Welcome To Paleface Island

“Pesident Trump on Monday stepped up his attacks on a group of four freshman Democratic lawmakers, calling the group of minority women a “racist group of troublemakers.”

“The ‘Squad’ is a very Racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced, and not very smart,” Trump tweeted while en route to the Supreme Court to pay his respects to the late Justice John Paul Stevens.”

So! Instead of discussing how Jeffrey Epstein used Barely Pubescent Teenage Girls to recruit other men’s children for the Caribbean Rape Fest, we are hearing very poor reasons why gown women elected to Congress must be thrown off Paleface Island – because they are “troublemakers”! How low can you go! Welcome to Republican Fantasyland! What are they going to do about those Ancient Iranian Pirates seizing ships? Blame it on the women, or course!

“Eve made me do it! How was I supposed to know she was Anti-Love, and hated God!”

“Who are young, inexperienced, and not very smart!” I think POTUS is into conquering youngish women. Welcome back to another episode of…………PULP POLITICS!

Senator Daines believes Montana is an island made by God-Jesus for the pure enjoyment of the Paleface – and the Wealthy Frackers! When you combine the White Propaganda that came out of the twisted mouth of The Pink Snakes In The Grass, you get a FRESH declaration of war against the Indian Peoples of all the Americas. These INDIGOUSNESS PEOPLE tried to befriend the White Christian Man and make lasting treaties with them, but, Whitey wanted more land, expcially land that contained resources that could be turned into CURRENCY!

“Money is the root of all evil!”

Many sane leaders are asking “Where are the evangelical leaders?” in regards to Epstein. Well, they’re OFF on the Crusade of the Great Commission looking to make more converts – and win more seats in our Secular Democracy they are told to – TRICK! Anything to win and end the reign of the secular Democrats. The problem with this, is, their belief system is terribly flawed, which I am blogging about, thus concentrating on attacking our Democracy is the force that drives them. This is why they put up with Trump’s debauchery. As long as he is attacking and hurting Democrats, he is on THEIR SIDE………and the side of Jesus. Why does Jesus want to hurt Democrats – ONLY?


Stumpers For Grabby Trump are creating a New Holy Red Scare before our eyes. Their new Cold War is being waged against The Poor. They pretend they are going after The Squad, but, Elderly Americans will suffer – the most! How many of Trumps Fuck-Buddies worshipped in Epstein’s Temple of White Lust? Did any men of color attend? Were any children of color – RAPED?

I know a lot about the Torah and the debate as to whether or not the Jews are indigenousness people to Israel – which is a Socialist Country – REFOUNED by Socialists who had long debates with The Zionists who believed in YHWH. As a Nazarite I get to make this debate, public, and be critical of the Israelites without being called Anti-Semitic. Stephen Miller accuses members of The Squad of being Anti-Semitic, and at the same time erases the accusation Trump was spouting Racist Evil. Claiming the Children of Satan put Christians our of power, it is an edict to lie to said children, and deceive them. Saying the Panare Indians crucified Jesus -for their own good – is par for the course!


The Evangelical Leaders used to hate the Jews, until the rise of The Rapture Cult, which needs Jews to rebuild The Temple so White Jesus will return – FOR THEM. The cult belief, is, there will be a rapture, the rebuilding of the temple – that only the Jews can do – then Jesus will come and raise the temple up into THE SKY. Many Jewish groups and Rabbis hate this faux plan, because most Jews will not convert – and thus will die!

The Union Army that fought and defeated the Treacherous Confederacy, at a great loss of life, pursued Chief Joseph into Montana. All the Peoples of the Americas must rise up and wage a Ecological War against dangerous gangs and the destroyers of the World Environment. Evangelicals have declared war against Pope Francis and all Catholics – in the name of their Killer-Jesus. They have no problem in destroying the two party system. Foxman of ADL warns Jews about the master plan of the Evangelicals, and I am sure sees through these evil ruse of going after WOMEN to prove Christians are good for Israel – and the Jews – some who think Trump is THE MESSIAH!

John Presco


Did you grow up in a Christian home?

Bound4LIFE: Yes, I did, absolutely.

