President Summons Foreign Attack On Democrats

When President Barak Obama won a second term in office, I registered as a Republican because I feared this day would come. President Trump has summoned forces hostile to both parties in order to attack the Democrats, take away their power, and turn it over to him. We have a Dictator in America who will commit Disloyal Acts in order to make sure he wins and rules the United States as a despot – who believes he is above all laws!

We the People of the United States have to take a fearless moral inventory. We have to see who we are through the eyes of our enemies, and look at the moral reason why we invaded other nations in order to get rid of a hostile leader – who opposed who we are! Would we invade our own nation?

George Bush said we invaded Iraq in order to “bring God’s gift of liberty to the Iraqi people.” Then there was Noriega. Why did we invade Vietnam and put despots in power?

Where is the President getting the idea that he, and all Republicans, are at war with the Democratic Party? I suspect evangelical leaders are aiming THE PRESIDENT at declared religious enemies. Why aren’t these religious leaders condemning Trump’s embrace of the dictator of North Korea and Russia – as they did in the past? The Republicans are silent because they FEAR THE EVANGELICAL VOTER!

Many evangelicals have embraced Putin, and all but called for a Holy War against the Democrats. What we are looking at is Treason by evangelicals who want to get rid of our Secular Democracy, and replace it with Church Rule. The Dominionists are thirsting for more power, and our President is empowering them! Or, so it appeared. But, Trump’s display – shatters the façade they hide behind! Our President – is lawless – and proud of it!

For the President to say the FBI Director he appointed is wrong about asking for, and excepting help from our enemies – in getting dirt on ANY Democrat – points to the idea there are a set of rules and laws waiting in the wings – to take over our Democracy. There has to be a reason why Trump believes he is not the Prime Upholder of our Laws!

Our President had a mural painted on his ceiling depicting Apollo crossing the heavens on his chariot. I suspect Donald Trump believes he is a god. I summon the great statues of our Nation’s bravest men, to come alive and cast out this evil man and his supporters! I demand evangelicals call for a news conference – and disavow all support for this – living god! Where does Democracy stand on their ‘Love List’?

Trumps narcissism reminds me of Caligula, who degraded the Roman Senate and tried to put his naked statue in the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem. This outage began a revolt by Holy Men, that led to the coming of Jesus! I have been given profound insights into his true teaching that will soon be my first book.

John Presco

“Once, at some games at which he was presiding, he was said to have ordered his guards to throw an entire section of the audience into the arena during the intermission to be eaten by the wild beasts because there were no prisoners to be used and he was bored.[109]

The cause of tensions in the east was complicated, involving the spread of Greek culture, Roman Law and the rights of Jews in the empire.

Claims of divinity[edit]

Ruins of the temple of Castor and Pollux in the Forum Romanum. Ancient resources as well as recent archaeological evidence suggest that, at one point, Caligula had the palace extended to annex this structure.

When several client kings came to Rome to pay their respects to him and argued about their nobility of descent, he allegedly cried out the Homeric line:[81] “Let there be one lord, one king.”[82] In 40, Caligula began implementing very controversial policies that introduced religion into his political role. Caligula began appearing in public dressed as various gods and demigods such as Hercules, Mercury, Venus and Apollo.[83] Reportedly, he began referring to himself as a god when meeting with politicians and he was referred to as “Jupiter” on occasion in public documents.[84][85]

A sacred precinct was set apart for his worship at Miletus in the province of Asia and two temples were erected for worship of him in Rome.[85] The Temple of Castor and Pollux on the forum was linked directly to the imperial residence on the Palatine and dedicated to Caligula.[85][86] He would appear there on occasion and present himself as a god to the public. Caligula had the heads removed from various statues of gods located across Rome and replaced them with his own.[87] It is said that he wished to be worshipped as Neos Helios, the “New Sun”. Indeed, he was represented as a sun god on Egyptian coins.[88]

Caligula’s religious policy was a departure from that of his predecessors. According to Cassius Dio, living emperors could be worshipped as divine in the east and dead emperors could be worshipped as divine in Rome.[89] Augustus had the public worship his spirit on occasion, but Dio describes this as an extreme act that emperors generally shied away from.[89] Caligula took things a step further and had those in Rome, including senators, worship him as a tangible, living god.[90]

Eastern policy[edit]

Caligula needed to quell several riots and conspiracies in the eastern territories during his reign. Aiding him in his actions was his good friend, Herod Agrippa, who became governor of the territories of Batanaea and Trachonitis after Caligula became emperor in 37.[91]

The cause of tensions in the east was complicated, involving the spread of Greek culture, Roman Law and the rights of Jews in the empire.

Caligula did not trust the prefect of Egypt, Aulus Avilius Flaccus. Flaccus had been loyal to Tiberius, had conspired against Caligula’s mother and had connections with Egyptian separatists.[92] In 38, Caligula sent Agrippa to Alexandria unannounced to check on Flaccus.[93] According to Philo, the visit was met with jeers from the Greek population who saw Agrippa as the king of the Jews.[94] Flaccus tried to placate both the Greek population and Caligula by having statues of the emperor placed in Jewish synagogues.[95] As a result, riots broke out in the city.[96] Caligula responded by removing Flaccus from his position and executing him.[97]

In 39, Agrippa accused Herod Antipas, the tetrarch of Galilee and Perea, of planning a rebellion against Roman rule with the help of Parthia. Herod Antipas confessed and Caligula exiled him. Agrippa was rewarded with his territories.[98]

Riots again erupted in Alexandria in 40 between Jews and Greeks.[99] Jews were accused of not honouring the emperor.[99] Disputes occurred in the city of Jamnia.[100] Jews were angered by the erection of a clay altar and destroyed it.[100] In response, Caligula ordered the erection of a statue of himself in the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem,[101] a demand in conflict with Jewish monotheism.[102] In this context, Philo wrote that Caligula “regarded the Jews with most especial suspicion, as if they were the only persons who cherished wishes opposed to his”.[102]

The Governor of Syria, Publius Petronius, fearing civil war if the order were carried out, delayed implementing it for nearly a year.[103] Agrippa finally convinced Caligula to reverse the order.[99] However, Caligula issued a second order to have his statue erected in the Temple of Jerusalem. In Rome, another statue of himself, of colossal size, was made of gilt brass for the purpose. The Temple of Jerusalem was then transformed into a temple for Caligula, and it was called the Temple of Illustrious Gaius the New Jupiter.[104]

Roman sestertius depicting Caligula, c. AD 38. The reverse shows Caligula’s three sisters, Agrippina, Drusilla and Julia Livilla, with whom Caligula was rumoured to have carried on incestuous relationships. Caption: C. CAESAR AVG. GERMANICVS PON. M. TR. POT. / AGRIPPINA DRVSILLA IVLIA S. C.


Cameo depicting Caligula and a personification of Rome

Philo of Alexandria and Seneca the Younger, contemporaries of Caligula, describe him as an insane emperor who was self-absorbed, was angry, killed on a whim, and indulged in too much spending and sex.[105] He is accused of sleeping with other men’s wives and bragging about it,[106] killing for mere amusement,[107] deliberately wasting money on his bridge, causing starvation,[108] and wanting a statue of himself in the Temple of Jerusalem for his worship.[101] Once, at some games at which he was presiding, he was said to have ordered his guards to throw an entire section of the audience into the arena during the intermission to be eaten by the wild beasts because there were no prisoners to be used and he was bored.[109]

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