Rapture Rats Are Religious Terrorists

I had to accpet the truth after talking to my doctor the other day, being, I can do nothing to stop the utter stupidity of white women voting for Trump in order to bring about the Rapture and End of Days. This is a SUICIDAL belief system that educated Liberal Women agnositcs condone. “My sisters get to believe what they will. They are no longer oppressed by the evil male perdigogy!” Rachel Maddow has done all she can by inviting ex-evangelicals on her show. Too late! We’re doomed!

Rosamond Press

Religious Abuse is real! Our insane asylums have been filled with victims of Religious Abuse. More Catholic priests have been exposed as rapists of a thousands of children who suffered psychological damage, much more that those who had a bad LSD trip, that is nothing in comparison to the image of the Evil Chaos inflicted on young people, who are told they might BE DESTROYED any second – if they do not join the Insane Ones, and overthrow the Government of the United States – with Putin’s help!


Evangelicals Are Religious Terrorists

The Church of Art declares the Evangelical religion, as taught by John Darby, a Terrorist Church. Jesus was not, and will never be a Satanic Killer and Caster of Evil Spells. That these terrorists have entered politics, proves they do not subscribe to any prophecy, or religious solution. They…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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