Presidential Prophet

Presidential Prophet

An idea for a cable television show.


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Good morning. My name is John Gregory Presco, and I am a Republican Candidate for the Office of the President of the United States. The world is fully aware that the current President ran for office – expecting not to win! He ran as a publicity stunt in order to enhance his family Brand, and put money in the pocket of his wife and children.

I have become a huge fan of Breaking Bad because this work of fiction best depicts my later sister’s Famous Success. Whether this success is art, is the question. I find art in Breaking Bad. I have compared it to a drug that invited criminals to be a part of the Art World. Cranking out beautiful Rosamond Women was like having a Money Machine down in the basement of the Rosamond Gallery.

One can say President Trump has Broken Bad after evangelical leaders EMPOWERED him with their stain glass. Religious Addiction is the foremost addiction – in the world! The President has put personal sanctions on the religious leaders of Iran. I am reminded of ICE NINE. I suspect Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘The Cat’s Cradle’ was read by Vince Gilligin. I would consider working with Vince, or, making the entire contents of this blog available to him – after a contract is signed. Royal Rosamond Press is for sale for $3,000,000 dollars.

I’m talking about a sequel to BB. Trump says his fan-base may want a third term. BB is an art form because it has so many moving still lives of what people eat, drink, and drive. The drug ingestion scenes were not up to snuff, but, that worked. There is no successful drug experience. This is why we come back for more. It is FAILURE that generates CRIME. Walt’s complaint that he produces perfection, while everyone lets him down, is the Artist’s Complaint. When he says; “It’s about me!” he got that right, too. This proclamation is why some art has real value. Most of us miss the field with insane black crows in flight!


In Breaking Bad we see the death of a young woman in recovery – after she relapses! Narcotics Anonymous is scouted out for potential customers. This is exactly what happened to the Artistic Legacy of my late sister. I am not believed. I am made out to be insane. However, if the Rosamond Story is made into pseudo-history, then I can play the reclusive nut that eludes the press – all the way to the bank, or, the White House, whatever comes first. Thomas Pynchon is in my family tree. I will be the pseudo-Pynchon, a facsimile, a Thomas façade, a creature of the night.

I used to drink in that bar they did a great job of replicating. My bartender friend got murdered at the Golden West from where my character for my book ‘The Gideon Computer’ was found. I am the real deal. I lived the life. I took a real Hobo to see E.T. He started crying when he saw the decontamination suits. After the movie I asked why;

“While in the Navy I helped deliver the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. we dressed in radioactive suits.”

Where does spent reality go to prop itself up? Everybody’s got to be some place.’s_Pub_%26_Grill

Some will wonder if I am the current Grand Master of the Priory de Sion (in his bar) who bought Herbert Armstrong’s KORE, and am enriching myself by selling Terrorism via a Doomsday Prophecy. I decide to run for President. My daughter and her very bad friend, show up out of the blue. The don’t buy the idea I am a True Prophet, and, for reasons unknown, begin to sabotage all my ambitions – knowing I have put my offspring in my Will. Not able to see that she is just doing her Teen Rebel thing against her father, I spiral down into a world within a word, a dream within a dream, and several nightmares come true. My Achilles heal opens me up to the Rouge Royalty, a group of Russian Royalists who want to help put me in the White House. What do they want in return?

We would have to turn a old building into the replica of KORE. I hope the radio antennae was saved and is sitting in a junkyard somewhere. Looking for this Tower of Royal Power is the first episode. I might consult Saul in order to get the best non-profit status possible that will skirt campaign laws.

For the first time in history, millions of Americans can tune in my presidency, then come evening tune in my semi-reality show where I will make real prophecies in the form of riddles, that will be enhanced while in the Oval Office. People love Illusion! I decided to go this way after seeing the photograph of my Gris-Gris (Gregory) that I named Robin the Hood. I filled it with coins and rattled it at people. Robin, is Donald Trump in disguise. Robin’s image will be in the opening credits with the new chaos forming in the background.

Seer Jon

The Priory of God’s Daughter

The Priory of God’s Daughter


Jon Presco

Copyright 2018

Here are my lost posts I found three hours ago. They were written just before my sixteen year old daughter, Heather Hanson, came into my life. Below are most of my posts on the Priory de Sion This is before Dan Drown published The Da Vinci Code.  After posting some brilliant post that were a sampling of my study, I was set upon my fellow members who I believe were Freemasons. They had taken control of other groups and I got evicted from several. I would be evicted from this one, because, their petty observations based upon a secret teaching they were privy to, was blown away by the light that they encountered on the road – and blinded them!

I was studying Robert Graves ‘The White Goddess’ that is Graves attempt to restore ancient worhip of the goddess. This went nicely with the idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married – and had a daughter! Graves wrote ‘King Jesus’ around the same time. He worded with the ideas that Baigent and Leigh made famous in their book ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail. This team ended up suing Dan Brown for plagerism – and lost.

Soon aftter Brown’s book is a huge hit, this list, fizzles out. One of the last posts mentions the idea that Dan Brown plagerized ‘The Daughter of God’ that was written in May of 2001. It is about a Female Messiah. In 1972 I began ‘The Golden Girls of the Corn Cob’ a take off on Harold Robins. It is about I and a friend setting off for Nebraska in search of Rena Christensen, who has been captured by a cult of Amazons and is being worshipped as the Female Messiah. When my daughter came into my life, she was a real candidate for a Female Messiah. Her mother told me about the light that surrounded my child when she was born. Tragically, Heather sees all her light as coming from her mother – who sabotaged my biography and tried to contribute to the rival biography. This now has extreme revalence after I read what the Daughter of God is about.

In 1997 I wrote a cryptic letter to the Judge overseeing the artistic estate of my late sister, the world famous artist, Rosamond. I speak of the study you read below.

Two years ago I contacted the Austrian Embassy about the return of a Habsburg painting that was hidden from the Nazi. I contacted Interpol. Lewis Perdue says he tracked down looted art. What you are beholding is a Non-Fictional account. What you will read is the work of a real “symbolist”. I might be the model for Langdon. What you will read is my threat to turn my study into Historic-Fiction, even a Rose Romance. It is rumored that Brown lurked in the background of these groups. There are links to my Ian Fleming revival where James Bond is a woman. I am willing to forgive my daughter and have a relationship with her, if she surrenders to the truth……..most of her light, comes from me! She can be deprogramed, and reeducated.

As for Rena Easton, I believe she was gotten to, and, became afraid. I am going to publish everything in this post – in a book! When I am known, she will feel saf-er!

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


The Nazi plunder of Europe’s art and antiquities during WWII sets the stage for a thriller spun around a religious coverup so devastating it could topple the Vatican and crush Western religion. A dying, repentant Nazi, Willi Max, calls renowned American art broker/historian Zoe Ridgeway, to Switzerland, where he reveals his cache of looted treasure, hiring her to catalogue and return it to the owners or heirs. Shortly after she tells her husband, Seth–an ex-L.A. cop turned comparative religion professor at UCLA–about the exciting job, she is kidnapped from their Zurich hotel room. The dismissive Swiss police do little to search for Zoe, so Seth takes charge when he reads that Willi Max died when a fire demolished his mansion just hours after Zoe met with him. Seth discovers that the destroyed treasures are only a fraction of the spoils stashed in a booby-trapped salt mine since WWII. One religious relic’s very existence was kept secret by the Vatican for centuries: it’s a burial shroud clearly showing the image of a young girl, a second messiah. This “”daughter of God”” was killed, along with her entire village, in the time of Constantine, because her sex and her healing powers threatened the fledgling Christian religion. When the Nazis found out about the shroud, Hitler used the relic to blackmail Pope Pius into silence about Nazi atrocities. Seth has sole access to the salt mine and soon the head of Vatican intelligence, the Russian mafiya and other sinister agents give murderous chase. Perdue’s speedy tale of greed and power boasts strong heroes and villains with credible motivation. He steps nimbly between Switzerland and L.A., putting Zoe in peril, but with the wits to save herself. A valiant cadre of aging war survivors add color to the cast. Agent, Natasha Kem. (Feb.)