Steve Daines: It is something we can be thankful for, that is a true blessing as a child. But eventually people have to put their own weight on that faith.

For me, leaving home for college was a time I came back to, What do I really think? What is my belief system? As I entered college, I got involved in some Bible studies through The Navigators ministry on campus. That’s where I started putting my own weight on my faith; it was a gradual process.


“Today,” said Foxman, “we face a better financed, more sophisticated, coordinated, unified, energized and organized coalition of groups in opposition to our policy positions on church-state separation than ever before. Their goal is to implement their Christian worldview. To save us!”

Foxman warned that mainstream evangelical groups have “built infrastructures throughout the country . . . ntend[ing] to ‘Christianize’ all aspects of American life, from the halls of government to the libraries, to the movies, to recording studios, to the playing fields and locker rooms of professional, collegiate and amateur sports, from the military to SpongeBob SquarePants.”

” ‘Christianize’ all aspects of American life?” This must mean that evangelical leaders want to Christianize us either by legal coercion or by inspiration and moral example.




Belief in the Rapture, also known as millenarianism or eschatology, has multiple variations, but the core view is that there will an apocalyptic war, Jesus will return, and true Christians will be “raptured” or ascend to heaven, with the rest of the earth’s inhabitants punished. Rapture believers are split about the order of events, but they are united in the belief that only Christians will be saved.

“To say that Palestinian Arabs were the first inhabitants of the land of Israel is problematic for actual indigenous people like the Jewish people, the Amazigh, the Copts, the Assyrians, the Samaritans, and others who were forcefully conquered, subsumed, and converted. It would literally be akin to white Europeans in North America making that same claim. Conquering peoples can still become indigenous through cultural genesis and coalescence. They cannot, however, become indigenous simply through conquering indigenous people.”

Socialist Zionism (or Labor Zionism) strove to achieve Jewish national and social redemption by fusing Zionism with Socialism. Its founder was Nachman Syrkin, who promulgated this view shortly before the third Zionist Congress (1899).

Its philosophy was based on the assumption that the problem of Diaspora Jewry would remain unsolved even after the Socialist revolution, and that the solution to the anomaly of Jewish existence was the emigration of Jews to, and their concentration in, a territorial base. Dov Ber Borochov, a prominent advocate of Socialist Zionism, argued that the development of capitalism would inevitably prompt Jews to immigrate to Palestine, and that only there could the economic structure of the Jewish people be reconstituted as a base for the class struggle of the Jewish proletariat. Zionism, he asserted, is a historic-economic necessity for the Jewish people and the historic role of spearheading the Jewish national liberation process is reserved for the Jewish proletariat.




Historicists are prone to see prophecy fulfilled down through the centuries and rather than a single Antichrist to rule the earth during a future Tribulation period, Martin Luther, John Calvin and the other Protestant Reformers saw the Antichrist as fulfilled in the papacy. The reformers like Martin Luther, John Calvin and others saw the papacy’s claim of temporal power over all secular governments and the autocratic character of the papal office as the falling away from the original faith founded by Jesus and the apostles, and challenged papal authority as it had deviated from scripture with its tradition and was a corruption from the early church.[14][15]

Similarly, some modern historicists see the Tribulation on the Jews as beginning in 70 AD and continuing for centuries, covering the same time span as “the times of the Gentiles” during which “Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles.” (Luke 21:24) This view would have it encompass not only the death of a million Jews at the hands of the Roman legions, but also the death of six million Jews in the Holocaust.[16][17]




Are Jews Indigenous to the Land of Israel?


(Montana Free Press) U.S. Sen. Steve Daines told Republican convention delegates Friday night that their support for President Donald Trump — and Daines — is critical in the 2020 elections as a bulwark against socialism.

“It’s literally about freedom vs. socialism in 2020,” Daines told a large dinner crowd at the Montana Republican Party State Officers’ Convention. “We must preserve the firewall of freedom we have in the U.S. Senate. We must protect America from socialism.”


Daines Applauds TransCananda Commitment to Keystone XL Pipeline

U.S. SENATE — Senator Steve Daines today applauded TransCanada’s announced 20-year commercial commitments to transport at least 500,000 barrels of oil daily through the recently-approved Keystone XL pipeline.

