Lara Roozemond Is Still My Bond

My Answer Poem to Lara’s latest poem, hit the spot, and has gotten me back on track in creating my Female Bond, and finishing my script. I have been looking at a lot of women, but, they don’t cut it. Victoria Bond is a whole new detective-spy who is tailor-made for a self-absorbed world. The modern woman is out of the old molds and into a unsure identity, it not sure anymore – if ones needs an identity! What are they good for?

“To be, or not, to be!”

There is no escaping the new clichés that take us nowhere. The idea that none of us really exist, occupies our thoughts in untried ways. Existence is a series of empty poses that may not get anyone’s attention. Gone are the spying days of fleshy big busted babes, and men with clever cocktail boners. Victoria Bond posts a pic of herself with crossed-eyes, and gets 16 likes. What does it all mean? What is the enemy up to? Who knows? Who cares! What is – ENEMY?

For some reason a part-time model who writes poetry has her finger on the pulse of the notion spies should be protecting a Culture of some kind. Victoria gets a glimpse it is a transient culture. It is – fleeting! Too fleeting! Everything is fleeting! So what?

Ms. Bond is born with a lot of class, how much, she learns when she finds her long lost father. She is appalled he is a Big Time Winner with the Midus touch. She feels dwarfed by him. He is Really Somebody! He ruins her life – overnight! She went and got a big tattoo of a Black Widow Spider on her shoulder. Why? At her favorite Chinese restaurant, her prospective boyfriend (who is majoring in psychology) tells her – women who wear such a spider – want to kill their fathers!

Bond took a dainty sip of tea – and spit it on to the face of her sutor! Lucky the waiter knew Kung-fu because Victoria jumped the table and was clawing at the young man’s face. Subdued, Bond took in her new inner-self that came out. She didn’t know if she had one. She can not say if she had given up hope. Being analytical, she deduced she was psychotic, and – she did want to kill her father! Now what? Should she confide in him? In the last six months they created a loving bond. But, something was missing. Victoria didn’t have a clue what love is. Nor did her father. He posted pics of himself with a lot of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs. When she failed to give him xs back. He gave her some vibes on her I-Phone.

“Hellow sweetheart. Is anything wrong?”

“No Daddy. I just haven’t been on facebook in a while! Lara lied. She never had to lie before. This is why she wanted him out of her life – completely!

On the way out the door, a dapper gentleman hands Lara a card.

“Call me.”

Victoria got in her Jaguar and headed for the club on the wharf that still played disco. Bond, always danced alone, in a trance. But, tonight was different. Everyone who saw Lara dance, knew she was a psycho of some kind. Now, Bond knew. For six minutes, no one got on the floor. They watched, in awe. Here was a Deadly Force.

The next day, Victoria bought three all black, leather outfits. When she spotted the pin of a red hourglass in the display case, she could not move for two minutes. It was like being – reborn when she took her first step towards it, her moniker, her coat of arms, her motto:

“I only bond with those about to die”

Victoria Bond had been reborn. She was reinventing, and giving new life to Existentialism, which is just what is needed to fight………….The Enemy.

I am scrapping the title ‘The Royal Janitor’ and adopting a new title…….Black Widow!

Hit it maestro!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

As I’ve written before for this very site, I do not care about James Bond or the exhausting speculation as to whether he will someday not be a white man. However it’s come to my attention that someone I actually do care about, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, has been hired to make James Bond interesting.

The Guardian reports that Daniel Craig reportedly requested Phoebe Waller-Bridge to help punch up the script for his new James Bond movie. Craig and Rachel Weisz are reportedly fans of Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag and Killing Eve, to which I say: Get in line!

Waller-Bridge will reportedly add more humor to the new Bond film, known as Bond 25, which sounds like a great idea. This hiring also makes her only the second woman writer to work on the Bond franchise, the first being Johanna Harwood, who worked on Dr. No and From Russia With Love in the 1960s.

The question now is: can Waller-Bridge come over and punch up my life? Just, add a few notes here and there, or some cutting little quips I can yell to my loved ones?

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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