The Ian Fleming and Getty Connection

Garth, and the world famous artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, were friends of Gordon Getty. I am certain Caspar Fleming was named after his uncle, Caspar John, the Sea Lord. Ian’s son got into drugs, and died. He was rescued at sea with a helicopter, as my sister was. Christine died on her first sober birthday in the ambulance.

The Getty family was overwhelmed with drug addiction and tragedy. My thirty-two years of sobriety can be a lifesaver for generations to come, because the disease of alcoholism is passed down in our DNA. This is why I am overcome with joy my daughter, Heather Hanson, has cleaned her life up. Her amazing blue eyes have never been bluer.

“The next year Caspar came into his inheritance, which included Goldeneye, Ian’s Jamaican house. Making a visit for the first time since 1960, he encountered a side of his father’s life he had never fully known. It proved too much. After a week he took overdose swam out to sea. It was Blanche Blackwell, his father’s mistress, who called the helicopter that transported Caspar to a hospital in Kingston, saving his life.”

Then there is the ongoing problem with owning Celebrity Status and being Stalked.

In looking at the videos I made of Kim Hafner, she accuses me of using Christine’s biography to seduce – other female neighbors – as it was used to seduce her. Along with the claims I make in this blog, and using her as a model for Kimbo in my Columbo revival, she wanted to believe I wanted to have sex with her, marry her, and live happily ever after. To reinforce this sickening idea, she shared Christine’s biography with family and neighbors when I asked her not too. All of a sudden, it is not about US! This parasite inserted herself between my famous sister and I. Al of a sudden – she is somebody – the object of Rosamond’s bother’s insane desires. To attack anyone with so much sobriety, in order to destroy all attributes, is stalking. To employ Alley Valkyrie to vicariously help her, is stalking – and Gaslighting!

In my conversation with my niece, Shannon, she told me Stacey Pierrot consumed, and assumed Christine’s identity, after stabbing her in the back. Pierrot gave no accounting as ordered by the court, and went after my seventeen year old daughter, employing a ghost writer who promised this Stage Mother our daughter would be a star. Tom Snyder promised they would be in HIS STORY. He never met Christine – or I. Tom basked in all the attention he got. He got real close to our secrets, that he got to share with the world.

What I have been trying to do is get our Creative and Bohemian History under one roof, and One Brand, so we will not be picked off, and subjected to attacks on our core identities. We are all spiritual beings. What I have captured on video is a real attack by outside parasites, who render their targets, soulless and demonic, before they shred and demonize them. Attacks on ones spiritual being, leads to abuse of alcohol and drugs. Identity Crisis’s abound. At the check-out in all major stores, the commoners read fake stories of our made-up Identity Crises’.

The President of the United States was, and still is, the Ringmaster of Fakeness! His tweets, is yellow journalism. He employed his buddy who owns the National Enquirer, to  CAPTURE the testimony of beautiful women and models, who claim they were abused by this megalomaniac.

Putin and his Trolls PREYED upon our National Identity Crisis that includes millions of Evangelicals who have latched on to the Beautiful Jesus, in a sick political manner, where one gets to VOTE the Son of God – King of America and the World! Ugly nobodies are told they are better than Hollywood Fakes, writers, and artists, and the press. The list is growing. I’m sure good-looking and handsome people are ruled the most demonic, because it is said Satan was a good looking smooth-talker like Trump King of Celebrities!

Real Anti-Intellectualism has taken over the Republican Party founded by my kindred who had a Salon in San Francisco where came world famous writers. I have traced the English Renaissance to Thomas Wilson and Erasmus, who founded the Dutch Renaissance.  This is the Webb-Shakespeare line that came to America with the Puritans, and the Massetuchets Bay Colony. These are our Founding Fathers. I need a Grant and Helpers to put all my amazing discoveries under one umbrella of protection. They Getty Foundation would do well to bring me under such an umbrella, because I am being attacked by the Persona of Ignorance!

To see Barbara Broccoli broadcast the identity crisis the new Bond movie is undergoing, is sickening, because, she and a few want to come away with ‘A Cool Billon’  which should be the title of her Roulette Game. Line up Ten Sevens, and THEY win the jackpot. She and her company have come to control the Bond legacy. I had to submit my name as a writer of a Bond novel. The copyright is ambiguous. They don’t want to come after me because they would give me a soap box and a spotlight.

