The Futurian Point of View

On November 3, 2017, I looked into the future, and, saw it was not good.

“When is it ever?” I hear the skeptic say.

March 11, 2017 I claimed I am a Futurian. On March 12, 2017, The Nameless Nobodies were photographed walking around like Zombies. When asked by a reporter what their names were, they could not answer. This is because they are Vortex Newbies, who have just come through a Time Portal, thanks to Joseph Orosco, who is a Time Portal Smuggler and Puppet Master. These people are Illegal Time Travelers. This group is the fifth group that came through. Orosco is gathering an army.

On 11-3-2017 I created Four Halls of Shame. I took the liberty to assign a hall to Ed’s Historians, who have been gathered together to prove time travel exists. All this talk about the past, and going into the future, had a more profound meaning! I insist the Futurian Team start taking notes and stop being skeptical. They have forsaken history. We have little time to be concerned about Time Status. I forbid there to be any bickering about what Hall of Shame I have arbitrarily assigned you to. You have proven to me, and the people of Benton County, that status – is dead! Attainment and Identity no longer have meaning. The more of a Nobody you are – the better! I know! This does not make any sense, unless your know, that when we cling to our achievements, we are not free to travel.

Only Ed Ray and his crack Time Team are allowed to exhibit shining resumes and historic achievements, because they did not take away from a minority in any manner. This in itself is another attainment. Instead of applying old fashioned linear history, we have the Golden Scales of Human Equality that makes sure everything APPEARS to be even-steven. Appearance is everything in a race relations.

Seer John ‘Master Futurian’

Here I am at in the special collections room at the UofO. I have just looked in several boxes of papers owned by the Oregon Writer, Damon Knight. The look on my face, says it all. I feel pity on the people who do not have the ability to go into the past and thus avoid, the end of the world. However, there is a slight chance a Time Vortex can be created that will survive the apocalypse. This depends upon the full cooperation of the P-Team.

Need I tell you there exist a Arch Villain who wants to see the world end, because his blood ancestors designed the Incan Sundial. Those who have worked with Joseph know he always has to be right. I know, we worked together on a project. Everything had to go, his way. When he saw the name Benton, he targeted my ancestor. Joseph Orosco is a Time Stalker. We were not filming an ad when the Inca Sundial was damaged. We were filming a Puritan Time Invasion that occurred on September 11, 2000.


Each day during the week of Feb. 27, Oregon State University students marched through buildings on campus, disrupting classes and chanting.

This was the chant: “These racist buildings have got to go!”

The students, calling themselves “Organized to Revolution,” are trying to call attention to four campus buildings they believe are named after racists. The group’s goal is to get Arnold Dining Center, Avery Lodge, Benton Hall and Gill Coliseum renamed.

The students declined to identify themselves by name when approached by a Gazette-Times reporter, but one of them said: “We are using trying to get rid of building names as a way to draw attention to issues of students of color on campus.”

Let me begin my response, thus……….as a lone artists and writer, I do not recognize any group of non-artists, as having any relevance in any complaint they might bring against any artist, or work of art. These alleged students resemble iconoclasts. What they truly are, are parasites, who go about as a mob attaching their half-baked Victim Game, to my kindred, Thomas Hart Benton, who is kin to Jessie Benton, who married John Fremont, the co-founder of the Republican Party, who was the first to emancipate slaves in America, thus, forcing Lincoln’s hand. But, rather then STUDY history, or art, these NAMELESS students took out their Weak Identity Crisis on a dead artist, who was ripped off when it came time to be paid for his work and labor. Go paint your own cause.

“In hopes of ending the controversy without removing the mural, the school says it will now use the room containing the mural for activities other than classes.

“Covering the murals feels like censorship and runs counter to the expressed intent of the artist to make visible moments in history that some would rather forget,” said Robel. “Repurposing the room is the best accommodation of the multiple factors that the murals raise: our obligation to be a welcoming community to all of our students and facilitate their learning; our stewardship of this priceless art; and our obligation to stand firm in defense of artistic expression.”

I think the whole university should be shut down, due to Massive Ignorance that was worshiped in Nazi Germany. Hitler held an art show – filled with Degenerate Art! More people saw this show than any show in art history. What I suggest, is, these petitioners found ‘The Hall of White Shame’ and collect other works of art that BEST OFFENDS THEM, so the whole world can come study – WHY!

To get the New Iconoclastic Age, rolling, I hereby remove Charlie Parker from the Bohemian Culture I have gathered in this blog. There is a good chance Charlie used alcohol, and drugs, to seduce women at Jirayr Zorthian’s party. Did he use his fame to weaken the natural defenses of curious young women? Did he employ jazz to get them to take off their clothes? Did he hear them when they said “No!”

I hereby found The Hall of Big Shame that will be inclusive of all races, and, sexual persuasions. Above is the mural my brother-in-law did for the Gordon Getty, that was painted over. Garth Benton sued for $350,000 dollars, and won his case. Gordon was bid to remove the paint from this work of art.

The HBS will contain four halls…….

The Hall of Shameful Penises……Stephen Beckham

The Hall of Shameful Vaginas……..Stacey L. Smith

The Hall of Shameful Black Penisis……Thomas Bahde

The Hall of Shameful Asian Vaginas……Marissa Chappell

Inca Sundial Broken During Filming of Ad

From Times Wire Reports

A 1,000-pound crane being used to help film a beer commercial toppled over, damaging a stone sundial in Peru’s Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, officials said. The Intihuatana sundial is a granite block carved into the peak of the mountain where Machu Picchu lies, about 310 miles southeast of the capital, Lima. A jutting edge of the sundial was chipped off Friday when the crane fell. The commercial was being shot by U.S. ad agency J. Walter Thompson for Peruvian beer company Cervesur.

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