Mark On My Forehead

FFYC Historic Pictures

I talked with Sandra every day until she deliberatly overdosed after saving up her morphine. There was noting left of her as I watched the coroner take her out in a bodybag. She came up to me and told me what my dear adopted sister had done. I was sending her healing light everyday. Her brother was not there for her.

Rosamond Press


Rosemary said I used to beat my head against the wall in a room by myself. When she came in and tried to stop me, I would throw a fit. When she left I would go back to sitting cross-legged and hitting my head. For years there was a bump and a scar that looks like it was taken out of my school photo.

Near the Fred Finch Orphanage were built two beautiful temples. In the divine view of a child healer I understood what was going on on a level few can comprehend.  The great spiritual movers and shakers never get the credit they deserve, and thus only a few seek attention. When they do, it is for a very good reason. Meher Baba owned a spiritual injury on his forehead given by a homeless man who lived in filth.

My great grandparents had a fruit farm in Fruit…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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