Lars Fuglesang

Jun 9, 2003

Hi All.

This is my first post in this club, and this is a interesting theme
to discuss around.
In my opinion mr.Brown ha stolen most of his stuff from “Daughter of
And another ting is that Baigent, Lincoln and Leigh has an
interesting hypothesis concerning the bloodline of Jesus and the
connection to PoS in the book HBHG.


I have always preferred to build my novels on a solid foundation of fact, and so my preparation for Daughter of God included a massive amount of historical investigation that included hands-on research at the U.S. National Archives into the Art Looting Investigative Unit of the OSS (the World War II precursor of the CIA). I set as my goal the task of locating at least one painting that had disappeared into Nazi hands.

How Much of This Book Is True?

Daughter of God is fiction based on fact, much of which is easily verified. For example, the true stories of the art theft and how escaping SS troops used looted art to buy their freedom. You can rest firm in the knowledge that many of the art works lost during the war are hanging on the walls of chateaux in the Alps. Many more rest beneath the streets of Zurich.

As I learned first hand, many of these are fantastically valuable, far, far more valuable than the estimation of a human life for someone asking the wrong questions. I had my life threatened in Zurich for asking too many questions. But more than Nazis and stolen art are those that deal with how churches have become institutions of men rather than of the spirit.


On the other hand, I’m fairly sure that the parts about Sophia as a Fourth Century flesh-and-blood woman are my imagination, created as they were from fragments of intriguing research about the early Christian church and the seminal roles that women played in it, roles which the male-dominated spiritual revisionists have tried to excise. They have been largely successful, but significant references remain. As I said before, just read Proverbs or the Song of Solomon where Wisdom is given her due.

To this day, the Catholic Church and other faiths – especially the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches — are still ambivalent about a mythical Sophia. Some, particularly those who follow Gnosticism, say she is the prime creator of the universe. Others believe in her as the feminine part of an androgynous God and still others identify her as the embodiment of Wisdom or even the Logos of the Christian Trinity before it was thoroughly masculinized. Sophia has a place in history, but where in history is still to be determined.

Nov 3 at 3:30 PM

Dear Sir,

your information was forwarded to the Austrian Consulate General. Please give us more details why you to your mind the mentioned canvas was smuggled out of Austria and who did that.

Kind regards

Josef Schwob

Thank you for responding. I first looked into this matter  twenty years ago. The story goes Empress Zita gave, or put in the care of Helene Granitsch ‘The Audience’ . Helene is standing just behind the Empress looking at the viewer. She then gave it to a woman named Ansacker in New York. Somehow it ends up in a Bank vault in Eugene Oregon. Sixteen years later it is in the hands of Lynn S. McCready, secretary of ‘Friends of the Museum’. There is no mention of a purchase.

I can not find the article where Helenes’ daughter, Dr. Susanne Granitsch-Konirsch, is selling pieces of bedroom furniture that belonged to Empress Zita that were put in her care until she came back to Austria to reclaim her throne. She wanted to sleep in her bed in Austria once again.

I found letters where  Susanne Granitsch-Konirsch and her husband are petitioning the U.S. Forces in Austria for the return of very expensive furniture valued at $15,000 dollars. That is a lot of money for furniture. They had left Austria and become U.S. citizens. They claim Nazi Party Leader, Jospeh Winkler, ended up with their property, as well as Nazi Party Member, Otto Schneider. Is this the famous SS Captain of the Wiking Panzer group? Was he given this property as a reward. He was given the Knights Cross.

Susanne Renate Granitsch was a famous Austrian Artist, kin to Georg Granitsch, a member of the Academic Union and founder of ‘The Neue Freie Presse’ and Ambassador of the Raiffensen Bank.


John Presco a.k.a. John Ambrose


Graves’s The White Goddess deals with goddess worship as the prototypical religion, analysing it largely from literary evidence, in myth and poetry.

Graves admitted he was not a medieval historian, but a poet, and thus based his work on the premise that the

language of poetic myth anciently current in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe was a magical language bound up with popular religious ceremonies in honour of the Moon-goddess, or Muse, some of them dating from the Old Stone Age, and that this remains the language of true poetry…

Graves concluded, in the second and expanded edition, that the male-dominant monotheistic god of Judaism and its successors were the cause of the White Goddess’s downfall, and thus the source of much of the modern world’s woe. He describes Woman as occupying a higher echelon than mere poet, that of the Muse Herself. He adds “This is not to say that a woman should refrain from writing poems; only, that she should write as a woman, not as an honorary man.” He seems particularly bothered by the spectre of women’s writing reflecting male-dominated poetic conventions.[2]

Graves first wrote the book under the title of The Roebuck in the Thicket in a three-week period during January 1944, only a month after finishing The Golden Fleece. He then left the book to focus on King Jesus, a historical novel about the life of Jesus. Returning to The Roebuck in the Thicket, he renamed it The Three-Fold Muse, before finishing it and retitling it as The White Goddess. In January 1946 he sent it to the publishers, and in May 1948 it was published in the UK, and in June 1948 in the US, as The White Goddess: a Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth.[1]

Herodian Messiah[7] is a work of non-fiction that presents evidence and arguments in support of the central theory of King Jesus (i.e., that Jesus was the son of Antipater ben Herod and Mariamne bat Antigonus).[8] 

In 1976, Baigent moved to the UK, where he met Richard Leigh, the man who was to be his roommate and frequent co-author. Leigh introduced him to the alleged mystery of Rennes-le-Château in France, and Baigent launched into research on the matter. In the same decade, Leigh introduced him to Henry Lincoln, a British television scriptwriter, while Lincoln was lecturing at a summer school. The three discovered that they shared an interest in the Knights Templar, and took their Jesus bloodline theory on the road during the 1970s, in a series of lectures which later developed into the 1982 book, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

Published on 18 January 1982, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail popularised the hypothesis that the true nature of the quest for the Holy Grail was that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had a child together, the first of a bloodline which later married into a Frankish royal dynasty, the Merovingians, and was all tied together by a society known as the Priory of Sion. These ideas were later used as a basis for Dan Brown‘s international bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code.

The Da Vinci Code is a 2003 mystery thriller novel by Dan Brown. It follows “symbologist” Robert Langdon and cryptologist Sophie Neveu after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris causes them to become involved in a battle between the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei over the possibility of Jesus Christ having been a companion to Mary Magdalene.

The title of the novel refers to the finding of the first murder victim in the Grand Gallery of the Louvre, naked and posed similar to Leonardo da Vinci‘s famous drawing, the Vitruvian Man, with mathematic message written beside his body and a pentagram drawn on his chest in his own blood.

3713Re: [Prieure-de-Sion] Re: Review for “Daughter of God”

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    Jun 9, 2003
    In a message dated 6/9/03 10:51:33 AM Central Daylight Time, larsfu@…

> In my opinion mr.Brown ha stolen most of his stuff from “Daughter of
> God”.


Hello, Lars. And welcome.

I am sure that this charge of plagiarism will have to be worked out in court
or by some type of settlement if it is true. Hope we can follow the process.

Have you read “The Da Vinci Code” yet? It sounds as if you have already read

> And another ting is that Baigent, Lincoln and Leigh has an
> interesting hypothesis concerning the bloodline of Jesus and the
> connection to PoS in the book HBHG.


Yes. They started the “popular movement”, but in twenty years since they
published a lot has changed and a lot more books have been written. You may
want to update your library with some of the newer releases on the subject.


