Queen Melba ‘Shit-Disturber’

I am going to rename this chapter……..Melba’s Second Son – Butterball

When Shannon got around to telling me Vicki was in very bad shape and had been in Special Care for a couple of months, she suggested I contact my brother, her uncle, Mark Presco. I thought this idea was cute, even quaint, because Mark is not really my brother according to Vic……….remember? I was Rosemary’s Baby, hatched from an egg another male had fertilized, and slipped into the Presco Nest. This is how grandma Melba played it too. For some reason, she really needed another son in order to replace the one she was very un-happy with. Mark was chosen to be her beloved replacement son – over me! Why did Rosemary give her the pick of the litter?

Melba began her motherly Reign of Favorites, after her un-son had gone on strike – and refused to work! He thought he got a real raw deal, and Rosemary had tricked him into having four children, when, one is all he could handle. He would try to prove this many years later, by declaring Vicki his only child. Are you confused?

I was sent to live with grandma Mary, whom Vicki was named after. I was seven. Vicki and Christine got to stay put, because our father found it easier to get along with the women in the family. I think he might have thought Mark was not his son, too. But I can assure you, they are cut from the same cloth, and, are basically the same person. Melba saw this, too. But, here was her chance to experiment with Nazi Child Rearing techniques that she read in the papers before Japan struck Pearl Harbor.

Mark was nine when he lived five months with Melba. Just them, and grandpas Joe, who was Melba’s second husband – who had not children. When we went together that summer to Roseville, Camp Mark had already been set up. Joe put up a old army tent in the backyard, with two cots. By Mark’s cot was a big pile of comic books Melba bought for him when he abandoned his family. He was Melba’s Boy, now. When I went to pick up a comic book to read, he told me I could only read the ones – he said I could read. All the Goofey comics were off limits to me. Also, I was banned from the garage where Good Ol Joe and Mark would go to work with his great tools. Maybe next year I would be old enough to be in the garage with my older brother – I mean – Butterball.

This is what Rosemary called her firstborn, when she called Melba up after he came in the door. We had taken the train home.

“What have you done with my son?! He’s as fat as a butterball! Why isn’t my son John fattened up!”

“I am applying Herr Doctor Fenwich von Frinklestien’s method for producing a Superman. The first born is given many more privileges, than the second born. Indeed, he is taught to look down on the inferior born, and treat him like a slave. You got a problem with that?”

“Did you employ the Frinklestein’s method on my husband, and this is why he’s all fucked up?”

“Don’t be silly, you hysterical bitch. Von Victor did not have a brother. Things will be better this time, thanks to you borning – two sons. You have done your duty for the Fatherland!”

So wanting to help Shannon and Drew, who will never be mothers, I wrote Mark a beautiful letter and sent it to his last known address. Vicki told me he had resigned from the family, and promised to move where no one could find him. He was – dead to us – now!

For days I waited on pins and needles for it to come back.

“Return to sender” Opening the mailbox, there it was. On the letter I read;

“Returned for insufficient postage”

I forgot to put a stamp on it! The subconscious me, the real me, who had it with his fucking abuse, could not bring me to make contact.

FUCK BUTTERBALL ALL TO HELL! I did not deserve even one Victor. Melba gave me two Victors to make my life miserable. Why? What did I ever do to her!

Rosamond Press

‘Capturing Beauty’

A Novel for Cable Television


Jon Presco

Copyright 2017

All photographs are Copyrighted

Kimberly Bulkley snubbing me is par for the Broderick course. I recognized Daryl Bulkley’s act right off the bat. It was Melba Two. Melba Broderick manages to squirt one child out of her womb, and what a child he was – till his dying day! When Vic got Rosemary with child – four times – there was Melba at the hospital claiming them all.

“That ones mine, too! I need as many as I can get in order to restore the Stuttmeister Dynasty!”

Melba loved to play favorites. Mark was her Little Lord Fonteroy. She would have him come see her by himself. He came home with a ceder chest full of toys that he refused to share with his siblings. Grandpa Joe (second marriage) would take Mark into the garage to make stuff. Being a year younger…

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