Don’t OCCUPY Carnival Cruise

The U.S. Government hired three Carnival Cruise ships to house victims of hurricane Katrina at a cost 258 million tax dollars. These ships were not well OCCUPIED. Millions were thrown down the drain.

Ted Arison founded this line. He is a Jew that made many generous gifts to Israel, while paying his workers .75 cents an hour. Micky Arison promised to house the homeless if the State of Florida paid a 30 million fee for his basketball stadium. Not one  homeless person was sheltered from the storm.

I just saw Anderson Cooper’s interview Megan Rapino about equal pay for soccer women. Earlier I heard Bernie Sanders talk about going after the very wealthy. I made the suggestion that a cruise ship be employed to house the young people packed in boxes with not enough room to lie down. Tonight I heard about a fifteen year old HOSTAGE being groped and humiliated by a guard who laughed at her along with other guards. Mike Pence said comparisons to the horrors of Death Camps, are not applicable to immigrant children.

I highly suggest Micky Arison make one of his cruise ships available to all the children!

How many of my readers have got a robo-call from a cruise line? What if you hung up? How many people – would just hang up? Study this family. Have you heard of a Ghost Ship? How about a Pirate Ship? Instead of boarding an enemy vessel, you don’t board an enemy vessel.


There was talk from Trump about the ecology. Carnival makes a killing off our Seven Seas and has been fined for dumping in them. The Trumps are still in the hotel business. Cruise ships are floating hotels. Sports stadiums hold a million people on the weekends. What if ten percent of the regular paying customers, no longer OCCUPIED? The billionaires have taken over our Democracy. How can we poolour resources and make them do our will?

It is clear Trump has promised his billionaire buddies the best consumers possible. Come and get our fat suckers!


John Presco  

To compare the humane work of the dedicated men and women of Customs and Border Protection with the horrors of the Holocaust is an outrage,” Pence said. “This slander was an insult to the 6 million killed in the Holocaust, and it should be condemned by every American of every political party everywhere.”

Carnival Corp. reached a settlement Monday with federal prosecutors in which the world’s largest cruise line agreed to pay a $20 million penalty because its ships continued to pollute the oceans despite a previous criminal conviction aimed at curbing similar conduct. Senior U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz approved the agreement after Carnival CEO Arnold Donald stood up in open court and admitted the company’s responsibility for probation violations stemming from the previous environmental case.

Carnival Corp. Chairman Micky Arison, left, arrives at federal court June 3, 2019, in Miami.
Carnival Corp. Chairman Micky Arison, left, arrives at federal court June 3, 2019, in Miami. Lynne Sladky / AP

“The company pleads guilty,” Arnold said six times in a packed courtroom that include other senior Carnival executives, including company chairman and Miami Heat owner Micky Arison. “We acknowledge the shortcomings. I am here today to formulate a plan to fix them,” Arnold added.

“The proof will be in the pudding, won’t it?” the judge replied. “If you all did not have the environment, you would have nothing to sell.”

Carnival admitted to violating terms of probation from a 2016 criminal conviction for discharging oily waste from its Princess Cruise Lines ships and covering it up. Carnival paid a $40 million fine and was put on five years’ probation in that case, which affected all nine of its cruise brands that boast more than 100 ships.

Now Carnival has acknowledged that in the years since its ships have committed environmental crimes such as dumping “gray water” in prohibited places such Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park and knowingly allowing plastic to be discharged along with food waste in the Bahamas, which poses a severe threat to marine life. The company also admitted to falsifying compliance documents and other administrative violations such as having cleanup teams visit its ships just before scheduled inspections.

Seitz at an earlier hearing threatened to bar Carnival from docking at U.S. ports because of the violations and said she might hold executives individually liable for the probation violations. “The concern I have is that senior management has no skin in the game,” Seitz said, adding that future violations might be met with prison time and criminal fines for individuals. “My goal is to have the defendant change its behavior.”

Under the settlement, Carnival promised there will be additional audits to check for violations, a restructuring of the company’s compliance and training programs, a better system for reporting environmental violations to state and federal agencies and improved waste management practices. The agreement also would set Sept. 13 and Oct. 9 deadlines to create an improved compliance plan and make other changes, subject to fines of $1 million per day if those deadlines are not met.

If a second round of deadlines are not met, the fines could go up to $10 million a day. Other proposed changes include a reduction by Carnival in the use of single-use plastic items across its entire fleet and the creation of “tiger teams” meant to make improvements in the ships’ food and beverage systems and how waste is handled at sea.

Seitz is retiring later this year and is turning over the case to U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungaro, who jointly presided over Monday’s hearing. Three people who claimed they were victims of Carnival’s environmental violations attended the hearing.

Their attorney, Knoll Lowney, expressed skepticism that Carnival will keep its word this time. “Time and time again, Carnival has shown its contempt of environmental laws and the rule of law,” he said. “Here we are again.”

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    Pence is a Liar For Cash and Jesus! He and his Mob Boss staged this. A hurricane nears New Orleans! Hire a cruise ship to house Black Mail Hostages of the Cruel Killer Jesus.

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