If they have looked at this blog, then they know I am an authentic Champion of the Arts! I am giving my dialogue away, for free, which fits with a real Bohemian philosophy. Plus, I want Victoria Bond to help defeat Putin’s Trolls. I want Victoria to shatter the poker hand Putin has been dealt, over and over. By whom, is the core of the Mueller Report. Several evangelical groups invited Putin to intercede.

I just did my final editing. Twenty minutes ago I saw this item in the news

“It’s not exactly news that CEO’s of large companies get paid quite well. Bob Iger, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Walt Disney Company gets paid more than most. In fact his total compensation in 2018 was around $65 million. One member of the Disney family finds that amount “insane.”

The rich getting to rich is destroying our Western Culture that knows it is on a Collison course with Poor Islam. They may never look at my script, because I can’t be trusted to keep my mouth shut, and keep making them more money! There is a formula for the big fish eating the little fish – that works! The problem is, writer-words that are squeezed thru the narrow opening of making money, are getting more and more dehumanized. The movie goer with the lowest I.Q. can read the Money Script, between the lines.

“I’ve seen this trick before.  It should get them a placement of the third grossing movie of the week. I feel privileged to contribute my $7:50 to the filthy rich moguls. But, there’s a cartoonish feel to the characters. It’s like they were gutted and filled with cream-puff pies. They have sold their soul to the devil, and there is no loyalty to self. The conformity they had to go trough to get a pay check, is leaving a mark on my precious viewing enjoyment. I mean, I’m actually here to watch a move!”

Trump is so much into this Money Trickery and Fakery that he is just realizing – he really is the President of the United States! For making him aware, our President is lashing out at everyone that comes near.  All our American traditions are evaporating with each tweet. Christians don’t go to church, they go to a polling place to vote everything that looks like the Democrats – out of existence! Putin, the billionaire, is – creaming his pants! The truth that Jesus was a poor prophet for the poor, is being deported with humble brown folks.

If Hitler came back, I see him taking off his hat and scratching his head.

“Huh! What the fuck is going on!”

I have done well to keep up with the changing ……………whatever! If Congress does manage to get Trump’s tax returns it’s going to look like this.

What all this Bond, talk, does not want to talk about, is, will Russia be Bond’s No.1 Enemy? There are millions at stake – already! Some producers fear Putin will hack their movie. I wonder if Putin money found its way to – my enemies! I attack Putin almost every day! When money is not at stake, and true art is funded properly, then Creative People are free to express themselves without worrying about retaliation. During both world wars, propaganda movies were made to help defeat our enemy. This was very affective. Why hasn’t our President launched a propaganda campaign against his buddy, Putin, who he wanted-wants to make money with. Bond loved to be seen in a Casino, playing cards! Trump owned Casinos that failed.

I told Cees Roozemond, Lara’s father that I am not after his daughter’s pretty face, but her beautiful soul and heart, because she is a poet. I did not add the name Roozemond is a form of Rosamond, which means ‘Rose of the World’. A cult arose from the visions of Daniil Andreyev. I believe I have been hacked by Russians who leave me alone because they want to read my ongoing hit of ‘The Rose of World’ that threatened to become the State religion.

Guilt is a chink in the armor, in which the good and the evil may pass. When you sit at a table and are dealt a hand of cards, you have agreed to be a winner, or, a loser. You can be both, if you fold a winning hand. Twice I played chess with an armed man who was threatening a friend. I made sure I gave him a good game, so much so, he did not notice I made an intentional blunder. It was a faked checkmate. This is why people become spies.

I suspect the Knights Templar got into chess when they negotiated with Islamic lovers of this game, for the release of hostages. The same reasoning applies……. give the Caliph a good game, lose, and, feeling good, he hands over the prisoner – for free! You are not taken prisoner. Everybody walks away – feeling good!

