish woman might take part in a sexually liberated society, in Judea and in the Diaspora, where a million Jews lived – at least! But, when they became with child, did they look to the traditions their grandmothers cherished? How this new generation of Greek liberated children would be raised, was of deep concern, that must have been very controversial. How many peoples in the Greek and Roman world obeyed a set of intricate teaching based upon The Law? Did the Pagans of Europe have such laws? If a Man of God, who was born of a priestly line, whose father served in the Holy of Holies, gave a message to the Women of Israel there is no reason to forsake the Laws of Moses, the that priest would have an audience. The question is, was John the Baptist a priest, and not a prophet. Jesus allegedly said;

“I tell you, among those born of woman, there is not one greater than John. Yet, even the least in the kingdom of God, is greater than he.”

This is one of the remarks of Jesus that has long confused me. Elizabeth and Mary were ‘daughters of Aaron’ that had a special connotation. Aaron did help make the golden calf. Was Jesus referring to the “coming Kingdom of God where there would be established a democracy greater then the one that tempted the Children of God. Add it up! Is Democracy under God the motive for a rebellion against the Herodians who sent their sons to live amongst the Roman slave masters. How about their daughters? Did Salome live like the debauched Romans lived? Did she learn a especially vivacious dance from Roman priestess-harlots? We know the Jewish war with Rome is coming. Jesus is rendered oblivious to this War his God will instigate. God had to have wanted a war with Rome! To hide this truth is one reason Jesus is depicted as God’s son, and, even God Himself. God wants his kingdom – restored!

“Who is my brother, who are my brothers. And stretching out his hand towards his disciples, he saidl Here are my mother and brothers. For who ever does the will of God in heaven, is my brother sister, and mother!”

I believe this passage has been altered. I believe Jesus is speaking to a mixed audience. It is alleged he did not bring a message to the Gentiles, but he could possibly giving a message to Jews who have adopted the ways of the Gentiles. Then he can point to his disciples who are Jews and deliver the very core teaching of God and Moses that was very tribal in nature. Jesus is acting like the Good Shepherd bringing God’s lost sheep back to the fold. This is pure orthodoxy. Jesus could be speaking in the Diaspora. He could be stirring up the million Jews dwelling there to – REVOLT! Were Gentiles and Pagans interested in joining the Democratic Rebellion of God? Everyone is EQUAL including Jesus, for what he said about John and “the least” is applicable to him.

In Acts 19, Paul and his disciples come upon twelve disciples of John the Baptist in Ephesus, a Greek city. What are they doing there? Who are they baptizing? Are they baptizing Gentiles, or, Jews? Paul says they have not recovered the baptism of Jesus. They submit to this baptism and begin to speak in tongues which is now all the rage over healing. Why didn’t John turn over his ministry and his disciples to Jesus, who some claim was a disciple of John. How come Paul and John’s disciples are not afraid of being arrested – and crucified? Paul was later arrested in Jerusalem for performing a forbidden ritual, sent to Rome in chains for starting a riot – and never heard of again. There is no death date for Paul. Why was Jesus arrested? Paul is claiming Jesus was the Son of God, which is the alleged motive the Jews arrested Jesus. Why wasn’t Paul arrested for saying these. He allegedly goes before Agrippa and Queen Berenice, who is the foremost person I would love to talk to if I owned a time machine. What about Jewish women? Where is their voice?

Jesus said something that puzzled me for years. In Luke he says who he has come to heal:

“And Jesus answering unto them said. They that are whole do not need a physician. But they that are sick. That is the reason for which I came into the world.”

Jesus has just given the reason why he was born. He says what his mission is. He says he has not come to heal everyone. There is are two words missing from his declaration. It should read;

“They that are NOT BORN whole do not need a physician.”

What Jesus is referring to is the ruling, and law the Sanhedrin made about fifty years before Jesus was born, said those who were born with their afflictions, were judged by God to be cursed by the sins of their parents. Therefor, no rabbi, priest, or physician need tend to their affliction, such as blindness. The boy born blind is severely questioned by the upholders of The Law. To break the laws the men of the Sanhedrin made, was punishable by death. Now, who would like this law overturned? Mothers, Jewish women with child, for everyone of them were concerned they would born a cursed child, and God and his Men of God would turn their backs on their child – and damn both the child and its mother! While all the other women of the Greek and Roman world are free of this Mass Shaming, the Jewish Women are put in the shadow of a curse. These women would be very interested in giving birth to a Messiah and Savior who would be born without sin and would champion the children!

