Don’t OCCUPY Carnival Cruise

Pence is a Liar For Cash and Jesus! He and his Mob Boss staged this. A hurricane nears New Orleans! Hire a cruise ship to house Hostages of the Cruel Killer Jesus.

Rosamond Press

The U.S. Government hired three Carnival Cruise ships to house victims of hurricane Katrina at a cost 258 million tax dollars. These ships were not well OCCUPIED. Millions were thrown down the drain.

Ted Arison founded this line. He is a Jew that made many generous gifts to Israel, while paying his workers .75 cents an hour. Micky Arison promised to house the homeless if the State of Florida paid a 30 million fee for his basketball stadium. Not one  homeless person was sheltered from the storm.

I just saw Anderson Cooper’s interview Megan Rapino about equal pay for soccer women. Earlier I heard Bernie Sanders talk about going after the very wealthy. I made the suggestion that a cruise ship be employed to house the young people packed in boxes with not enough room to lie down. Tonight I heard about a fifteen year old HOSTAGE being…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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