Lara Roozemond Looks Like Actress

I found these images of Lara. I can not post them due to copyright.

Lara has a rugged face that is coming out as she gets older. When I first saw her, I saw a female Elvis. I suggest Lara take Tai Chi. Her body is stuck. She says she dances. This photographer should do some movement shots. Move some energy to the pelvis area. May I suggest doing an Elvis impersonation? When he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, they told the camera man not to shoot below his waist. In the movie, a guitar hides his hips, until the end. Then we see him do what drove Baptist ministers crazy all over the South. The female response is in sinc with this famous tease that shook the world.

Lara has a great cleft chin. If you did not have one, you could not be a star. The great ones did not make this list. Can you name a few?

She might want to plan a bank heist as part of method acting.  Take the chunnel to London. I know she is a good girl and can not draw upon being a bad girl. She should check into a sleazy hotel across the street from a bank, and scope it out. She should have her photographer with her. Make a video of the drawings of the bank. Many great heroes started out as villains.

“So. I heard you want to kill your father. What kind of dame are you, anyway?”

“He took me prisoner when I was just a kid. He had my husband all picked out for me. He made me go to church because he was a religious nut.”

“Who was a religious nut. Your father, or your husband to be?”

“Both. When they found a flapper magazine under my bed, they locked me in a woodshed and read Bible verses at me until dawn! I couldn’t tell who was who. I went crazy, I tell you. And, now they are hunting for me. They better not find me. That’s all I got to say!”

“I see!”


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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