My Friends At McKenzie Meadows


Here are my friends and neighbors I bonded with at McKenzie Meadows. Every Wednesday we met in the rec room and played poker. Sandy, Doren and I have been talking about restarting this tradition that lasted for years, until three of us died. Cliff was the first to go. He had lived here forever. Then we lost Lou. His daughter was one of our managers. She and Teresa would make us food in a crock pot, and we brought snacks. Owen died, and left his dog, Nacho, to Alberta. Owen’s daughter manages an appartment complex on Harlow where Alberta lived for awhile till she moved again.  Alberta is a devout Christian who ran a farm for convicts. She is quite a character. She drove a white Jaguar with her white hat on. We would go for bisquits and gravy. There were two Sandys at the game. They and I went to Crater Lake via the Senior Center.

Jason-Will and his two sons lived here for about five years. He was a devout Christian and I went to a meeting of his in the rec room, where I talked to ex-cons who found Jesus, about being a Nazarite. I took Jason to Kenny Reed’s Jazz and Poetry Jam where he read. Marilyn Reed is my childhood sweetheart who sang with the Inspirational Gospel Sounds Choir Choir since 1985. I filmed a lot of their events at churches, and the Hult Center show. I spent a lot of time in church – because of her!

Then, Sandra died. This hit me pretty hard. She had leukemia and it took two years for her to waste away. I took her shopping and called her every evening. I had found my friend Hollis dead shortly after. He amd our two austistic friend came over every Sunday for spaghetti dinner and a movie. Hollis had been homeless for ten years. I worked with HUD-VASH to get him a home.

I captured Sandra on video being concerned about Alberta’s caregiver and the snow. Sandra was our mother hen. She kept tabs on us all to make sure we were O.K. She grew up in a Orphanage in Oakland. She was my neighbor – there. I used to walk past the orphanage when I was a kid, and sit on a hill looking down on them. I was trying to heal them according to a psychic I saw in 1987.

We did manage to have one Fourth of July meal. I wish we had more. Being a recluse, who writes ten hours a day, and publishes a blog-newspaper, I was surprised at how many friends I had at McKenzie Meadows. I had been here before. I helped move a woman’s belongings out of storage. She was a Christian friend of Jeanie, a Christian author who still lives here. Another Christian friend stored his things in one of the garages. This connects to another group of friends, and the Gall family. I did not seek Christian friends, only. They were the most friendly, and will to be part of a community.

The reason I moved here was to get away from – this guy! Kevin lived in the appartment next to me in Eugene. He began to flip out. He unscrewed all the bulbs in our hallway in order to keep the building cooler. His explanation why this kept us both cooler was from another planet. This was – The Green Way! I told him I need to see in the dark. Then there were his screams at the top of his lungs. He was fighting his demons – I assumed. Green bio gradable monsters – gone amuck?

When SLEEPS advocate, Belle Burch, told me her lover was named Ambrose, I did a google search, and found Kevin and Ambrose together. Kevin was/is King of the Eugene Anarchists who hid from 60 Minutes when they came to town to film – long ago. Kevin was a friend of Bennett and Amily who I had a crush on. We co-authored a poem. I lived in a quad across the street from Serenity Lane were I got sober, thirty-two years ago. Half the homeless street punks that hung on 13th. crashed in Benett’s tiny room. I counseled some of them. They invited me to a Rave in an old warehouse. Three of my friends in AA drove me there. One said they should drop me off at the Buckley House close by because I was heading for a relapse. I think a Newsman was born that night! I aske about the philosophy.

I got upset with Belle for not telling me who her friends are. We live in a Small Town where everyone knows each other, and is connected to one another. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We got to share the same space, the same spirit, the same unity, and our different ideas of what deity is going to de us – all good! We want to do good things for our neighbors – most of us!

I came to McKenzie Meadows to – get away! I wanted to hide, and never open my door. I never expected I would make such good friends. I had the greatest pets in the world, here. I miss Brembe (Colt) and Gravy (Clark). They loved it here. They had friends galore! Once they got out from under the ownership of one person, and saw what a gold mine of good vibes they lived in, they wanted to be with all their friends. They were like teenage boys.

Then there is Marilyn and her family and friends! I am blessed! I love all these people I mention, including Kevin, Belle, and Alley Valkyrie, because, they are/were my neighbors. When I saw all Belle’s interesting friends, and realized she was not going to introduce me to them – least let me know WHAT they are – I was deeply hurt. For what is the top commandment of Jesus? That’s Kevin in the green shirt. He lives a double life, a covert life, as did his friends in this photograph. Then, one of their friends threatened to hurt me, destroy me, besmirch my name. They lost their cloak of invisibility because they attacked my newspaper – and Freedom of the Press!

Jesus did not make invisible friends, and secret alliances that pit this one against that one.  Why don’t those who claim he did – knock it off! Stop hiding your light under a bushel! The President and his Christian supporters are trying the just love your Christian neighbor cure! I know – that man-made plan isn’t working! Can I get a witness?

Let us remember our friends who are gone with the musical refrain, played by my dear friend, Niesha, who has been like a daughter to me. We came here with the best intentions, and we leave here knowing our best bonds, were the ones we made with our neighbors.

“Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

My most memorable scene at McKenzie, was when I pulled in and saw Terrell and Sarah embracing, then kissing the middle of the drive. I stopped my car to take in their movie, their happy ending. There was a beautiful sunset in back of them. They had the right message, the only way, to the truth and the light! They would soon marry. I still wish them the best! I love my ex-neighbors!

John ‘The Nazarite’ and ‘Presidential Candidate’

“I got it! I got the right message!”

Go Ducks!

Matthew 22:36-40 King James Version (KJV)

36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

38 This is the first and great commandment.

39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Terrell and Sarah

Here is Sandy

Here is

Here is the choir


Here is Steve and Shaea



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    Here is the life I had where I live now. Then, The Demonizors went on the attack. Our quality of life was dragged down into their pit of paranoia.

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