Letter From Peter DeFazio

Eric Swalwell was on MSNBC tonight. A couple of hours after I posted on Swalwell’s Swamp Rangers, Eric was interviewed by Lawrence O’Donnell. He was asked if he would be a VP to a woman. He said he would be happy to serve his Country. He was then asked about what he considered he greatest threat to America. He said loss of our allies. I thought of Rena and Ian Easton.

Here is my letter from homeland security. Peter DeFazio forwarded them my letter to him. I have communicated with Peter DeFazio before. I ran into him jogging  12 years ago. I offered to get a group together to help him and other elected officials deal with the Christian-right. Putin’s Night Wolves claim they are Russian Orthodox Christians. Ten minutes ago, I awoke, and my angel said;

“The Night Wolves have landed. They are now in Venezuela!”

It is 4:47 A.M……………Do you know where your Russians are? Eric has been attacked by trolls. So has Bernie Sanders. This is not a joke. I am not deluded. I own a gift the Russians have been developing. I own ‘The Sight’. We are at war.

Seer Jon





Response From Peter DeFazio


My Congressman replied to my concern, that the untitled folders Trump and his family presented to the Press and the American People, contain blank pieces of paper that are supposed to be proof the Trumps are no longer doing business that conflicts with serving the people. Conway would later bid Americans to buy Ivanka’s crap. It appears she is outside the loop. She needs to go before the Senate and tell the truth.

Jon Presco




“The papers that Donald Trump made the centre of his first press conference in six months actually appear to have been blank.

The conference also appears to have been filled with staff members who were expected to laugh and applaud throughout the event.

The President-elect claimed that the documents, which were placed next to him as he spoke, were evidence of the preparations he had made to give over control of his businesses to his sons. That move has been claimed by Mr. Trump and his lawyers as a way of avoiding any conflicts of interest during his time as President, but it has been criticized as inadequate by the Office of Government Ethics.

Reply from Congressman Peter DeFazio

To: Congressman Peter de Fazio and Senator Ron Wyden

At his press conference, Donald Trump produced a stack of legal documents he would not let reporters see. He says the read, and signed, papers, turned his business over to his children who will get everything when he dies. Why not leave everything to the American People, now, and let his children make their own money, like most of us who don’t have a legacy? Many suspect there were blank pieces of paper inside. Is this a hoax?

I am asking my Congressman and Senator to put these documents in the public domain. There is a precedent for doing this, being Revolutionary War Veterans, and their Widows, had to submit papers to the United States Government, and, undergo questioning, in order to receive some of the first monies given by our Founding Fathers to our first citizens. This was the case of my kindred, Captain Samuel Rosamond, and his first wife, Ann Pressley, also spelled, Presley. There was even an instance where cash grants were given to families who were on the brink of starvation due to our desire to be free. Why not author a Trump Trust that goes to paying off the National Debt? Every three months Ivanka can recite how much debt has been paid by the Trump Dynasty. When Trump leaves office, he and his children would be free to make, and keep, as much money as they want.  Who knows, Obama might give Donald an award – before he takes office!

In looking at my family tree, and these records, we see slaves being left in the Wills of brave men who founded one of the strongest democracies the world has ever known, thus these chained men and women contributed to the financial strength of our nation’s first families. They took care of the children and property of these fighting men. I suggest that anyone who can produce evidence they were the property of these world famous Rebels, be compensated. I suggest the First Family to be, offer a Freedom Bounty to the grandchildren of slaves. This amount can be determined by our elected Lawmakers, or, by all members of the Trump family who subscribe to economic incentives – and higher education! A thousand dollars can go to school supplies.

Because Trump and Putin have a great interest in Coats of Arms, any slave descendant of a family who owned a Coat of Arms, will be awarded a special Freedom Coat of Arms that will contain the image of The Liberty Tree, along with their family name.

Because the Republicans put before our Lawmakers one frivolous Bill after another, may I suggest a Bill be introduced that forbid President Trump from forming a motorcycle club modeled after the Knight Wolves of Russia, who are considered Putin’s storm troopers. The leader of the Knight Wolves wants additions made to the Russia Coat of Arms that Putin installed, that contains a SERPENT and TWO-HEADED EAGLE!

“And the President will wear no colors of any motorcycle club lest it appear his intention is to ride hard all over the countryside, and with other lawless men, terrorize the good citizenry.”