“This long-overdue project will inject millions of dollars in tax revenue to our rural communities and create thousands of jobs,” said Daines. “With permitting now in final stages of approval, I’m excited that after years of unnecessary political delays, construction of Keystone XL is moving forward.”

As Chairman of the Senate Western Caucus, Daines has been a leading Senate advocate of the Keystone XL pipeline’s construction, which President Donald Trump authorized last year.

The Keystone XL pipeline is a much-needed lifeline to many rural Montana communities, entering the United States through Phillips County, traveling about 284 miles across eastern Montana to South Dakota.

The Obama administration unconscionably vetoed this project, creating uncertainty that would have created about 800 jobs in Montana, help keep electricity prices affordable for families, and generate more than $80 million in Montana property taxes, more than $16 million of which would be distributed to Montana’s schools and university system.

Daines said his warning came as Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vt., has been actively defending socialism in recent days. Daines criticized Democrats backing the Green New Deal, supporting the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, and backing “the most radical pro-abortion” bills.

“We must protect the most vulnerable in our society — the elderly, the disabled, and the unborn,” Daines said.

For over three months, the Nez Perce deftly outmaneuvered and battled their pursuers, traveling more than 1,170 miles (1,880 km) across present-day Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. One of those battles was led by Captain Perry and two cavalry companies of the U.S. Army led by Captain Trimble and Lieutenant Theller[18], who engaged Chief Joseph and his people at White Bird Canyon on June 17, 1877. The Nez Perce repelled the attack, killing 34 soldiers, while suffering only three Nez Perce wounded. The Nez Perce continued to repel the Army’s advances, eventually reaching the Clearwater River, where they united with another Nez Perce chief, Looking Glass, and his group, bringing the size of their party to 740, though only 200 of these were warriors.[16] The final battle of the Nez Perce War occurred approximately 40 miles south of the Canadian border where the Nez Perce were camped on Snake Creek near the Bears Paw Mountains, close to present-day Chinook in Blaine County, Montana. A U.S. Army detachment commanded by General Nelson A. Miles and accompanied by Cheyenne scouts intercepted the Nez Perce on September 30 at the Battle of Bear Paw. After his initial attacks were repelled, Miles violated a truce and captured Chief Joseph; however, he would later be forced to exchange Chief Joseph for one of his captured officers.[16]

General Howard arrived on October 3, leading the opposing cavalry, and was impressed with the skill with which the Nez Perce fought, using advance and rear guards, skirmish lines, and field fortifications. Following a devastating five-day siege during freezing weather, with no food or blankets and the major war leaders dead, Chief Joseph formally surrendered to General Miles on the afternoon of October 5, 1877. The battle is remembered in popular history by the words attributed to Joseph at the formal surrender:

Tell General Howard I know his heart. What he told me before, I have it in my heart. I am tired of fighting. Our chiefs are killed; Looking Glass is dead, Too-hul-hul-sote is dead. The old men are all dead. It is the young men who say yes or no. He who led on the young men is dead. It is cold, and we have no blankets; the little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills, and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are—perhaps freezing to death. I want to have time to look for my children, to see how many I can find. Maybe I shall find them among the dead. Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.[19]

Anti-Semitism is not in evidence at an official level, although it is an important theme in some Russian nationalist organizations. Russian Jews have been exposed to deadly racist attacks in urban areas; Jewish monuments and signs have also been vandalised and desecrated by neo-Nazi groups.

According to an annual survey by Tel Aviv University, the number of anti-Semitic verbal attacks increased in Russia in 2017. However, only two physical attacks were recorded, namely against a synagogue and a Jewish community centre.

According to some reports, there has been a return movement amongst some Russian Jews who emigrated to Israel in the late Soviet period. This is reportedly motivated by economic opportunities in Russia and the end of officially sanctioned anti-Semitism – a phenomenon underscored by President Putin’s visit to Israel in 2005 – the first ever official visit by a Russian or Soviet leader since the establishment of the Jewish state. Other Russian Jews reportedly maintain links in both countries, contributing to brisk levels of trade between Israel and Russia. Nevertheless, the general trend is towards emigration – more than 7,000 Russians emigrated to Israel in 2017.

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