Re: Jon’s ‘methodology’

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    Feb 28, 2001
    I just got back from playing a round golf with my professor friend,
    Mark Gall, who is in Who’s Who for establishing the way you teach
    teachers how to teach people. He is the head of the education
    department at the University of Oregon. I told him of my difficulty I
    have been having getting my study across, it nipped in the bud before
    it has a chance to take hold. I know it is highly specialized, it
    based upon the work of Robert Graves ‘The White Goddess’ who
    concludes much of human mythology, and most of our Biblical teaching
    is based upon ancient calendar mysteries, thus they have a common
    connection, being the sun and moon rise, wane, wax, and set pretty
    much the same way for everyone in the world, and perhaps not so
    suprisingly “there is nothing new under the sun” these mystery-makers
    sticking to tried and true principles.If you don’t know what’s out there, have not bothered to take a good
    look around, then you do not know how scarce this material is, it all
    but wiped out by the Catholic church. What is left unscathed is
    scattered here and there, and is like connect the dots, which I
    understand can be quite irksome to other posters. I am a man with a
    mission, I so angry with the Catholic church for doing this,
    sometimes I can not connect straight!I then sought a solution, asked Mark how he would structure a way
    this seemingly abstract and off the beaten path study (and other
    studies) could be shared for the betterment of the whole. He brought
    up the theory of a professor named Potter (I believe?) who
    surmised; “It is much easier to disprove something, then to prove
    something.”That seemed to sum up the trouble I, and perhaps others are having
    here, and at other groups. You get people who know and believe this,
    and they have a field-day disproving the theories others put forth,
    and quite often never putting their standard up the flag pole to see
    if it gets a hardy salute! I mean, considering the subject matter,
    this is like shooting ducks in a barrel! To prove Mary Magdalene had
    Jesus’s baby is going to be much harder to prove, then proving the
    world isn’t flat. And it is flat, even though there exists some new
    evidence to the contrary.It would be a great service to this group, and others, if we did put
    some of this fine, even noble logic to work, and see if we can INVENT
    a new format, so that this new media of electronic “thinking aloud”
    we will not fall away into a utterly devastating silence, a void
    beyond the void. I think there is an existing method we can try. One
    idea I was thinking about, was picking pro and con teams to tackle a
    controversy that won’t go away, much like a debate team. Thus, no one
    feels ganged up on, worried about the growing number of shark in the
    bloody water.Jon PrescoIn Prieure-de-Sion@y…, flegetanis@h… wrote:

    > I thought I might make this short posting, to be built upon later,


    > address a question that has been brewing in my mind ever since Jon
    > started posting. It seems to me that the majority of his


    > are based on a kind of verbal join-the-dots. There is a reference


    > a dragon in this traditional literature, there might be a reference
    > to a dragon in this mystical tradition, and rather than taking the
    > Levi-Straussian line that this represents a common source of


    > and anthopological imagery, he concludes that rather it is evidence
    > of the interconnectedness of things. To me this seems a dangerous
    > position, as with links that tenuous, I could prove that since in


    > Waste Land T.S Eliot quoted the line “Full fathom five thy father
    > lies” from Shakespeare’s the Tempest, this is evidence not of


    > literary debt, but rather of the fact that they both stem from an
    > older ur-text which predates them both.
    > Likewise, as has already been pointed out, the instance of a word
    > such as ‘pearl’ does not really signify anything, either
    > semiologically or specifically, except in that instance, it is


    > used to denote the presence of Oyster by-product. Linking it in


    > cliche and unrelated myth through the postulation that all things
    > made of pearl and featuring in ‘myth’ are fundamentally connected


    > an illogical assumption and that product of either false logic, or
    > the absense of logic.
    > An even more fundamental problem emerges when we address the fact
    > that not all of these myth-traditions exist in the same language,


    > so mis-translation and misinterpretation make simple assumptions
    > about with word in latin being connected with this word in aramaic
    > for example, foolhardy unless the original sources can be cited and
    > provable translations provided.
    > It seems obvious to me that Jon has a large amount of research, but
    > that it does not really seem to prove the things he says it proves
    > (if I am accurate in suggesting he is trying to prove something).
    > Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the matter, as I am sensing
    > that there is some dissatisfaction with the current state of


    > I trust noone will be too offended by my stepping in here, but in

Mar 2, 2001
Jenner; I think we can work together. I believe we are looking a Poet-
Kings who insulted the wrong people in the right places. Jesus
insulted the Pharisees everytime they opened their mouths, when they
put Jesus to their test, when they tried to trip him up.Sorry, for reacting so strongly to your post. The point I was trying
to make, is, we can help our fellow posters by answering some of the
tricky, or, trippy questions we put forth, ourselves. I do not have
all the answers. If I did, I would be negotiating with my editor
right now – for a bigger advance!Because we are looking at Poet/Kings I think the poetic approach
should be permitted by the those who push the logical approach.
Example, all that tedious logical political stuff filed away in our
Congressional Records by all those ‘Mumbbling Joes’ is not evidence
we Americans live in a Democracy. Jack Kennedy may have given this
evidence when as a Poet-Presdient he gave this famous stansa; “Ask
not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your
country.” me



539Embalmed Head of Bohemond

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Feb 22, 2001

Here….Catch! A candidate for the severed-head contest!

In 1129 Bohemond 2 was slain in an attack on Damascus. According to
Britanica Online “The local emir had his severed head embalmed and
sent as a gift to the caliph.” I am certain this head was ransomed
and retrieved, as Bohemond was the son of Bohemond 1, grandson of
Phillip 1 ‘King of France’, and kin of Robert Guiscard ‘King of
Sicily’. A year ago I pointed out that the name Bohemond was a
nickname after an un-named giant. Bohemond 1 was a head high above
the tallest of the knights. I suggested this nickname was based upon
the Biblical giant ‘Behemoth’, and that ‘Baphomet’ was the same, it
refering to an elephant. I then put forth a theory that the Bohemonds
that came out of Sicily, fought in the Crusade, and became the rulers
of Syria, were kin to Hannibal the Phoenician Carthaginian who allied
himself with the Burgundians in his war on Rome, and whose father
retreated to Sicily after his failed attempt to conquer Rome. It
appears this family with the surname de Burg, le Borgne, de Bourgogne
(Burgandy?) had a plan to conquer North Africa and the Byzantine
empire during the Crusades, and re-establish the Carthaginian empire
which the Vandals once colonized.

Well, I suspect he is ‘The Lord of Hosts’ the elephant-god Ganesha,
whose mother was ‘Mother Kali’ – the Black Modonna? To quote
from ‘The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends’ “His title was
adobted by the Jewish Jehovah, during the period he was married to
the Virgin Goddess Anath, or Neith, in the temple of Elaphantine in
Egypt. Jewish mercenaires stationed there worshipped the elephant-
headed, virgin born Lord of Hosts as their own Yaho (or Yahweh). At
the time, the Jewish God was a subordinate spouse of the Goddess who
was hailed as ‘Queen of Heaven’ and mistiress of all gods. The same
Virgin Goddess was the mother, as well as the bride, of the elephant
bull-god.” “The elephant-god was not forgotten by the Jews, but he
was dissociated from the later concept of Yahweh, and diabolized. He
became the demon Behemoth.”

Anath is a Syrian Goddess also know as Astarte she going into the
underworld to raise her consort Baal-el from the dead. Another form
of her name is Mari. Consider this possibility, that Mary Magdalene,
also known as the ‘Queen of heaven’ raised Jesus from the dead. Did
the worship of Behemoth and the Thunder-god, Baal-el survive amongst
the Norseman, the Danish Danites? Anath was the daughter of El, one
of the earliest God of the Jews, who was a Sea Serpent that swam in
all the inportant rivers and seas of the world, including the
Alphaeus river in Arcadia.

