God forbid “unnatural erections”

Big Brother Jesus says:

Karen Hilbert God forbid the “unnatural erections” caused by Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs.,.not ordained by God

I found this on a evangelicals for Jesus FB. Does their President endorse this? Is he Viagra free? Ask Melania. Go into the private Trump bedroom, like Jesus has across America, and get the facts straight.

There are a lot of things not ordained by God.  I am certain God does not want His beloved evangelicals to watch cable T.V. because He ordained the T.V. Antennae because no porno movies were broadcast over His airwaves. God hates cellphones that contain filth. All these devices are of Satan because they contain Viagra commercials.

Turn them off! Now!

No good Christian would dare use Viagra, or, get a unnatural errection by watching porn. Therefore, all Christians must call out those who do. If you suspect your neighbor is harboring a unnatural errection, go confront him. Bring a dozen true believers with you. Just thinking of a heathen doing unnatural things with his unnatural erection, is an obscenity to God. Drag the demon into the streets – and stone him!

But first – pour a bucket of cold water on his unnatural errection!

“In the name of Jesus –  I drive out the unnatural errection!”

Seer Jon

“It’s all written about you, John. They warned us about you!”

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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