John Wilson – John & Janet Napier

There is a Wilson Cabal.

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John Wilson married Janet Napier who is the mother of John Napier who was an ardent student of Revelations. Janet is the granddaughter of King Robert. She had three children with King James. This may explain why John and William Wilson were born at Windsor, and were heads of the Church, interred at Saint George’s Cathedral. The King and Queens of Scotland are in my Rosy Tree! The only reason Janet and her kindred, would want John Wilson in their/her family tree, is his mother was Princess Ada Antoinette Erasmus, related to the Schwarzenberg- Sienshiem Nobility of Bohemia-Czechoslovakia.


I may be in line for the King of Scotland – and Bohemia! I am the ‘Hidden Seed’. I see a Union between the United States, Scotland, and the Czech Republic.

Now I know why managers of the Wilson-Erasmus Tree have been doing some serious pruning. However, here is a Stewart…

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