Jon Presco

Copryright 2001

Feb 23, 2001

Below is a pitition to rebuild the Elephantine temple to the Lord of
Hosts, it written by a Onias Bar-Onias, whose father was the high
priest of the temple at Jerusalem, and claims he was usurped. The
prophesy in Isaiah 19:19-25 is cited as to God’s authourity and
approval in the building of this second rival temple, where Isaiah
foretells; “In that day shall five cities in the land of Egypt speak
the language of Canaan.”

Ptolomy and his sister-queen approved of this temple that Josephus
claims lasted 343 years, it destroyed by Vespasian Flavius after the
fall of Masada. Joseph and Mary took the young Jesus to Egypt in
order for him to stand in the shadow of the great obelisk known
as ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’ that has been suggested represents one of the
two columns at the entrance to the temple at Jerusalem. It had a twin
that now stands on the Thames in Britain, I believe. It appears to me
there was a earlier ‘Savior’ who saved the rightful priesthood and
worship, meaning, the righful ‘Bloodline’ as well?

It is my desire to bury any grievances I might have amassed, and get
along with my fellow posters so that we can start afresh. This
revelation, like the hand of a clock, has clicked us over to a new
understanding of these mysteries.

Jon Presco



Lazarus at Masada

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Feb 23, 2001

It is worth noting that Lazarus who gave that famous speach at Masada
was aware of the saints in India who took their lives in a religious
ritual. Here is the correct URL for my ladt post.

Jon Presco

Feb 24, 2001

I have been accused having more names, then Bartholomew (son of
Ptolomy) had hats, but, “Joe” is not one of them. *S*

No, I have not heard of Sarah Kali, but her name suggests she too
might be seeing saints and Avatars from India lurking about in the
Torah? I got my eye on a guy named Burna-Buriash, his name perhaps a

I noticed you enjoy a good climb in a noble family tree. In looking
at the archives of this group, I saw inquiries about Templar names. I
have been posting on Robert de Ros ‘Baron de Ros’ also spelled Roos
and Ros, and Ross. He was married to Isabel daughter of William ‘The
Lion’ King of Scotland. He was a Knight Templar and monk, as was his
kin Thomas de Ros. This family might have been one of the signers of
the ‘Arbroth’ that suggests the Scots are descendants of the
Scythians, and for a time lived in India, in Ceylon. Is the pagpipe
really from India? Anyone!

Jon Presco


Now, for the kicker. Pontius Pilate is said to be from Scotland, and
this may be kin to Brutus the Trojan who defeated Gog MacGog in
battle, and who was on the exodus from Troy with Aeneas who was the
lover of Dido, whose other name is EliSHEBA, daughter
of the oath or vow – who was the daughter of King Belus of Trye. She
may be the Sheba who was given the Ark, that may have come from India
with ‘Lord of Hosts’ who had a terrible face to behold, and is seen
walking about on the mount, Moses put in a cleft of rock to see him
pass by. Aeneas was the founder of Troy who goes into the Underworld
to interigate his father. He was washd clean of his mortal parts by
his mother, Venus, who made him a immortal, giving him the name ‘Sol
Indiginus’ which i thinkmeans ‘Source of the Sun’ and may be the true
sun-god Constantine worshipped. In short, the elephantine Temple is
the missing link, all the Temple objects at Sion relocated, takne to
Egypt. Remember, Moses married a Cushite woman, this name
meaning “black” as does the name Krishna. I suspect Moses married
Mari-Anath, the virgin form of Modonna Kali.

Jon Presco

Copyright 2001

Feb 24, 2001

Aeneas was the founder of Rome, not Troy. In Virgel’s poem about
Aeneas ‘Aeniad’, there is a short piece titled ‘The Messiac’ which
foretells of a Messiah being born to Cleopatra and Mark Anthony –
but, I now wonder if it was not to the Cleopatra that heard the pleas
of Onias in regards to rebuilding the Elephantine temple? Virgel
invented Pastoral Poetry, he using the Arcadian theme.

The connection I made between Aeneas, Pontius Pilate, Brutus of Troy
is linked to the Cymry, a tribe mentioned in the Bible, who were kin
to the Trojans, who the Scythians chased into India. This tribe are
also known as the CIMMERIANS from which the Sicambra Franks get their
name, they kin to the Marcomer Kings thus the Marcomani tribe, that
became the Hapsburg family. In the coronation book of Franz Joseph, a
young boy is seen on top of a huge elephant. This may be Pharamond,
or Alexander the Great who went into India, and who is depicted with
horns coming out of his head on a coin. I now wonder if this was the
coin that John the bpatist threw at the house of Herod, reminding
them of the true religion that Moses followed, alexander given the
Nehushtan by the high priest.

Jon Presco

Feb 24, 2001

Hi Jon:

You are tossing out some fascinating bits of info. such as the origin
of Pontius Pilate. Do you have any good references materials we can
take a look at?

I enjoy your postings. Please kep them coming.

DW Duke

I have many notes! A mound of notes! There is a mention of Pilate
being born in Fortingale, there I site I can not summon at the
moment. I can forward email from other groups I once belonged to who
found me quite the ‘babbler’ an accusation made against Saint Paul.
You see, I am a Robert Graves freaks, and like him a robber of
ancient graves in my mythographers search for that missing Kingdom
mentioned in Mark 4. Graves talks about a Roman method (elicio) of
discovering the secret names of gods, it a universal practice to hide
this name in riddles. Once discovered, then that god and His or Her
religion was no more. I suspect the Greeks held such a riddle contest
at Troy, the winner coming away with Helle, or the whole Greek
Pantheaon – and then some, as David might have won that contest when
he went to Troy with the Phillistines, a Greek colony. “Is David with
the Phillistines?” Graves says the Greek and Hebrew pantheon are one
and the same, Cronos, the black raven God, being Jehovah, who was a
consort of Anath, or Kali, who also devoured her children. To put
Anath and Kali in Egypt at a Hebrew Temple is the key to the Gordian
Knot – it appears!

David’s Nazarite riddles drove King Saul mad. BathSHEBA may be
Hellen, or Aphrodite at her bath, Adonis perhpas Adonijah? Samson the
Nazarite was a riddle maker and breaker, he slaying the Phillistines
with the riddles he played on his harp made from the jawbone of the
ass-unicorn of Seti, who is one of the beasts Meroveees mother mates
with; and thus, I can read the “small scroll” and at thesame time
pull the Sword from the Stone, which is a mythographers – trick that
JONAS knew, when God pulled this “Dove” out of the bellu of a whale,

Feb 24, 2001

I will work on these Madonnas, search Robert Graves ‘The White
Goddess’ which has all of a sudden been made clear. We can now
undemonize the exiled religious objects of Moses, including the
Nehushtan, that was his rod, that warded off snakes in the
wilderness, “the valley of death” and was alexander’s protection from
evil, that is, being poisoned either by snake-bite, or humankind,
this protection the meaning of his name.

In Revelatins 12 ‘The woman and the Dragon’ we see the Beast and the
Dragon attacking the child of the Queen of Heaven, and Pauls Jesus
that I suspect has suffered greatly at the hands of the Roman
mythographers. “Anmd the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a
flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of
the flood. But the earth helped the woman’ and the earth opened her
mouth, and swollowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of hius

Well, dragons breath fire, incense burned inside the Nehushtan, and
an elephant shoots steams of water, that a Laviathan, a crocidile
would swollow up, thus this birth is associated with Osiris who was
swallowed by a crocidle, Isis going into the Underworld to save him,
via the Aplahaeus river that disapears suddenly, as if swollowed by
the earth. There was a King of Arcadia with the demigod typhon from
Thrace – during the volcanic erruption that Moses saw. Moses is

Feb 24, 2001

Meher Baba quit speaking for the last fourty years of his life, and
used a sign language to communicate with his disciples. Robert Graves
breaks the alphabet code the Welsh poets used, it a finger-sign,
letters of the Beth-luis-Nion alphabet assigned to points and pads of
the finger. The Comacine Masters – from who the Freemsaons are said
to come – knew this sign language, as did Leonardo de Vinci, he using
it to tell the world who the Dragon Masters are when they hold the
forefinger up to heaven. On this finger are the letters 0 from bottom
to top – D G and O capped by a suspended letter L. In Hebrew the
letter L looks like a sea dragon, and means “learned”.