Liz Taylor’s uncle played poker with General Eisenhower and Montgomery during the war, and after. I suspect they played for the art the Nazi generals looted. When I saw our President pass the soccer ball Putin gave him, to his son, after he agreed to handover an American citizen Putin wanted to put on trial, I was aghast! I think Trump is afraid to play poker and chess, because his father gave him everything without even playing a game of Jacks, or, marbles, or, whatever! He hates to be a loser. Why he thought being President offered a sanctuary for people afraid of losing – IS THE QUESTION!

The only answer can be Trump aspired to be a Strong Man Mafia type like Putin, and he deduced, correctly, that half of our nation wanted a guy like Putin. The CHANCE to be a winner, by being on the winning side, is a chance worth taking for ten of millions of Christians, who are happy with the guarantee, brown people will be shut out, and hauled out of the Trump Tower of High Stakes Power!

Gambling for art booty is a great traditional thrill. To the victor goes the spoils. They threw dice for Jesus’ robe. You got to know something! Donald doesn’t know – shit! Human beings actually learn something when they lose. Duh! This is why our President is a Serial Liar. Putin, and befuddle Russian Intelligence are studying this behavior, not of Trump, but his million cult followers are happy he is fishing for just the right lie – that fools who?

I asked Cees if he would suggest to his daughter to read ‘The Art of Rhetoric’ by Thomas Wilson. You got to learn the rules – to something! People can sense you are knowledgeable – or not! Putin doesn’t even have to use Sense No.1, because he can smell a sucker a mile away! The Mueller Report is a failure because 100,000,000 million American hostages – were not released from captivity. No one was! Putin won every hand, every game. Mueller was terrified to add up the score, so he passed the chalk to Barr, who lost it – in public. Putin laughed his ass off!

Do you see how I used rhetoric in that last paragraph? Imagine me delivering this speech in public as I pace back and forth – with a piece of white chalk in my hand.

“Why the chalk?” my peers ask.

At the far end of the hall is a giant chalk board – that I do not need to get near to make my point.

“Our President, ladies and gentleman…………is worthless! Why bother wasting any chalk on that – BAFFOON!”  (a rhetorical question) I toss the chalk on the floor, and it breaks in half. Everyone gets it.

Several of the Elizabethan Actors were highly trained in law. Some of them were Spies for the Queen. Note me tweaking my mustache in the photo above. I have played the Fool to save lives!

“To be! Or not to be!”

“Are you in, or, are you out!”

Twice I had a gun put to my head. I heard the click of the trigger. I told one bad dude;

“Looks like you’re not the man for the job!”

John Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press

To pick up the gun. Or, not pick up the gun? That is the question!”

Actors and Artists need feedback. When I heard Lara utter the first word, with that sincere tone, I am sold. It is so quiet and soft. It takes you to her ground, her territory. This is above the idea of acting. It is utterly sincere. I attached my very deeps feelings to her voice. I went on her journey. I got a message on gun violence the likes I have never heard. Lara resigns herself to the power of gun violence. There is no pro or con argument. A gun is placed near her, and she is abused by it. This is a rape. Alas she runs away, but is not free of the power it still holds over and her fellow human beings.

I believe Lara could do a show where she puts music to her rhetorical and poetical quest to change the world. We don’t need to be entertained, or, educated. Why spend another penny on loud productions and fanfares. What do we need? Let’s get down to it. But, suddenly Lara is folding up the music sheets, and, she reaches over and turns off the light, not caring to arrive at reason and rhyme, when it appears, only she cares. Click! She’s done her part. Genius! I wish I could help stage this.

When the light is clicked off, the whole theatre goes dark. There is real fear. What is going to happen? What is going to be said. There is the sound of your heart beating, with nervous coughs. There’s not going to be a loud gunshot, is there? Then the audience gets it. Five hundred captive opinions in a dark silent place, that are afraid to be heard lest there be trouble.

Richard Burton’s performance, moves your feelings out of your prison. He employs a few tricks of the modern theatre. He does rip off James Dean’s method acting with the wrists to the face. The wrist is vulnerable. We can see the blood in our veins. Here too is a super honest resignation to our fate. We are prisoners of a grungy world that has no more visits from that other more promising place – after death. Hamlet has been up all night having rhetorical argument with his college educated buddies. There was a knife fight. Coming home, Hamlet needs tangible sympathy from a warm woman. Who knows his complaint by heart! She comforts him. They go to bed just as the cock crows thrice.