Elvis Presley was kin to President Carter, and may be in my family tree, along with Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

John Presco

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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  1. Reblogged this on Rosamond Press and commented:

    Here is my prophetic posts. I am going to found a college.
    Swalwell’s Swamp Raiders
    Posted on May 3, 2019 by Royal Rosamond Press

    At 6:30 P.M. I awoke from one of my infamous ‘Old Man’s Nap’. I went far. It took me some time to come back into my body. I opened my eyes, and I had solved the ridlle as to where I had seen Eric Swalwell’s face before. I had just posted the photograph of my family in our car in Concord California. I suggested members of Eric’s facebook get a grassroots movement going, like the Tea Party. I suggested the name ‘Swalwell’s Swamp Patriots’ after Francis Marion, who my great grandfather, James Rosamond,and his brother, Samuel, fought under. Francis was depicted in the movie ‘The Patriot. The Rosamond family named their children after Francis because he had no children. He married late in life.

    I was born in Oakland. My father made a loan for Jack London’s daughter. Jack was an oyster pirate. I awoke from my old man nap, and put a black patch on Swalwell’s eye…

    The Swalwell Swamp Rangers’ are born this day. We are modeled after Real Patriots. Our first mission is to protect women in the military who are being sexually abuses and trespassed upon. Ranger comes from the Dutch word, Rangar – Strider!


    The second mission is to sue the Trump administration to produce the papers he showed the public that our President claimed was proof on his divestment. They should be immortalized in the archives of Congress. See my letters below I exchanged with my Congressman.

    The third mission, is a lawsuit in my behalf, that will evict all Republicans from the party founded by my kindred, for failure to maintain Good Faith and upholding the principles of John Fremont and the Radical Republicans. Trump promised he would get our nation out of the swamp. He lied. He is the swamp! This is breach of contract.

    Here is an article about Eric not passing a Constitutional test by saying the word “woman” does not appear in the Constitution.


    I wish I was by his side to say this;

    “Excuse me. Our Founding Fathers did not give women the right to vote, thus, they are half of WE, not fully a citizen. Also, they did not free the women who were slaves. Add it up! If you were a black woman when the Constitution was signed, then you were an enslaved half of a woman – who was not allowed to bare arms. When were women in the military allowed to fight in combat? When our Army went over there to fight the fight royalty fought, how many women in America could vote for the Peace Movement?”

    The bad aspects of the Old Swamp Fox, is gone. We have to take our Democracy back. This nation was half-built by un-armed women – who were to busy picking up their babies and children, to pick up a gun. The new Swamp Fox lays down his gun, and sets all people free. Our women in the armed forces will willing fight for us, now that they can. We must fight for them. Sexual assault is violence. We must march to military camps, and the Pentagon and demand this undermining of our National Security – be stopped. When should it stop?


    I assume these big bad armed boys in uniform believe a woman in uniform – is half a patriot – and thus you can rape them.

    Eric only got 1% of the Demorats behind him. I like those odds. I grew up seeing that patch on the Hell’s Angels jacket. They were bad Oakland Boys – as were the Black Panthers. No one gave us hippies a chance to make peace in the world, but we did – for a little while!

    Why did Francis Marion get married to when he was 54 years of age. It is alleged his wife had two children by him when she was 49. Does not compute. What I heard, is that Francis was in love with his black slave, Oscar Marion, and they were homosexuals. His cousin suggested a pretend wedding so the history books would be good to Francis.

    Swalwell’s 1%. Looks like Eric is the Long Shot candidate, and the champion of losers. Looks like some folks have deserted Eric. That’s good, because I am inviting old Black Panthers, old Raider fans, and old Hell’s Angels to get behind Eric and his Swamp Raiders. Indeed, I challenge the Hell’s Angels to change some of their bad ol way, and ride against Putin’s Knight Wolves down in Venezuela. As for moving the Oakland Raiders out of Oakland – again – we don’t want you back. We got our new team! The Oakland Patriots!

    I hereby challenge Putin to a football game at the Oakland Coliseum a week before the Super Bowl. Put together a team from your Knight Wolves, Putin, and we will get it on. May the best team win!

    Women are encouraged to try-out for the team – that will be the most politically correct team ever put on the field of play!

    John Presco

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