Feb 25, 2001

Hi Jon:

Some of this poetry reminds me of the poetry of the singer Jon
Anderson. Have you published any of it? I enjoy angling through it
but some will probably not.

You have collected a large volume of facts combined with mythology
and religion. I think you would find many who would appreciate this
poetry published with bibliography (as opposed to actual citations)so
they can search for the hidden meanings. Might even be a best seller.

DW Duke



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Feb 25, 2001

Your interest in this poetic study on ProseMountain is most welcome
and appreciated. We are living in the world of the Dissatified Fix,
where more and more our Ignorance is King!

Here in part is Gwion Bach’s ‘Battle of the Trees’. The Elphin poets
competed in poetry contests, the winner getting to wear the robe of
red roebuck – and his exalted antlers, the horns of power. They were
not allowed to alter one word of the great Welsh riddle poems, their
mastery of these poems taking thirty years, the same amount of time
it took to become a Scribe. Constantine is said to have attended
these schools. I am now wondering if John and Jesus brought Apollo’s
apple to their teachers who appear to descend from the Milesians of
Crete, where in a cave, the Dactyles and the Curetes taught the
infant Zeus how to finger-speak, they rattling their shields when his
father Cronos-Jehovah drew near to devour his newborn son – thus
Jehovah is the Dragon that was consuming all the Aegean cosmolgies.
There are other Dragon born sons, they born during star-showers. The
birth of Theodorick the Great is comapred to Revelations 12.

I have been studying the Nazarites for ten years, and have come to
believe they are the Curetes and Dactyles. The Nazarites came to rule
the temple in Jerusalem in 66 A.D. with Jesus’s brother James as the
head of the original church that Saint Paul admits he all but
destroyed with glee, he confessing he tortured men, women, and
children in order to get them to “DENOUNCE THEIR LORD”! I never

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Feb 25, 2001

Satan “advisary” takes Jesus atop the temple and shows him seven
cities (I believe) that will be his if he follow this fallen angel.
Jesus answers “Get behind me, Satan.”

This could mean, “My knowlege of Augury has surpassed your own – and
that of Solomon and Hiram.” He has lapped his teachers!? If so, then
this is a Stone Mason who has passed the ‘Builder’s Test’. The stone
the builders rejected is perhaps ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’ – thus, the
rejection of the Ptolomies in Egypt who backed the Elephantine
temple, and who commisioned the writing of the Septuagint, that the
Jews in Jerusalem rejected, it too Greek to their liking? Graves says
this about MELKARTH the deity that Hiram worshipped – and Joseph of

“We know that the Phoenician Hurcules Melkarth (“King of the City”)
died yearly and that the QUAIL was his bird of resurection; which
means that when the migrant quail arrives in Phoenicia early in
March from the South, the oak begins to leaf and the new King
celebrates his royal marriage. Melkarth was revived when Ensum (He
whom we invoke’), the local Aesculapius, held a quail to his nose.
The quail is notorius for its pugnacity and lechery.” AND, so was
King David, he admonished for this by Micah who behoilds his quail
dance from her window, David dancing naked before the Ark, she
understanding his message in his choice of dances. Is he declaring
himself ‘KING OF THE CITY’?


I will forward a post on the Seraphs of Egypt that look so very much
like King Arthur’s Dragon. Ezekiel depicts them as swastikas, fire-
wheels, the Cherubs that guarded the Tree of Life. These
are ‘Guardian Angels’ or angles, and within contain the Egyptian and
Indian Pantheon. I will quote directly from Graves on Melkarth, it
rather long. Do not loose patience, for this is the key to our

“Here we can make a bold identification of the Cherub withthe turning
wheel that guards the Paradises of Celtic legend: for according to
Geenesis 3:24, Cherubs were stationed at the East Gate of Eden. They
were aremd with the ‘whirling sword of Jehovah’ – the one which
(according to Issaiah 27:1) he killed the Dragon, as Marduk had
killed Tiamat – to prevent anyone from entering. The paradise of
Exekiel’s tradition (Chap 28:13-16) is a WELL-WATERED garden at the
base of a hill which heroes, such as the King of Tyre, occasinally
visit. It glitters with precious stones and is a place of of drum and
pipe. We have seen that Gwion placed it in the valley of Hebron. The
Seraphs, or firey serpents, associated with the Cherubs in their
guardian duties, are evidently another way of expressing the sacred
spirals carved as a warning on the gate enclosure, the Cherubs,
because distingguished from them, are likey to have been swastikas,
ir fire-wheels.”


Feb 25, 2001

Thank you Jim, this is helpful, for Robert Graves in ‘The White
Goddess’ says Solomon built THREE “contigious temples” meaning they
were in neighboring countries, or close to one another. The temple of
Jewish sect the Therapeutae is found at On-Heliopolos, along with
the worship of the Phoenix.

With the discovery of the Elephanitne temple we now have three
candidates for Sion, or, contenders for Sion, the right to reign in
the office of the high priesthood, that had become a HEREDIATARY one
with the Macaabees and Herodians? but, perhaps not so amongst the
rival sects? The possibility the last King of Judah may have deserted
Israel to rule in a foreign land, at another Sion – IS what the
mystery of the Prieure-de-Sion is about. Was Jesus ‘King of the Jews’
or not? I say he was, on the order of Hiram and Kelkath ‘King of the
City’ the city of Sion? and he appears to be an Augur on the order of
Moses, and thus he is a Freemason, their roots found in Hiram and
Jesus as suggested.

What Graves had suggested, was, the twin obelisks of On-Heliopolis
inspired the two pillars of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. What I was
suggesting was Jesus being taken to Cleopatra’s Needle as an infant,
may have been a means to show the reader where, and who the rightful
priests were. That a Pharough would take objects out of the Holy of
Holies, perhaps suggests these objects had a more worthy owner. W

Feb 25, 2001

Here is the site on the Seraphs and Nehushtan. In regards to the post
on the burning contents of the Ark, I would say this is not far-
fetched, as the Seraphs are Ezeliel’s fire-wheels, the Guardian
Angels, and they are the swastika-wheels of the Lord’s chariot. There
is a mention of a teaching concerning these fire-wheels in regards
to ‘hashmal’ the Hebrew word for electricity such as the bolt of
electricity that killed two Philistines carrying th Ark.

“The Ma’aesh Merkabah ‘Work of the Chariot’ might not be taught to
anyone unless he were not only wise but able to deduce knowlege
through wisdom (‘gnosis’) of his own.” “He declared that it was
unseemly that he should be riding while his pupil was discoursing on
sp awful a mystery, and while the SHEKINAH (‘the brightness’) and the
Mlacache ha-Shareth (the angels in waiting) were accompanying them.
Immediately Rabbi Eleazar began his exposition, fire came down from
Heaven and encicled them and the whole field.”

I will forward another post on SHEKINAH ‘The Rose of the World’. King
Henry, son of Godfrey ‘King of Jerusalem’ built a Labyrinth ,and put
Fair Rosamond ‘the Rose of the world’ at its center. She may have not
been a woman, or a man, or an angel. Then……?

