I have seen God!


The problem Christians have with me seeing God, is they have not seen God. Add to this I hate most Christians – especially their political agenda – then they are going to want to say I did not see God, even say – I am a lunatic!

Now, if I died and saw God, and I told all Christians that God really approves of everything they do – in His name – then they would say I am not……………..that crazy?

The truth is, most Christians are not prepared for the afterlife, and, it never comes up at their pollical events. They do bash gay folk, poor folk, alien folk, and Jews! Not once is the topic about what Christians will be doing in heaven – for an eternity! That is a very long time. Consider The Boredom Factor’ – if you dare! Perhaps I own a explanation? We are all going to die. To elevate oneself over another, does not bring you close to heaven.

What worries my neighbors is that if is clear I don’t want a following, or, a church in my name! I am not asking for a tithe, either. Perhaps – I am for real? Perhaps I serve God – only? I know God exists! This has been a huge problem for me since 1967. I can not fake the truth there is a God. Not even for a day!

It’s much easier to be against something, then for something. I think I will be speaking about Heaven – more. Maybe, from here on, till I die again!


Seer of God

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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