Been there! Done that!

Lara’s gun, is a transporter machine for bad actors who want something more real. It is not a toy. Acting is not a toy. If you shuffled in both performances, what would be the core message – in twenty words or less?

I am going to make a contest of this. What actor brings out more of your emotions, and, gets more of your sympathy?

Lara is involved in gun-play. She does pick up the skull of Yorick, and does have a giant tattoo of a black widow spider. She is playing with death. It does give her power.

I would not encourage Lara to become a Shakespearean actor until she reads my revelations about Erasmus. They she can open Pandora’s box to a new theatre Renaissance, that will invited Russian actors to take part. There is no Russian Rap. I suspect Lara is interested in Rap and wants to be seen as a modern.  I found Lara while looking to replace Rena Easton as my portrait of Fair Rosamond. I chose the image of her above for this portrait yet to begin. Lara’s gun-struggle is the theme of my movie that I now title ‘Black Widow’. I have written the greatest Death Scene ever written, that goes with this music, that has soul up the Yin-Yang!

Fratricide by a daughter. Unheard of. To kill, or not kill my father. That’s the question that puts Victoria on a lonely road – never traversed! She walks alone. Until……………?

To kill, is to forget. The attempt to forget, is to remember. Sometimes it is – to get to know your father for the first time, as my daughter was bid to do? Was want to do? After all this effort was spent, to live, as if she never had a father?

A shrine was made to the Lone Child…..The Shrine of No Need To Know. Then I am, there. My child picks up a guitar and sings to me. It was a pleasant audition. I’d rather she came at me with a gun, firing away, trying to kill me, so that at least I would have had, a fighting chance.

The last time I saw my father, Victor, he was going for his gun in his desk drawer. Before he could make it appear, I shouted;

“Grow up!”

He froze. It was a head-shot, a message that left the chamber……………………….so long ago.

“I heard you want to kill your father?” Miriam put to her new boss, a real zinger, then watched for her eyes to turn hot.

“I don’t think you have it in you!” Miriam added, then watched Victoria’s jaw muscles tighten as she tried to hide the fact she was gritting her teeth.

“Nope! You’re not a killer! That’s for sure!” Miriam delivered that line with a smirk.

“How do you know that? Victoria said defensively, and realized she was out of spittle and air. She suppressed her gulp.

“Because, if I was in your shoes, you would be dead right now!”

Victoria was afraid to make eye contact. She felt Miriam’s gaze fall on her paperweight that had her coat of arms, with her logo, on it.

“I bond with those who are about to die! Hey. I like this. Can I have it. I think this fits me, more than you.”

“Did you just call me a “bitch”? Lara said in a fit of controlled energy, and, was half out of her chair.

“Sit down – BITCH! You’re hallucinating! Don’t sweat it. With me around, you don’t have to kill anybody. Isn’t this why I got hired? I was just testing. Now I know you don’t have my back.”–Elizabeth-Taylor-Dwight-D-Eisenhowers-connections-to-the-Howard-Young-Medical-Center-382422051.html

The Rosemond Art Dynasty

Back in London, Caspar succumbed to drugs and severe depression. He passed away on October 2, 1975.

“Caspar tried to come to terms with life, for my sake, and then suddenly could not try any more” wrote Ann. “I shall miss him forever, until a year ago he was a marvelous companion and more recently one’s heart was anguished for there was no help one could give.”

Wednesday morning, The Hollywood Reporter published a story claiming that Putin had “been excised from two upcoming studio features” for fear of a retaliatory Russian hack. The biggest of the two features that The Hollywood Reporter alleged went to Putin-excising extremes was Red Sparrow, the anticipated adaptation of Jason Matthews’s spy thriller starring Jennifer Lawrence.

The details of her death have baffled many – but new light may have been shed on her state of mind by an investigation into the Rose of the World cult that she joined shortly before her death.

Details of the cult were revealed to the New York Daily News by journalist Peter Pomerantsev, who researched Korshunova’s case for an upcoming book.

In its pages, the Rose cult’s reputation for ‘dehumanizing’ treatment of its followers was spelled out in detail, including meetings characterized by shouting, confusion and emotional domination.

