Tapestry of Fair Rosamond

The Ugly Kimite Klan mocked my prophecy in regards to my late friend, Ben Toney. I am living in the Stairwell of the Wounded She-things, who have long blamed everything on a man like me. To find me in their midst, at their abusive disposal, is a dream come true. Every day they stir up their toxic mud puddle of Victim Goo, hoping I will step in it. Man Haters on the march!

Rosamond Press

Ben and I can trace our bloodline to Fair Rosamond.


“FitzWolf” and The Bayeux Tapestry






hastings9In the Bayeux Tapestry we see a knight carrying the gonfanon of William the Conqueror. Some say this is Eustace, but Wace in his Roman de Rou, says this is Turstin FitzRolf. Wace says Raol “famous wolf” de Toeni – the ancestor of Fair Rosamond – was the official Standard Bearer for William. Eustace and Raol are kin to William, thus they would carry the cote of arms of William and his kinsman.
Is “Son of Wolf” kin to William? All three men of the ganfanon are proven companions of William.

Bennett Rosamond was a Grand Master of the Orange Lodge who carried the gonfanon of William of Orange in parades. Bennett was the owner of the Rosamond Woolen Mill and descends from a family of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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