Philip Roth Now At – The Oaks Motel

Quentin Tarantino knows he shot his Bollywood Wad and betrayed the Bohemian Gonzo Writers. This is why he wants to quit making illusion and become a writer. I would love to write with Quentin, from the Soul of the Oaks Motel.

“Whose turn is it to go get some ice?”

‘Once Upon A Time In Oakland’

My cabby today was a fellow “crack-up man” with a great McGuffin. He invoked the name Bukowski on Martin Luther as we passed the Safeway into stop&go light hell where the sun beats down the hardest on all the crack-up men.

So Charles is going to check in the Oaks Motel to fend off the mundane Tribulation of the crack-down people who got to crack-down on this, and crack-down on that.

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Philip Roth will now be next door to Tom Wolfe at The Oaks Motel. Will there be masturbation after death? There will be an alphabet soup of old man noises coming trough the thin walls, then, the meeting of the minds out at the ice machine. Time to get really real. What’s holding them back?

These are the pioneers of the Graffiti Arts. The World of Eisenhower had a lock on reality. A Coney Island Dog of the Mind. Just over the hill is Kaspars where the Hell’s Angels hung out. They parked their hogs outside and hung their Levi-ass over a diner stool. It was good to have bad boys in your hood.

Ah, hell! Kesey’s got a room at the Oaks. So long Eugene! I win! That’s Ken Babb’s bookcase. Now we got a gang, of Oakland Realists. They celebrate…

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