Pomerantsev, who joined the cult to experience it first-hand, said that while he was there its ‘coaches’ humiliated and blamed members for the wrongs in their lives – and even described Korshunova as a ‘typical victim’.


John and -The Gypsy Lore Society

Lyric Fantasy circa 1913-4 Augustus John OM 1878-1961 Bequeathed by Mrs Reine Pitman 1972

Lyric Fantasy circa 1913-4 Augustus John OM 1878-1961 Bequeathed by Mrs Reine Pitman 1972


Yesterday I discovered Augustus John was the inspiration for ‘The Horse’s Mouth’ which was Bill Arnold’s favorite movie. Bill was the love of Christine Rosamond Benton’s life, and it was her desire to marry him one day. Then he was killed by a train the night of my eighteenth birthday. Exactly how and why this gifted artist and writer left the planet, remains a mystery, as does Christine’s death. What we know for certain, is Bill, Christine, and myself, were gifted artists. When my sister took up art, I was her role model. She wanted us to paint together, and be famous together.

He is said to have been the model for the bohemian painter depicted in Joyce Cary‘s novel The Horse’s Mouth, which was later made into a 1958 film of the same name with Alec Guinness in the lead role.

The Liz and Getty Sobriety

John Paul Getty III with his mother at Rome’s Police Headquarters. Eldest of the four children of John Paul Getty, Jr. and Abigail Harris (L), and grandson of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty, he was kidnapped in Rome on 10 July 1973 and released on 15 December 1973, shortly after a ransom was paid by his grandfather, after his abductors had cut off one of his ear. (Photo by Vittoriano Rastelli/Corbis via Getty Images)

Ian Fleming – Talitha Getty – Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor

I love doing Family Trees. I am a genealogist of renown, for in tracing the source of the Rosamond name to Rougemont, I have proven the Knight Templars owned the Shroud of Turin. Jean de Rougemont, is the Queen Mother of most of the Royal Habsburgs you see in the large canvas in back of me.

Twenty minutes ago I found the image of a Blue Knight on a Black Horse. It is a Frisian Horse. This horse and rider is the coat of arms of the city of Leeks in the Netherlands. This is where the artist, Willem Jilts Pol was born. That is Willem with his wife Arnoldine Adriana “Adine” Mees  below the photo of Elizabeth Taylor,  her son, Christopher Wilding, who married Aileen Getty. Now, add the artist, Christine Rosamond Benton, to this group, and you have a Art Dynasty, and the Bond Dynasty, created by Ian Fleming, who had no idea what an amazing seed he planted! That is the actor and artist, Michael Wilding, doing the portrait of a Rose. I am in love with art, poetry, and, history. I suppose I am the family historian, that can be quite the orphan. Pol’s portraits look like Liz! Connections!

I am going to post more on the quest for a Female Bond, that describes her as a kick-ass lady. Why must she have this attribute? There are four people who qualify to be both Bond genders, and that is John Paul Getty, and his wife Talitha, born, Talitha Dina Pol, and, Liz Taylor, and Richard Burton. These two men, and these two women, knew everyone, and partied like there was no tomorrow. Ian Fleming wanted Burton to play James Bond. My kindred turned down the offer. Here is Richard with his wife as an event, smoking a cigarette. How much has he had to drink? The look in Liz’s eyes, is a tell. Has anybody ever counted the drinks James takes in his movies and books?

Owning thirty years of sobriety, my Bond does battle with alcohol – out of the gate! There is no greater tragedy then to see two people destroy themselves with alcohol and drugs – and each other. This was the case of John and Talitha. They did everything they could to save each other. Talitha, lost her quest. John got sober, and did many fine things in the world of art. He was knighted after he became a British subject. My sister, Christine drowned on her first sober birthday.

Before I found the Blue Knight, I found a wooden bridge to Lara’s house. I was looking at where she lives in comparison to Leeks. It’s a fairytale setting. Lara’s father is a renowned breeder of the Frisian Horse. If I insulted him, and Lara, I apologize.