Why are the Pharisees grilling the boy and his mother about him being born blind. Why is this a major concern? There are Jewish physicians that have healed the afflicted. Elijah and Elisha healed the sick, and even raised the dead. They have to know Jesus is kin to John the Baptist who some say is Elijah. What is key, is the implication that there is a punishment for eluding to the idea Jesus is the Messiah. This is a blind beggar who would not be thrown out of the synagogue along with his mother, because they have never been in one. They could not afford it. It is those who are shut out of the synagogue due to poverty and other discriminating factors that Jesus has come to minister to. He does not minister inside a synagogue. He is not the Rabbi of the rich, by the rabbi of the poor and disenfranchised. This is key in regards to the evangelicals that run for office, and as lawmakers give tax cuts to the rich, and do away with healthcare.

“They still did not believe that he was born blind and had received sight until they sent for the man’s parents.”

Why didn’t the Pharisees ask the parents if their son was faking being blind? These passages have been doctored by Christianized writers. Let me restore the original version.

“Ask him. He is of age; he will speak for himself. His parents said this because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders who already decided that anyone who acknowledged that Jesus was the Messiah would be put out of the synagogue.”

What parents would turn on their disabled son, and set him up to be punished? Why would Jewish leaders go about the and proclaiming Jesus – is not the Messiah? This would surely cause many to believe – who did not believe – that he was the Messiah. Surely this proclamation is big news? Why would it be? There were a thousand Jews all over Judea who claimed they were the Messiah. These claims were unpreventable. To eliminate one candidate would draw a lot of attention to him. As it is, this questioning is drawing much attention. These are close knit tribal people. There is an audience. Who recorded this incident?

“A second time they summoned the man who had been (born) blind. “Give glory to God by telling the truth.” They said. We know this man is a (born) sinner.”

“He replied, “Whether he is (I am) a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was (born) blind but now I can see.”

“Then they hurled insults at him. You are this fellow’s disciple. We are disciples of Moses. We know God spoke to Moses. But for this fellow, we do not even know where he comes from.”

Jesus does know the laws of Moses that God gave to this great prophet. This is why he goes out of the way to break the new law of the Sanhedrin. The Pharisees understand this. It is key to know that there are two sects of Pharisees that are vehemently opposed to each other. One sect is favorable to Jesus. They are the first to question the boy born blind. They know where Jesus came from. This is one of the first cases of anti-Semitism that came from Saul-Paul who went about the Diaspora preaching the Laws of Moses do not matter anymore – in synagogues. Why isn’t Paul punished?

“Nobody has heard of the opening the eyes of a man born blind. If this man (If I) were not from God, (I) he could do nothing.”

“To this they replied. (He was) “You were steeped in sin at birth; how dare you lecture us. And they threw him out!”

They threw Jesus out of the synagogue where he was summoned to testify, after the blind man was summoned to testify. This is a major trial – that should have resulted in Jesus being arrested. The blind man is a witness – for the prosecution! It appears Pharisee-J is defending Jesus by impugning the witness.

“But for this fellow, we do not even know where he comes from.”

What Jesus is saying, is he owns the authority of God to overrule a unjust manmade law. In this light, we behold a Democratic Theocracy, something Greek and Roman scholars had come to believe Moses had established in the world – with the approval of the One God of the Jews! In the Greco-Roman world many deities that had been worshipped for the purpose of being healed were now exposed to the Written Word of God who had given precise instructions on how His People can be healed. Many of these written laws resemble Pagan remedies. There are a thousand ways to make a sacrifice at the temple. Tens of thousand of Jews in the Diaspora made a once in a lifetime visit to the temple in Jerusalem. Many learned Jews were mad stewards in wealthy Roman homes where they were brought before guests and bid to defend their belief system.

Emperor Augustus was very supportive of the Temple and had it lavishly decorated. He established a perpetual sacrifice for his family. He and other Emperors backed Herod and his family. Mark Anthony put the Edomite Royalty on the throne of David. Why? The Edomites were no longer seen as members of the Covenant. They were once seen as brothers of the Jews. So were Ammonites and Moabites who were part of Solomon’s United Kingdom. Solomon established the worship of Chemosh on the high places of his kingdom in honor of the foreign wives he married as part of this unification. It looks like Chemosh was the king of gods, he even having a place of honor over YHWH. This worship is what caused the rebellion of the Ten Tribes, and the civil war that formed the northern kingdom of Samaria. The Tribe of Judah was the southern kingdom. How is it that the descendants of King David came to worship the god of Amorites and the Moabites.

