“God save our precious Queer!”

I was removed from this religious discussion group today for suggesting the political LGBTQ folks appear to be more Nationalistic, even Patriotic, if they want to win more elections – and defeat Trump! They couldn’t tell where I was on the issue of gays winning a vote in the house, which had nothing to do with religion. Being a theologian, who hates the evangelical politician, they thought I was a enemy-Christian. The group is about destroying religion, disguised as a discussion. I didn’t understand why this article was topical to a group on ‘Religious Discussion’. I mentioned God-Jesus did not give women the right to vote in the Constitution, and they didn’t get it!


“The US House of Representatives on Friday passed the Equality Act, a bill that would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in housing, the workplace, public accommodations, and other settings.”

They said I was not OP on topic. What did they want me to say;

“Woden and Thor are behind this all the way and will worship and protect the LGBTQ – with their lives! Long live Woden, the hater of Christian missionaries in the North!”

The Senate won’t pass this bill. I was on their side. I was taking away religious permission to go after Queers – who don’t like any religion! These Queers knew nothing about religion destroying religion. I suggested the no-show anti-Christ be assassinated, and the un-built temple in Jerusalem be destroyed in order to prevent the End Time destruction of the whole word!

“Why should we allow them to destroy us – and our children?”

They didn’t get it. This is hate speech – and terrorism! Everything was over their head. But, when I said that promoting ones means of ‘Sexual Enjoyment’ as a political issue, and, political organization – is not real – they got upset. The enjoyment of heterosexual sex leads to pregnancy, and the making of new human life, which so many will become homosexual – AND VOTERS! Thus, the need for women to get pregnant is very vital to – EVERYTHING!

I asked them to consider heterosexual Democrats, and not be so selfish. THINK SWING VOTES! They were outraged that I took away from their very special, very unique status as Victims engaged in Democracy. In this respect – they are just like the evangelicals.

“Excuse me. I believe in Jesus, therefor I demand special treatment. Your opinions are not welcome. WE are going to ban you and conduct a witchhunt! ”

I predict Trump will win because of the queers, because they demand political acceptance from EVERYONE! They will not accept any compromise in a democracy. They are DICTATORS! Think like they do – or else! Never mind if you don’t enjoy gay sex like they do. After all, they were punished – for not enjoying straight sex!

This is INSANE! I suggested they pool their money and make movies and ads that show how the Christian-right wants to turn America into THEIR theocracy. I was trying to help. They didn’t know that word. They are – stupid!

Many folks tend to join a simple parade and salute almost any flag. But, when they are SHAMED for not grasping a extremely convoluted pollical language – designed just for them – they are turned off. It is obvious WE don’t speak the same language they do, because they are forced to share it with the rest of the population come voting time! Even Trump is toning it down, knowing Queers on Self-Righteousness will put him back in the White House. This group may be Russians. This is one way they will attack.

Sexual orientation is something only queers can relate to. We now have to look at how Putin and his trolls will use this specialness to keep his baddy in power. “Gender identity” does not want to appear ‘Patriotic’ or, Nationalistic.

Our nation’s civil rights laws protect people on the basis of race, color, national origin, and in most cases, sex, disability, and religion. But federal law does not provide consistent non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The need for these protections is clear—nearly two-thirds of LGBTQ Americans report having experienced discrimination in their personal lives.

God save our Precious Queen! Go for the Swing Voters, because they are! For being banned, I will chose five of my friends who I will do my damnedest to make sure they vote for Trump – and all the Republicans they can! Take that – bitch! Now that you own a Political Identity, and are involved in politics, I get to go after you for politcal reasons, and so do others. We even are allowed to perform dirty political tricks. No political animal is protected! Whatever it takes to win!

My readers will focus in on Carolyn Gordon’s gleeful (gayful) announcement to the group that she gave me – a seventy-two year old man – a “spanking”! How, vengeful. How many of my readers will not want to see Carolyn, and her ilk, in power?  This GODLESS LBGTQ advocate, was playing to her queer audience. She wanted to be rewarded by using sado-masochistic language. I am the owner of a newspaper. I get to look at political events and strategies. My neighbors also gave me a “spanking”. I now wonder if the Soup Nazi is a homosexual? How many LGBTQ people, are out for revenge?

“No soup for you!”

They can’t withhold sex from heterosexuals, but, they can withhold votes for Democratic candidates. Is this why Nancy San Francisco backed this Bill – the Payback Bill? Will they give the Democratic candidate for President – a good spanking – if he/she doesn’t follow the crazy political instructions – for straights only?

I was made a example of. I am a old white guy. Did they bother to ask if I was gay, and enjoy homosexual sex – immensely – and without it I would have no reason for living?


At my age, and in my condition, any sex will do! I could use some company – too!

Carolyn Gordon is a Player a sexy beast, the Queen of Sex Politics! I hate Sex Politics, as my readers all know.

Saying you gave someone a spanking – is violent bashing! Censoring someone in a Democracy is a very UGLY ACT. I suspect people who never wanted religion, were taking a look at what I got. A fellow member asked me to explain my “message”. This had to stop. That this Bill came in under the umbrella of ‘Freedom of Religion’ tells me the whole LGBTQ Tribe needs to take a course in Comparative Religion – and salute the American Flag if they want to own more political gains. Just a suggestion.

I swear to God, if the queers go after Joe Biden, the old white-haired guy, Trump will place his hand on the Bible again, and swear a false oath.

Jon ‘The Seer



I awoke and figured out what went wrong. None of the people posting on the new Bill, knew anything about religion. I tried to give them a crash course. Some thought I was against them. As proof I wasn’t, I told them I was being persecuted by my evangelical neighbors, and, I am a RARE Nazarite. They must have thought I was mocking them………….

“Here are my Nazarite brothers!”

Someone must have gone told Carolyn on me, who came running, just because I was stealing their limelight? Being an historian I know American politics can get very ugly – and violent – especially when no humor is allowed. Maybe we were better off when British royals ruled us. We are a very tribal nation. Play all four videos at the same time.

By the way, America watched the antics of Jerry Seinfeld’s small tribe, for years. How many LBGTQ characters appeared on this show?


I am going to use Carolyn as the model for my other 500 pound neighbor, who wants to be called ‘Gordon’. In ‘Love Chicken’ she is a Lesbian Troll who roams the internet looking to give some heterosexual a well deserved – SPANKING!  Gordon and Kimbo get into it whenever the meet. They square off like Sumo wrestlers. I will have Gordon play ‘God Save The Queen’ real loud, changing the words just to get Kimbo’s goat, who goes charging upstairs, but, collapses on the stairs because she is……….out of shape!

As the ambulance takes Kimbo away, she gives Gordon the bird, who lifts her MuMu, and moons Kimbo……….

“Kiss my fat ass!”

“When you talk about Seinfeld’s hand in the sphere of sexual politics, you’re drawn first and foremost to one standout episode: “The Outing,” a 1993 broadcast whose coining of the phrase, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” keeps it in the running for the superlative of the series’ most quoted entry. Thought it was hardly commonplace for American sitcoms to touch on gay storylines — and, more specifically, homophobia — Seinfeld cannot exactly be credited as the first show to delve into the issue.


an act of slapping, especially on the buttocks as a punishment for children.
“you deserve a good spanking”


God Save the Queer
God save our gracious Queens,
Long live our noble Queers,
God save the Queens;

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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