The Wilson-Leigh Line To Bohemia

This is a Fairytale come true. A linage that was thought extant, came to America via the Wilson family. Tyler may end up with a castle.

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Robert E. Lee is related to the Schwarzenberg Family who are trying to get their castle back that you see above. I am kin to these rulers of Bohemia. No way am I going to throw Robert away, or, to the dogs. Let the Nobodies begin their family trees and do things worthwhile and noteworthy. It’s a free country! Have at it!

John Presco

Sir John Robert Wilson
Marriage: 1445
Canongate, Midlothian, Scotland
Children (3)
Sir Thomas Wilson
Sir Thomas Wilson

Christopher Wilson
Marriage: about 1475
Bradfield, Yorkshire, England

Lady Ellen Leigh
Children (4)

Ralph Wilson

John Wilson

Reginald Wilson

Richard Wilson

Peter Legh, Esq.

Birthplace:Booths Hall,Norbury,Cheshire,England
Death:August 10, 1399 (75-83)
Lyme Hall,Disley,Cheshire,England (beheaded)
Place of Burial:Macclesfield, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom
Immediate Family:Son of

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