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Trump and his Fictional Evangelical Prophets are trying to create another Joan baez in order to keep the Christian-right in power. Lying is allowed.

Rosamond Press

Mary Ann Thoraldsen owned a signed copy of Gravities Rainbow – with dedication. My ex-wife became friends with Thomas Pynchon, and his best friend, Richard Farina, at Cornell. She did a life-size portrait of Richard’s wife, and beloved Muse, Mimi Baez, the sister of Joan, whose song inspired me to do a life-size portrait of my wife, that got me put in handcuffs by a judge, who earlier captured two prisoners trying to escape from the Oakland Courthouse jail. He grabbed his gun out of his drawer, climbed out onto the roof, and ordered the down on the grown. This semi-nude was inspired by the story Mary Ann told me about her and Pynchon in Mexico. I told it in this blog, but, seeing any made up story, or  idea, related to Pynchon, is as good as gold, I am saving it – not for a rainy day, but, goddamn…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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