Rougemont Templars Owned Holy Shroud

Today I found an amazing thruth about the Mount of Olives where the Knights Templar built a tower. In 1990 I lived in an appartment complex on Harlow where I studied the Bible non-stop for eight months, and worked on my novel ‘The Lion of God’. I found myself on the Mount of Olives looking across at the Temple. I believe I am the walk-on of the man you see in this painting. He is a Moabite King that was called “Savior”. I now know why the Knight’s Templar worshipped this savior, and why they were tried as heretics. My book is nearing completion! You will not recognize the Jesus you knew. I have found his true identity!

John Presco

Copyright 2019


Rosamond Press

I hereby order all Knight Templars to protect the Free Press everywhere!

John Presco

Rougemont Templars of Til-chatel


Rougemont Family Templars Worshipped at Fontenotte and owned the Shroud of Turin.

The First Preceptor of La Fontenotte

My mother’s maiden name has been traced to Rougemont who appear to have ties to the Windsors, thus much of the royalty of Europe.  I am sharing this discovery with Robert Sinclair, and Ben Toney, who may be related to the Robert de Ros who lived in Belvoir castle that belonged to the House of Toney.

Because the world is going mad, and in order to strengthen Britain and recreated a European Union co-founded by Denis de Rougemont, I revive the order of Knight Templars, whom the Sinclairs are now tied via Anges de Toney.

Alexandre, and Francois de Rougemont are buried with Knight Templars as…

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