When I saw the Blue Knight, I alas was able to accept the truth……..I have a huge crush on Lara Roozemond, and she knows it. She is my muse, and my model for Victoria Bond, whom I can not toss aside. The beautiful black horse, will go, where it will go. Without love, none of the people you see in this post, would exist. In saying this, I am a candidate for the New James Bond, the better lover. Did Ian Fleming have children? Yes! Did Ian name his son after Caspar John, the Sea Lord? That is his father with the writer, James Joyce.

In finding the Frisian horse, comes the answer to the quest-ion – Is Lara Roozemond our kin? Does she fit – with these? In God’s name will some bright young chap and being, go put a love letter in Lara’s mailbox! Show some courage! Write her a poem!

I responded to Lara’s poems and suggested she author an epic poem. I thought she responded to this suggestion – with another poem. I now believe I was ignored, because, there are other old men enamored by this beautiful poetess, probably because they understand she is the epitome of Western Culture that is based upon Courtly Love, and ‘The Unattainable Woman’ .

My fiancé’s kin was a major player in King Rene’s court. I have Victoria Bond seducing young equestrians – with a bandage. While in prison, Rene wrote and illustrated one our greatest books. It begins with a knight waking to find his heart is lying next to him. He has been wounded by Love. He is in need of a bandage. My Bond, is an epic poem. Only brave men can author a kick-ass poem!

If I come in as Bond, I will do all I can to destroy everyone in America who teaches, it is not a matter of what you know, but the color of your skin. Hitler’s sickness is on the rise in Europe. What he did to the Dutch People, is the unsung atrocity. He starved them to death – out of jealousy! It is not a matter of black lives matter, monsters came amongst the whites, always with the same lesson, that they do terrible things – for our own good!  It is a matter of cutting their lesson short, for they can’t wait to hurt every man, every woman, and every child who tread lightly upon the earth, looking for love.

Never again! Lara is  – The Hope of Tomorrow! This is why I am in love with her! Art, is hope! Lara is a work of art.

“I am Arion!”

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press


Aiming to make our life at ease, eventually destroying all the seas.

Technologies keep improving, fossil fuels keep polluting.

Our impact is too strong, the limits are gone.





Humans breathing the same polluted air, humans everywhere.

Kissing each other in the neck, shooting each other in the back.

Humans swimming in the same plastic oceans, humans full of emotions.

Striving for more, bigger and better, raising children into money go-getters.

We should all feel the fear for the dying atmosphere.

It’s selfishness we need to overcome, before we can all be one

We close our eyes and walk away so it’s not us who will the pay the price

Scared for the unknown, scared to be overthrown.






At that hour when all things have repose,
O lonely watcher of the skies,
Do you hear the night wind and the sighs
Of harps playing unto Love to unclose
The pale gates of sunrise?

When all things repose, do you alone
Awake to hear the sweet harps play
To Love before him on his way,
And the night wind answering in antiphon
Till night is overgone?

Play on, invisible harps, unto Love,
Whose way in heaven is aglow

Spouses and children

Getty donated over £140m to various artistic and cultural causes. The National Gallery alone received £50m from him. He was awarded a knighthood in the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in 1987, but as a foreign national he could not use the title “Sir”. In December 1997 he was granted British citizenship and immediately renounced his US nationality. The Queen reportedly commented: “Now you can use your title, that’s nice.


Francis Marion Taylor

Birthdate: (86)
Birthplace: California
Death: 1946 (86)
Immediate Family: Son of Peter Taylor and Margaret Jane Taylor
Husband of Elizabeth Mary Taylor
Father of John Taylor and Francis Lenn Taylor
Brother of John Lewis Taylor; Union T Taylor; George W Taylor; Albert Taylor; Benton Virgil Taylor and 4 others
Occupation: Art Dealer.
Managed by: Private User
Last Updated:


James Rosemond


circa 1730 (83)


circa 1813 (75-91)

Immediate Family:

Son of Unknown Rosemond
Husband of Nancy Cook
Father of Bennet Rosamond; James Rossman; Phillip Rosemond; Edward Rosemond; William Rosemond and 10 others

Frank Wesley “Royal” Rosamond

Birthdate: (71)
Birthplace: Missouri
Death: circa November 26, 1953 (67-75)
Prob Oklahoma
Place of Burial: Sunny Lane Sec. 13, lot S13-RN-7, Del City, Oklahoma
Immediate Family: Son of William Thomas Rosamond and Ida Rose
Husband of Mary Magdalene Weineke
Father of Private; Private; Private and Private
Half brother of Private and Private

