Back To Rocky Point

What if Kim Haffner contacted Alan and he made her an offer she could not refuse?

Rosamond Press

Vicki Presco refused to give me the names of the people that invited Christine to Rocky Point.

“I insist you give me their names!”

“It doesn’t matter. They moved on!” Vicki spat, irritated that I dare ask questions.

I talked to Donald Layne’s wife, and she verified Alan Fox owned RP.

“He was in a awful hurry to sell. He sold the house at a big loss!”

I began to suspect Judge Richard M. Silver was protecting Alan Fox. I did not think to file a Wrongful Death Suit. Did Richard consider this? I got the distinct impression these Wealthy Folks of Carmel looked down on me and saw a parasite. They have attorneys by their side 24/7. This is how one conducts business.

There is no REAL death scene for Christine Rosamond Benton. This is why no WDS was filed, because, the insiders knew my beloved sister – killed…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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