Feb 26, 2001

Pontius Pilate also is depicted wearing a veil. Did he look into the
Ark? Did Jesus show him the truth, and he converted to the worship of
Anath and Ganesha? According to my ‘Smith’s Bible Dictionary’ Pilate
died in the Vienna, the capitol city of the Hapsburgs, he buried in a
fifty foot high pyramid – of all things!

One thing I have shown, is that the world of Jehovah was much larger
then depicted by Roman/Christian historians. My, how God’s Kingdom
has grown! Now, where did God hide His gold, the gold of His chosen
people, who at the time seem to be….Mark Anthony, and Cleopatra
Ptolomy! Even the Roman pastoral poet, Virgel, expects the Messiah to
come from this union. Did Octavian manage to intercept that fleet
leaving Alexandria full of the massive Ptolomy treasure, Egypt the
breadbasket of the world? I believe the Roman civil war is still
raging between Anthony and Octavian, as Queen Elizabeth is descended
from both Octavian and Anthony through emperor Claudius and the
Merovingians who took his name.

Feb 26, 2001

I forgot the url.

Mark Anthony may have taken the Ptolomy treasure out in pieces, and
burying it all through the Transelpine. The Romans gave the Franks a
fleet to help them fight a war on the Bosphorus. They turned on the
Romans and became pirates. The Pythagoreans settled in Septamania,
and might have used the skull and crossbones as their ensign.


Feb 26, 2001

Whoa Jon, back up there for a second my good man. Thats a mighty
speculative claim you have made there, care to provide any cast iron
evidence for it?

I believe the Roman civil war is still

> raging between Anthony and Octavian, as Queen Elizabeth is


Feb 26, 2001

The authors of HGHG ask why Jesus and his religious movement show no
anti-Roman sentiments. I think these question should be documented
and posted as they are key in understainding these mysteries; and,
after arriving at logical conclusions – verses hard evidence – might
in themselves reveal the secret that would topple the Church, or
reveal the object or subject of said blackmail of Church. I think the
Church has worked hard in the last 2000 years to destory such
evidence, but the vacuum left behind may be the only evidence. If you
really want to help do the detective work, then we are going to enter
the field of speculative theology that may disturb some of the
posters, only that it will be tedious and argumentative.

if Octavians forces won the civil war, then they still would be faced
with a split empire, the rancor and resentments overwhelming, for the
Romans played rough, even against their own citizens. If this civil
war had overtures of being a holy war – the worship of Isis the most
popular cosmology in Rome – then you get the kind of residue you get
in any and all holy wars – THEY NEVER ABATE! Consider the last post!

Cleopatra had declared herself the embodiment of Isis, and Mark
Anthony declared himself a deity – Osiris? If so, then Cleo would be
raising Anthony from the dead, as would Magdalene, Jesus. This
deified couple were close with the Macaabeans, Anthony said to have
put Phalaeus Antipater on the thrown in Judea. But, I think he was

Feb 26, 2001

It has been suggested by a few theologins I came across that Islam is
based on the remnant of the original church, who were the Nazarites
and perhaps the Rechobites, both sects not allowing the ingestion of
alchohol. One author suggested the original church survived in the
Islamic countries due to the poor nomads who shunned city life, and
because they were out of reach of Roman troups. What I found curious,
and perhaps evidence of this being true, was the mention the first
sign or sign of the first church, was a sea-anchor. Being a cryptic
artist, I saw what this anchor was, it is the Egyptian Ahnk in a Arc,
or, the symbol of woman cradled in the hold of the moon, or, Isis in
her Egyptian Ark, or, Venus coming ashore in half-shell, as the
Grandmaster of the Priure-de-Sion painted. The star of Venus and the
cresent moon is the ensign of Islam.



Re: Red Dragons &Seraphs

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Feb 26, 2001

Hello Silas. Are thou looking for a dragon flame? Let me say this, I
joined these egroups a year ago looking for other ‘White Goddess’
freaks who were also into the mysteries of the Prieure-de-Sion. I am
the only one. I am a rare species, like the last of the Dragons –
which by the way are not indiginous to Celtic lore! Did you know
that? I found this out at a Celtic festival. How, when, and who
introduced them to the Brits? I suspect the Jews may have been one
source, the Egyptians another. But, then we have those Mileseans from
Crete where the swastikas, seraphs, fire-wheels, originated. Did you
know the Bohemians and the Irish are kin, of the Milisean race?

The point being, Robert Graves study ‘The White Goddess’ is extremely
tedious and difficult. Find a copy and take a peek. There are not too
many people who have the time to study this book, along with our
mysteries. It will take me many, many posts to answer your question –
because, it is such a very good one, and it very fascinating.
Foristance, I told you about the letters on the forefinger of the
Beth-louis-Nion alphabet being DGO&L the L looking like a sea
serpent. Now, what I saw, being a of the cryptic mind, if you
rearange these letters you get GOD-L, or GOD-EL the chief diety of
the Jews. You also get GOLD, and a touch! When Jesus and John hold up
this finger they are saying ‘I am Nehushtan, the Learned Master’. Or,
I am the Learned Dragon’.

El, is the oldest deity of the Jews and as the sea serpent swam in
all the major CURRENTS of the world. Nehushtan in the Septuagint is
carrying a red hot coal, the spark of life. Consider the Sistine
Chapel and the EL-ectrical current between God-el and Adam, who is
about to recieve the ‘Spark of Life’.

If my fellow posters will allow, I will post here for a while, put my
arduous studies in the archives, and perhaps, one day, this lone
dragon will not be playing with fire all by himself?

I left out an important part of the quote I posted last night, about
the great Rabbi and the ‘Work of the Chariot’, which is in a sense a
Dragon one rides the back of. I suspect the great Kabalists told
these stories in Britain, and gave birth to dragon lore;

“Rabbi Eleazar began his exposition, fire came down from Heaven and
encircled them and the whole field. The angels assembled to listen,
as the sons of man assemble to witness the festivities of a marriage;
and there was singing in the terebinth-trees: “Praise the Lord from
the earth, ye dragons and all deeps, fruitfal trees and all the
cedars, praise ye the Lord!” To which an angel answered from the
fire, saying, “This is the Work of the Chariot.”

Now, I ask you, what common Roman citizen wouldn’t love these men and
their stories, their tales, their love for their Lord? Who would envy
them for their……….Magic?

The Civil War continues! I have traced the Nazarites to the Curetes
and Dactyles, the Guardian Angels of Zeus, the God of E-Lightening!
These ancient knights rattle their shields, and there is thunder over
the abysmal water. Behold, the Great Dragon of the Sea – Nehushtan,
rises from the deep, with a volcanic coal in its teeth. Who can
riddle me the meaning of this?

I do have my fun!


Feb 26, 2001


It shouldn’t really be a big surprise to find similarities in Islam
and the Nazarite religion. Islam teaches that Jesus never came to
bring any new religion, but rather to bring the Jews back to the
religion which was the Law of Moses, that religion that the rest had
fallen away from. Jesus (may peace be upon him) is considered one of
the most important prophets in Islam who is seen as having been lied
against and whose words were changed. The Qur’an even tells that
those who changed the religion of Jesus knew just what they were
doing, too, and that much has been hidden by those evil doers. And,
Islam teaches that, again, this is no new religion, but a bringing
back to the original religion, this time as a completion, a clear
understanding, and a promise that this time the scripture will never
be altered. So far so good… it’s been almost 1500 years now and we
can still find the Qur’an in the original form.

By the way, in response to the muslims “habitually” taking over
others’ holy sites, the Kaabah is considered by the muslims to be
that building which Abraham built for the purpose of worshipping the
One God. But over thousands of years idol worshipping crept in. It

Feb 27, 2001

Dagobert means ‘Dragon-born’.

