William Crawford On Warpath

My family history is everywhere. We built this Nation!

Rosamond Press

Allan, William; Blind Harry, Reciting the Deeds of Wallace; Paisley Art Institute Collection, held by Paisley Museum and Art Galleries; http://www.artuk.org/artworks/blind-harry-reciting-the-deeds-of-wallace-189838

Colonel William Crawford’s ancestors, are my ancestors.  Did he know Captain Ezekiel Rose was his kin? These warriors would lead 489 armed men against the Indians. Most of them were Scot-Irish. It was at the end of the Revolutionary War that was won by these immigrants from Ireland and Scotland, who had been on the warpath with the English for hundreds of years. The English had allied themselves with several tribes to go to war with their old foes.

American politics has entered a more open Cowboy verses the Indians, phase. President Bush just gave a speech, and pleaded for tolerance of Immigrants. President Trump has taken a stand against immigration and sees the whole Democratic Party as Hostiles who are all for the Foreign Invaders and crimes against…

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