It would be nice to write about Aileen Getty without identifying her first as an heiress, as the granddaughter of the late oil baron J. Paul Getty, as the sister of Paul, who lost an ear to Italian gangsters at 16 and his lucidity to a stroke at 25. Aileen would probably appreciate a description of herself so separate from her legacy, distanced as she seems from it, damaged as she has been by the side effects of privilege. But such an independent identity will never be hers to enjoy, in her lifetime or after, so let’s get it over with: Aileen Getty is the 36-year-old daughter of Jean Paul Getty, Jr. by his first wife, Gail; she should be partial heir to her family’s $750 million share of the J. Paul Getty fortune. Which only means that when Aileen has a showing of her art at a gallery, the critics get more pissed off than usual if they don’t like the art

Talitha Dina Pol was born in Java, then part of the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia), daughter of the artists Willem Jilts Pol (nl) (1905–88) and Arnoldine Adriana “Adine” Mees (1908–1948).[1]

Her father subsequently married Poppet John (1912–97), daughter of the painter Augustus John (1878–1961), a pivotal figure in the world of Bohemian culture and fashion. She was thus the step-granddaughter of both Augustus John and his muse and second wife, Dorothy “Dorelia” McNeil (1881–1969), who was a fashion icon in the early years of the 20th century. By Ian Fleming‘s widowed mother, Evelyn Ste Croix Fleming née Rose, Augustus John had a daughter and Talitha’s aunt, Amaryllis Fleming (1925–1999), who became a noted cellist.  

Descendants of Willem Jilts Pol

Click for photo in separate window Click for photo in separate window
1 Talitha Dina Pol
2 Elizabeth Anne (Poppet) John (1912-1997)

1 Willem Jilts Pol (img. 1) was born on Sunday 26 March 1905 in Leek (Gr). Willem died on Monday 15 August 1988 in Ramatuelle, Frankrijk, aged 83.

(1) At the age of 26, Willem married Arnoldine Adriana Mees, aged 23, on Tuesday 15 December 1931 in Wassenaar (Zh). Arnoldine was born on Friday 13 March 1908 in Rotterdam (Zh), daughter of Willem Cornelis Mees and Arnoldine Johanna Elizabeth Berg. Arnoldine died on Sunday 11 July 1948 in Den Haag (Zh), aged 40 (cause: als gevolg van de ontberingen in de jappenkampen.).

Tekenares, illustratrice, grafisch ontwerpster, grafica. (
(2) At the age of 46 or 47, Willem married Elizabeth Anne (Poppet) John (img. 2), aged 39 or 40, in 1952. Poppet was born on Saturday 9 March 1912 in Alderney, Dorset, Verenigd Koninkrijk, daughter of Augustus Edwin John and Dorothy John. Poppet died on Wednesday 22 October 1997 in Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk, aged 85.

Child of Willem and Arnoldine:

1 Talitha Dina Pol, born on Friday 18 October 1940 in Modjokerto, Oost-Java, Indonesië. Follow 2.
Click for photo in separate window Click for photo in separate window
3 talitha-getty-pol
4 Talitha Dina Getty-Pol (1940-1971)

2 Talitha Dina Pol (img. 3 and 4) was born on Friday 18 October 1940 in Modjokerto, Oost-Java, Indonesië, daughter of Willem Jilts Pol (see 1) and Arnoldine Adriana Mees. Talitha died on Wednesday 14 July 1971 in Rome, Italië, aged 30.

Actrice. – Actress. (

At the age of 26, Talitha married Eugene Paul Getty, aged 34, on Saturday 10 December 1966 in Londen, Verenigd Koninkrijk. Eugene was born on Wednesday 7 September 1932. Eugene died on Thursday 17 April 2003 in Verenigd Koninkrijk, aged 70.