Ruth was a Moabite. She married Boaz. Jesus descends from Ruth. Did the Moabite God and Laws have a healing program? I conclude that Jesus was a Moabite King, who was baptized by John the Baptist, and built a Temple to Chemosh on the Mount of Olives. By doing this, the conflicting religious beliefs that caused the civil war, have been reborn. The question is, did the Moabite Savior restore the orthodoxy, or, adopt innovations that were more acceptable to Gentile converts? I suspect both. The explanation is quite complex. I am trying to avoid putting my readers through the labyrinth of twists and turns that entertain many Biblical scholars like myself, so that the common reader can get on board. To keep my women readers on this tour, I suspect the restoration of the Moabite Temple was instigated by a linage of Moabite and Amorite women who considered Astarte-Chemosh, as THEIR LORD. This would explain why Paul said this very strange thing that has puzzled me for over twenty years.

“And I punished them oft in every synagogue and compelled them to blaspheme; and being exceedingly mad, I pursued them even unto strange cities.”

It has never made sense to me that Jesus presents himself to Saul-Paul and hands over the Key to His Ministry. This is part of Paul’s DEFENSE that I bid my reader to read – and be shocked! What is even more shocking, a man named Ananias is visited by Dead Jesus and is bid to heal Saul-Paul and baptize him. This is the first believer who has a conversation with Dead Jesus. He is bid to convert Paul, and thus he is given posthumous permission and credentials. Why didn’t Jesus anoint Ananias the Thirteenth Apostle and have him complete the mission that Paul went on? This way there would be no conflicts that fill most of the New Testament from Acts to Revelations. Surely if Jesus is sitting next to God on his throne, he is getting great instructions that defy manmade arguments. What Ananias gives Paul is a reprieve – and an alibi! Ananias forgives Paul of his great sins, which is the reasoning Christian teachers and preachers give for Jesus forgiving Paul, i.e. there is not greater act of forgiving. Paul is giving a divine mission tp forgive sins – too! How conspicuous! Why doesn’t Paul invoke the name of his witness in all his trials? Why doesn’t Ananias accompany Paul on his trips?

“I and Jesus can attest to the divine validity of this – Saint!”

It is said; “Every criminals returns to the scene of his crime!” What if Ananas perspective member of the first church in Damascus, and, he had written permission from Syrian leaders? What would be Ananias motive for mass torture, murder, and telling a massive lie? It is quite apparent to me and other scholars, is destroying the original church – in every way! It is said Ananas was a very pious person, and a prophet. I suspect he was a member of a priesthood and sect that tended to King Herod who fled to Damascus, with his family. Ananias is the antithesis to John the Baptist. He blesses the Herodians and their temple on the mount while many saintly Jews and religiously radical Jews oppose it.

I own a theory that Jesus visited Damascus, met Ananias, who had his followers throw Jesus off a cliff. I suspect Saul-Paul was a young follower of Ananias and led to the persecution of the first church – after they were hunted down in Syria. Thus, he needed not written permission from the priests of Judea. There is a crime scene here. Paul is on a rampage. Scholars can not find one good reason why Jewish priests and leaders gave Paul permission to murder people – and torture women ! The Sanaharin had lost their right to try capital crimes. This is why Jesus is sent to Pilot to be judged -supposedly. Pilot sends this prisoner back to the priests and Sanahdrin. What is Jesus guilty of? Of what crime is he being charged? How many Jews have said they are God Incarnate – and gotten away with it? Is it a crime to got about with poor beggars and cry out;

“I’m God! Listen to me and my riddles!”

Paul is going about with his poor beggars, shouting;

“Your Dead God is talking to me and giving me messages for you! Listen to me!”

Paul is arrested and supposedly brought before Queen Berenice and her brother Agrippa who grandfather allegedly tried to murder the infant Jesus, and, had children murdered, because it was prophecies a king would be born that was destined to sit on the throne of David, that he and his grandfather sat on due to the marriage of Miriam Maccabee. The right of the Herodians to this thrown was contested in every way. Jewish Saints were out to death while protesting. Was the real Jesus put to death for protesting this reign? How about John the Baptist? Paul makes it all about Christianity that was not outlawed. Paul claims Jesus was the Messiah – of the Jews! So what? How many thousand such claimants roamed the streets of Jerusalem and harried officials in the Court of the Gentiles? The only real interest Agrippa would have in Paul’s history, was his claim he was once a Pharisee, who opposed many heretics and their claims because they defended the orthodoxy. However, one sect of the Pharisee was about the Mediterranean in ship, converting Gentiles to Judaism. Agrippa would have a keen interest to know if Saul-Paul had any official and royal permission to torture and murder Jewish citizens. Being king meant Agrippa was in charge of his kingdom. Let us look at part of Paul’s defense. He is in chains.

“I’m saying nothing beyond what the prophets and Moses said would happen – that the Messiah would suffer and, as the first to rise from the dead, would bring the message of light to his own people and the Gentiles.”

Let us look at whether or not Jesus brought any message to any Gentiles. This is a real concern – before Jesus was born. The Edomites were considered Gentiles and have waging a holy war for the throne of David.

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