Swan Brothers of The Last Judgement

I suggested the Ark of the Covenant was kept inside the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Two nights ago I saw a show on cathedrals that outlined the dimensions of the temple of Jerusalem. After I suggested to Marilyn the fire signaled the rise of Satan’s Army from hell, she told me about the catacombs under Notre Dame. The War of the Last Judgement, has begun. There is a Labyrinth of the Blessed Damsel, who I call ‘The Rose of the World’.

I now conclude that it was John the Baptist who restored the Jubilee, and recreated the true dimensions of the tabernacle that was given to his father, Zachariah by Gabriel in the Holy of Holies. The Ark had been found. It was hidden in a underground vault. Every fifty years the Ark was bought out, and, upon it sat ‘The Lord’. Not Jesus – but God!

I am ordained to PREPARE  the right way of the Lord of the Jubilee!

John Presco ‘The Naarite’

Copyright 2019

The height proportions of Notre Dame were based off of the biblical measurements of Solomon’s Temple. Notre Dame is also supposed to physically represent the cross, and as one walks through from the right side to the left, the large stained-glass windows are supposed to become lighter to represent the washing away of sin



The Carnavalet Museum – History of Paris, includes: the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame and the Paris Catacombs (linked to Carnavalet in 2000 and 2002 respectively), three places dedicated to the history and memory of Paris.

The Archaeological Crypt

Developed in 1980 under the square of Notre Dame cathedral to present the archaeological remains discovered during excavations carried out between 1965 and 1970, the Crypt offers a unique overview of the urban and architectural heritage of the Ile de la Cité, the historic heart of Paris.

In discovering the buildings which were built successively on the site, from Antiquity to the 20th century, the visitor goes back in time. The dockside of ancient Lutecia, the building of Gallo-Roman public baths, the early 4th century city wall, the basement of the former chapel of the Hôtel-Dieu, the medieval remains on the Rue Neuve Notre-Dame, the foundations of the Hospice des Enfants-Trouvés, traces of Haussmann sewers: the past, ancient, medieval and classical, comes back to life. Reviving the memory of one of the oldest districts of Paris, the Crypt shows how the city has continued to rebuild itself over more

Rosamond Press

“Judge not, lest thee be judged.”

“Thou shalt not bring false witness against thy neighbor.”

There are two families at the epicenter of a Apocalyptic Message, the Trump and Rosemond family. Both families are undergoing a inquisition. I believe President Trump is on course to bring the world to an end.

John ‘The Nazarite’

Our Sweet Lady and Swan Brethren


My ancestor, Godschalk Rosemondt, was the Master of Louvain and the Falcon Art College, as well as member of the Swan Brethren.A Rosamond family researcher has seen letters exchanged between Godschalk Rosemondt and the great Erasmus with the seal of a dancing wolf upon them. This is a Bosch seal related somehow to the Janskirk church where attended members of the Swan Brethren. The Renaissance artist, Hieronymus Bosch, executed commissions for the Brethren and their church. One such work is titled…

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