“We just want to blend in!”


Sorry I go off on so many tangents. Let me keep make it simple. The people holding up the big sign in the front look like Latinos. I suspect they are in Joseph Orosco’s class. Joseph is a Latino. These demonstrators call themselves ‘Organized to Revolution’. I get the powerful impression that Latino people do not want to just blend in. Going after the history of one of America’s greatest Senators – is not blending in! Nor is it showing gratitude. These Latino’s are saying,

“We would rather be in our county, but we got to be here, for now, because our nation is a shit-hole full of gangs and murderous thugs for the dictator. If we got to be here, you have to make us feel more comfortable. Can you be less aggressive white people – by pissing on your dead hero while we watch? You must demonstrate to us you will change, and not be the people you were – before you gave us sanctuary and citizenship!”

Benton was not a Confederate Traitor like General Lee. Joseph, and the OSU history department, do not make that distinction. Generals and Senators are not the same thing. One is elected, and the other, appointed. A lot of Generals in the Americas employ military coups in order to become President. Does this come natural to the Latino people? Did Incan rulers come to power this way? You had to prove yourself a good warrior – first? Did they believe in voo-doo images and smashing the idols of your enemy? Just thinking aloud.

Did I nail it?

John Presco


This was the chant: “These racist buildings have got to go!”

The students, calling themselves “Organized to Revolution,” are trying to call attention to four campus buildings they believe are named after racists. The group’s goal is to get Arnold Dining Center, Avery Lodge, Benton Hall and Gill Coliseum renamed.


Here is Orosco’s book. It is the blueprint for going after my kindred, Senator Thomas Hart Benton. Joe wants attention, because his book is not selling. He invents a political stunt at the expense of OSU and Oregon History. The solution is to make white people more passive and docile through Race Shaming. Make all white people feel guilty of something. Then, walk all over them!

One must use the dove of peace as a decoy, a sock puppet, while you turn them into cow-towing peons who must walk on rice paper, and egg shells, in order to keep from being titled a RACIST, because, it is only their title to bare! That bubble is bursting! Call their bluff! Who cares? Go home and fight your own demons. Why must white people be the flexible ones, the bending ones?

Did I nail it? Chavez was very anti-immigration.

America’s most famous champion of immigrant labor, the late Cesar Chavez, is the focus of a new campaign: Fighting illegal immigration.

The labor chief who fought for migrants picking grapes and lettuce in the 1960s and 1970s and against importing illegals to replace them is being elevated as the face of National Border Security Day.

They Are (Still) Refugees: People Continue to Flee Violence in Latin American Countries

Cesar Chavez has long been heralded for his personal practice of nonviolent resistance in struggles against social, racial, and labor injustices. However, the works of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. have long overshadowed Chavez’s contributions to the theory of nonviolence. José-Antonio Orosco seeks to elevate Chavez as an original thinker, providing an analysis of what Chavez called “the common sense of nonviolence.” By engaging Chavez in dialogue with a variety of political theorists and philosophers, Orosco demonstrates how Chavez developed distinct ideas about nonviolent theory that are timely for dealing with today’s social and political issues, including racism, sexism, immigration, globalization, and political violence.

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