Theodorick the Great is considered ‘Dragon-born’ due to being born
during a star-shower, as Merlin was? In the German tale, the newly-
born ‘Wolf Dietrich’ or Theodorick, is kidnapped by an evil uncle and
left by a lake to fall into and drown. A pack of wolves adobt him,
and thus he is a Foundling, like Merlin, Moses, Taliesin, Llew Llew,
and Arthur. How about Benjamin? As a young man he is given a sword
named ‘Rose’ that the hero Orin found in a Dragon’s cave, amongst its
bones, the bones of a lion, and the bones of the previous owner
of ‘Rose’. These Dragons might have been Bhudda masters who came with
Attila the Hun. Is the Lion a Lion of Judah?

I found a page in a book on Cote of Arms showing the family shields
of Crusader Knights who added the chequer-board pattern after they
returned from the Holyland. This could relate to the chess moves of
the Knight in our mysteries. I read somehwere the idea that the
Templars adobted Bhuddism, but I am not sure. Anyone?

Feb 27, 2001

Those of us who preexisted the Yahoo invasion remember you well. You
don’t have to unsubscribe unless you really want to.

DW Duke

Feb 27, 2001

Silas; Your two questions are not clear. Are you asking me if I know
for sure the true origin of King Arthur’s Red Dragon? I did not say
for sure the Egyptian Saraph was the source, I only said it “look so
very much like”. Do you know the origin of this Dragon? It can not be
a Celtic one, I heard. I am looking at the possibility that Dagda is
carrying the Nehushtan, the Rod of sun-faced Moses, that can guard a
life, take a life, and restore a life – even provide a fruitful
bounty. His pearl-rimmed caldron is perhaps refered to in Jesus’s
saying; “Do not cast thy pearls before swine.”

Read the difinition of cast “put down”. Dagda is said to be a
Milesean Sun-god from Crete. The caldron contained a sacred meal of
poetic inspiration; thus, the parable is, do not take from the
inspiration without putting something back in the pot. Graves says
this in his lesson on Melkarth and the Shekinah;

“Here we can make a bold identification of the Cherub with the
turning wheel that guards the Paraises of Celtic legend: for
according to Genesis 3:24, Cherubs were stationed at the East Gate of
Eden. They were aremed with the whirling sword of Jehovah; – the one
which (according to Isaiah 27:1) he killed the Dragon, as Marduk had
killed Tiamat – to prevent anyone from entering.”

This is all in regards to how Melkarth became the ‘King of the City’
which is extremely important, as this might have been the title
posted above Jesus’s head, as well as King David’s – and is the title
Godfroi de Bouillon assumes as ‘King of Jerusalem’ – and not ‘King of
the Jews’ or, ‘King of Judea’ or ‘King of Israel’. Consider the
fantastic encounter with a Cherub that David has in Jerusalem after
he made it his capitol, this perhaps the Shekinah, the living
presence of God, who slays thousand in this city, wrecks holy hell!

If Melkarth is ‘Rex Mundi’ then who ever becomes ‘King of the City’
may become ‘King of the World’. And, whoever is Rex Mundi, may come
and go in and out of Paradise as they please. Solomon seemingly had
this privilege, as did the last King of Judea – before Jesus, who we
all know makes the same claim. Rex Mundi ‘The Fallen Cherub’ has
preprared the way, he a bit scorched for his efforts, looking like
the devil – even that ol Red Serpent – Lucifer! You don’t beleive in
Satan do you?

Jon Presco

Feb 27, 2001

I don’t know about my fellow posters, but our posting are getting
HOT, as in ‘Hide and God Seek’. It is good to think aloud. Didn’t
Mohamed ascend from the ‘Rock of Sion’ – to Paradise?!! Is there a
passage of some kind? “Heaven can be forced.”

Here is the core of the Judaic religion, in regards to the birth of
Samson, Judges 13 – a must read, for a Cherub ascends to heaven from
a rock – in the flames from the altar! He does not give his name. Is
he the Shekinah? And, is the Shekinah ‘The Dragon’?

“Why askest thou after my name, seeing it is secret?
So, Manoah took a kid with a meat offering, and offered it on the
rock unto the Lord: and the angel did wonderously; and Manoah and his
wife looked on. For it came to pass, when the flame went up toward
heaven off the altar, the angel of the Lord ascended in the flame of
the altar.”

If this angel’s name is, Melkarth, then a great Biblical riddle has
been solved. Samson’s mother’s name is also not given. No doubt,
those who have studied these passages, may have concluded there was
was a ‘Way’ a passage to Paradise, one could take – BEFORE death, and
then return! No wonder the intence battles for this place, this –

Feb 27, 2001

Briony; This information is great. I lost an earlier post about
the ‘Dionysian Masters’ being the forerunners of the Freemasons
written in 1820. It says the Scythians taught the core teaching of
the Orphics, a transcendance in the Eleusian mysteries that resembles
the Vadic cosmology. I and others are now looking at the mummies of
the Tocharian peoples being dug up in China along the silk Road, as
the Scythians, who are found nearby in a cave worshipping the Bhudda
with halos around their head. These are caucasians with red and
blonde hair, green and blue eyes, and apparently wearing tartans. I
will now look at the dates to see if they correspond with the
Elephantine temple. There might have been Pilgrims from Judea, the
Bospherous, and Scotland, thus the reason they wore tartans, the
Scots claiming they are descendents of the Scythians, and lived in
India. Exciting stuff, this ancient East meets West!

The Bhudda on his death bed supossedly showed his closest disciples
the secret of enlightnement, when he showed him a swastika on a gold
leaf. It will take time to connect your dots with corresponding
information from the West – or is the East!? I think we are seeing
the great serpent biting his/her tail. As for the statue of Ganesha
in the Holy of Holies, I was saying this might have been allowed at
the Elephantine temple, and not so in the Jerusalem. Your refecance
to an angelic female presence in a divine birth is right-on, as years
ago I saw the truth in the Birth of John the Baptist (Luke 3) being,
an angel appear to John’s father while performing his priestly duty


Erling Johansen

Feb 28, 2001

Jon wrote:

“and the “COCK crowed THRICE”. Could this be the corrct
tranlation; “And Peter heard the crow of a Cockathrice, and knew he
had risen.”


Are you out of your mind or are you overheating on searching for hidden meanings? For this to hold water , how can you apply ANY meaning to the possible translation of “cock crowed thrice” that MIGHTshould’ve been CockaThrice?

You obviously mean that there’s a matching expression for “COCK crowed THRICE” and “Cockathrice” in greek/arameic.

What’s “COCK crowed THRICE” in ancient greek or arameic, which is the language(s) used originally?

Now figure if CockaThrice is a greek or arameic word and return back with more interpretations.



Hi Jon,

I am sure you are a perfectly harmless individual and I am truly sorry that
I have insulted you.

You brought up the subject of ‘Arthur’s Dragon’ all I wanted was some sort
of source or reference for it and up to now, it does not appear to be

If you post to a list such as this and produce a statement like this, and
this is but one of many that you have made, you should not be surprised if
you are asked to back it up. Failure to do so will ultimately result in a
loss of credibility.

When I refer to you being woolly minded, I am referring to the way you jump
in and out of topic and your writing starts to become incomprehensible. I
confess that I haven’t even the vaguest clue what the following post is

I have some knowledge of the historical Arthur and the Arthur of legends,
but I do not claim to be an expert.


Feb 28, 2001

Errrrrr…..O.K. I will admit I took some liberties here in this
cock&bull story. But, haven’t so many before me? The origin of the
cockatrice has multiple definitions, I finding 3 of them in my short
search. This is in regards to Jesus saying Peter will deny him, so
many times, he actually doing so, as the cock crowned, so many times.
(I guess I’ve learned my lesson about speculating, or committing
myself to a mythological answer) One answer says the Jews adobted the
Roman system of ‘watches’ where a cock is heard.

