Anatomy of a Rogue Wave With Tower

OMG! As my good friend and fellow artist would say! I just discovered Frieda knew Ed Weston! This is the missing link, the clasp on a golden creative chain. I have been looking for a way to honor Amy’s work, and her loyalty me and Christine. I can now create a new Bohemian Carmel Circle with Weston and Stackpole’s photography.

I have described Amy’s artwork as Naïve Art. It is also Ego-Centric Art.  It is a match to Frieda’s work. How about the title ‘Survivor Art’?

Attorney Sydney Morris destroyed my sisters creative estate, and Brett Weston’s.

John Presco

“Prior to discussions with Williams, Morris approached the Center For Creative Photography as a possible buyer. As a research and educational institution housing more than 60,000 photographs, archives books and documents of such noted photographers as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Wynn Bullock, the Center seemed a likely choice.

As Brett”s executor, I hoped I could find some way to create a photographic legacy with the Center after it seemed unlikely the trust could market its entire collection during Erica”s lifetime,” says Morris.

According to Morris, the Center declined to purchase the archive because of its unwillingness to take on the necessary financial obligations such a purchase would entail in terms of providing for Erica Weston and the estate.”ïve_art

Rosamond Press

You can get Ed Weston’s photographs of Robinson Jeffers, at Tor House. Has Lacy Buck handed them out to the Inner Carmel Circle? Her father’s partner, Sydney Morris, mishandled the estate of Brett Weston – too!

I began ‘Anatomy of a Rogue Wave’ last year.  It is a experimental novel employing Wikipedia. This was a way to keep the memory of creative people alive by employing them in fiction. Truth has proven stranger than fiction. Because I am disabled and receive government money, I have much time to do research. I am more than an Art Expert. I own a Creative Intuition that all creative people respect – even after death!

What needs to be established in a New Branch of Law, where Creative Legacies are put in a new legal light, where parasites like Vicki Presco and Stacey Pierrot are quickly identified – and dismissed. Jeffers believed we are…

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