Blacks For Trump

The Blacks For Trump FB looks just like Evangelicals For Trump. Beside the Viagra message, evangelicals venture no opinions. They let their beloved Big Brother do all their tweeting. Like Jesus, Trump knows the answer for everything. Evangelicals own two rubber stamps that give them Total Approval. Folks not like them, are compared to the Pharisees. They get stamped with the Pharisee stamp.

This is utter madness made for Nothing People who have done Nothing, and, are not going anywhere important – but heaven! They only vote in order to take away the power of secular people. They should be forbidden to watch secular movies and television. They should be made to be bored – silly – for Jesus! They should go to church – every day!

Why is Jesus a Sex Cop? It is none of his business what people do with their bodies. Christians should be made to abstain from sex unless they screw to make a baby. A Errection Meter should be worn by every evangelical male. Bring back the chastity belt that will cover the Christian anus, too.

Seer Jon

9 Things Jesus Might Do About Immigration

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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