I still suspect there is a hidden meaning in this denial as the cock
crows. The Septuagint was full of Apocryphal works, that were stolen
and reworked, the authors of the New Testiment making sure Jesus
touched bases with as many of the Septuaginst prophesies as possible,
lest the True Messiah return and claim any of them! The origin of the
cockatrice is not clear. However, this one looks like that “DRAGON” I
see associated with King Arthur – in the head area, as in “head of
dragon”. I won’t give up, will I?

Jon gall

Mar 1, 2001

One more question. Is english your native language, because to my
mind you wield it like a drunk wields a rapier. In the right hands it
is a weapon of great precision and utility, but in your hands it
becomes clumsy and ineffective. I wonder if there is a reason for



Jon Presco

— In Prieure-de-Sion@y…, “Erling Johansen” <erling.johansen@v…>

> Thanks, Jon!
> This was the final “proof. I believe you. Saw your web and read

about your order. You must be on to something.

> Erling.

Mar 1, 2001

Well, thank you very much, Erling, for you are saying (under the
guidelines set for me) that you find my URL you use as a referance to
support your theory I am on “something”…. un-amateuristic!

Would you care to make a uneducated stab at guessing what “something”
I am on? I may, or may not tell you if your guess right, as I plan to
publish a book, a whole study of that “something”, and how it affects
me and the world, and thus, I do not want to take away the mystery of
it all, betray my publishers investment in my – you know what!

Morton Smith all but concluded Christianity was based upon a mushroom
cult. Maybe I am on shrooms? Robert Graves suggests Ambrosia
the ‘food of the gods’ was a mushroom concoction. But, how valid is
his study?

Frankly, I would care to read what Robert Graves had to say on any
topic, then to hear what you have to say – which by the way, contains
nothing topical!


Mar 1, 2001

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Here is a picture of a comet, a Latin word that means “long-haired”
as in “long-haired Kings”

My deepest appology to Erlim for misreading him and his post. I
should have looked before I lept, I now seeing by his other posts he
was being supportive of my inqirery, in his inquiries.

I do not have to take a qunatum leap here to suggest these “long-
haired” comets have much to with the birth of Jesus, the
Merovingian “long-haired” Kings, the other celestrial births
surrounding the study of these Kings, the name Arthur, the Arcadians,
and Callisto who became the constellation Ursa Major, the Great
Bear. “There might thus be SOMETHING more then a coincidence in the
appellation “Ursus” applied repeatedly to the Merovingian bloodline.”

Does anyone know if Haley’s Comet passes through Ursa Major, and thus
is like a Star-son, the bear-child, Arcas, put safely in her cradling

Jon Presco


Hello John,

I must say it is hard to follow your reasoning at times – but I do enjoy
your postings and did so on the POS list when you were there as well.

I have seen evidence of some of what you say – I have seen the Greek
heritage spoken of in Ireland – via the Dunaire MagShamhradhain, I have seen
the references to Dragons, Griffins, etc – I have seen reference to the
Baron and his Templars – the book was written about the time of the demise
of the Templars. Does it refer to Knights Templar or have I different
meaning I do not know. I have seen reference to relation to Aedan
MagGabhran – who is a representative of one of the three septs of
MagShamhradhain/MaGauran/McGovern. I have also seen Lawrence Gardner state
that Aedens son – Artur (Art) MacAedan was/is the real/true historical king

Well my ramble is done, I guess this is a show of support – but please take
it a little slower with the shotgun approach to spewing the facts.





Mar 2, 2001

Jon wrote:

>In 1970 I delcared myself a Pre-Raphaelite artist,

Umm, I know this is nit-picking but I admit to being somewhat of a

you can’t be a pre-raphaelite artist – they are all well and truly
dead – after all they painted in the mid 19th century. You can, of
course be an artist influenced by the pre-raphaelites or an artist who
paints in the style of the pre-raphaelites.


Mar 2, 2001

This reminded me of the many surrahs in the Qur’an about rain (most
being “signs”, and I suppose allegories for some other meaning than
literal, too). Here’s one that has some of the symbolism of the
Grail in it, too, does it not? (E.g., isn’t there something about the
pomegranate and the grapes?)

(I got this off of on the Qur’an search)

Yusuf Ali’s interpretation of the Qur’an in Surrah 6:99:

It is He Who sendeth down rain from the skies: with it We produce
vegetation of all kinds: from some We produce green (crops), out of
which We produce grain, heaped up (at harvest); out of the date-palm
and its sheaths (or spathes) (come) clusters of dates hanging low and
near: and (then there are) gardens of grapes, and olives, and
pomegranates, each similar (in kind) yet different (in variety): when
they begin to bear fruit, feast your eyes with the fruit and the
ripeness thereof. Behold! in these things there are signs for people
who believe.




Re: Digest Number 135

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Mar 2, 2001

Jon, I hope you don’t get banned from this list. If I don’t
understand all of what you’re saying (or if you are mistaken anywhere
maybe people will be patient and continue to correct any errors), I
still like reading your posts. You have a style all your own which I


Mar 2, 2001

Thank you Karen, and Duke for your encouragement. The minstrels in
their recitals only strummed their lyre during an emotional stansa,
when the tension got too high. Robert Graves says this about poetry;

“Poets are born, not made. The deduction that one is expected to draw
fom this is that the nature of poetry is too mysterious to bear
examination: is indeed a greater mystery even than royalty, since
kings can be made as well as born and the quoted utterances of a dead
king carry little weight either in the pulpit or the public bar.”

To have read Gwion Bach titling King David a “prophet”, opened up my
eyes and ears, as this is not a known title for him. But, upon
careful examination one sees he is a prophet, a Nazarite prophet, who
plays the lyre and sooths ‘Mad’ King Saul – as well as drive him
futher into madness no doubt by the riddles in his Psalms, his
poetry. David was a proficiant composer of Pslams, a fact many
Biblical scholars overlook. Most Jewish Propehts are insulting as all
get out, thus they perhaps done away with, because they got real good
at it? Saul chased David all over God’s kingdom trying to run him
through with a LANCE!

However, David did sneak into a cave and cut the HEM of Saul’s robe,
that may have had the same tassles on them the Merovingians had on
their robes. Tassles are representatvie of tits. I will search my
notes. I sign off for the day with this stansa from ‘The Kassidah’ by

Mar 2, 2001

Are poets merely born or are they gifted and mindful of Who it is
that gave them that gift? I never thought much before about whether
David was a prophet or not. In other words, I can’t recall ever
wondering about that or taking note of that while reading the Bible;
just recall “David? Pslams…” “David/Psalms”…

Anyway, thought you would like to know that since the time of the
revelation of the Qur’an, at least (1400 years or so), David (may
peace be upon him) has been considered one of the great prophets in
Islam. Here are some of the ayat specifically naming him a prophet
or regarding him by name. (Again from Yusuf Ali’s interpretation into
English. I prefer Muhammad Asad’s whose is supposed to be the best
interpretation into English by far to date, but have not found that
anywhere on line yet. It’s quicker to cut and paste from
IslamiCity). Look… I see more similarities with what I am learning
about the bloodline and grail stories (symbolism?). I would be
interested to learn if any of you see any similarities here. It has
been suggested to me by at least one on the “quest” that Muhammad was
taught “the way” by one of the “Gabriels” and that is why there is
such a strong corellation here. I don’t know about that and I think
it comes via Gardner proponents, but…the Lord works in mysterious
ways and who knows if the Gabriels knew of way of psychic
transference of knowledge… It WAS the angel Gabriel who always
brought the revelations to Muhammad, but not in the flesh. We know

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