Notitie naam: Note of namegiving:
At birth he was given the name Eugene Paul Getty, but in later life he adopted other names,
including Paul Getty, John Paul Getty, Jean Paul Getty, Jr. and John Paul Getty II.
Bij de geboorte kreeg hij de naam Eugene Paul Getty, maar op latere leeftijd hij andere namen aangenomen, waaronder Paul Getty, John Paul Getty, Jean Paul Getty, Jr en John Paul Getty II.

Child of Talitha and Eugene:

1 Tara Gabriel Gramophone Galaxy Getty, born in July 1968 in Rome, Italië. Follow 3.

3 Tara Gabriel Gramophone Galaxy Getty was born in July 1968 in Rome, Italië, son of Eugene Paul Getty and Talitha Dina Pol (see 2).

Notitie naam: Note of namegiving:
Tara Gabriel Getty became a noted ecological conservationist in Africa,
dropped his third and fourth forenames, and took Irish citizenship in 1999.
He and his wife Jessica (a chalet maid he met in Verbier) had three children, including a daughter named Talitha.Tara Gabriel Getty werd een bekende ecologische natuurbeschermer in Afrika, liet zijn derde en vierde voornamen verwijderen en nam Ierse
burgerschap in 1999.
Hij en zijn vrouw Jessica (een chalet medewerkster die hij in Verbier, Zwitserland had ontmoet) hebben drie kinderen, waaronder een dochter genaamd Talitha.

Tara married Jessica N.N..


 Spouses and children



On ‘s side Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, born 27 February 1932 – Hampstead, London, England, Deceased 23 March 2011 – Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA age at death: 79 years old
  • with Michael Todd, born 22 June 1909 – Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MN, Deceased 23 March 1958 – Grants, Cibola Co., NM age at death: 48 years old , buried – Beth Aaron Cem., Chicago, IL
  • with Richard Burton, born 10 November 1925 – Pontrhydyfen, Wales, Deceased 5 August 1985 – Céligny, Geneva, Switzerland age at death: 59 years old

 Maternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

  • Born in 1905

  • Deceased in 1988 , age at death: 83 years old

  • Painter

 Spouses, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren



Tara Gabriel Getty


 Spouses and children


On ‘s side Jean Paul Getty, Sir , born 7 September 1932, Deceased 17 April 2003 – London, Middlesex, England age at death: 70 years old

 Paternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

married (1951)
Augustus Edwin John


  • Born 4 January 1878 – Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • Deceased 31 October 1961 – Hampshire, England , age at death: 83 years old
1 file available



 Spouses and children



4 January 1878 : Birth – Pembrokeshire, Wales
Sources: Dowling Family Tree – Tim Dowling – rootsweb, 2001-2015 – – electronic – I130562
— : Pic – Augustus John
— : Occupation – Artist
1900 : Marriage (with Ida Nettleship)
between 1917 and 1925 : Marriage (with Evelyn Beatrice Sainte Croix Rose)
31 October 1961 : Death – Hampshire, England
Sources: Dowling Family Tree – Tim Dowling – rootsweb, 2001-2015 – – electronic – I130562
  • Born in 1925
  • Deceased 27 July 1999 , age at death: 74 years old



On ‘s side Augustus Edwin John, Major , born 4 January 1878 – Pembrokeshire, Wales, Deceased 31 October 1961 – Hampshire, England age at death: 83 years old On ‘s side Evelyn Beatrice Sainte Croix Rose, born in 1885 – London, Middlesex, England, Deceased 27 July 1964 – Sussex, England age at death: 79 years old

 Paternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

married 1(1900)
2 children , married 2
2 children , married 3(1917..1925)
1 child

 Maternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

Ian Lancaster Fleming


  • Born 23 May 1908 – Mayfair, London, England
  • Deceased 12 August 1964 – Canterbury, Kent, England , age at death: 56 years old
1 file available



 Spouses and children



On ‘s side Evelyn Beatrice Sainte Croix Rose, born in 1885 – London, Middlesex, England, Deceased 27 July 1964 – Sussex, England age at death: 79 years old

 Paternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

married (1906)
3 children

 Maternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

James Rosemond


circa 1730 (83)


circa 1813 (75-91)

Immediate Family:

Son of Unknown Rosemond
Husband of Nancy Cook
Father of Bennet Rosamond; James Rossman; Phillip Rosemond; Edward Rosemond; William Rosemond and 10 others


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