Bragging On Your Kin

My artist friend told me she just had her DNA tested by Tens of millions of folks have had, and will get, a DNA test so they can see if they have kin THEY CAN BRAG ON! Millions of people want to say they are related to a famous person – or two!

When I met Sue Haffner, she bragged on being related to Jack Webb. She had a scrap book. We looked in her High School year book. I offered to investigate her family tree, because I am good at this. When I discovered my late brother-in-law went to the same High School as Kim’s parents. I had talked to Sue on the phone, before this discovery. She did not pick up, this time. So, I left a message telling her about this connection. I suspect she owns a copy of Snyder’s book and may have contacted Stacey. How about my daughter? Did Sue take my family history to her minister?

After two days with no call back, I called up Kim and asked for Christine’s biography back. I suspected Sue had read it, and, she may have sided with Garth, who along with others depicts my late sister a very mentally ill. Garth, with Snyder and Stacey’s help, depict Garth and very sane and reasonable? Why is that? they had Shannon arrested! They needed nine year old Drew to wrest Christine’s estate away from Shannon.

Sue Hafner had clocks all over the wall of her home. It was like a shrine. Kim described her mother a very devout Goody-Two-Shoes, and thus would not want to be associated with Ken Kesey, or anyone who took LSD. Sue was aching to brag on Garth Benton to her friends at the church. Then Sue read my blog and my anti-Evangelical rants. I had to go. I had to be cut out of my own family tree. I had to be shut up. Maybe I will kill myself like I suspect my other famous relative did?

When Kim said; “Can I help you?” then as a reporter for my newspaper I get to pursue my story, that asks what is Kim and her families problem. Why are they talking to my neighbor trying to besmirch my character. I told Kim I am going to make a report to the FBI because she transferred Alley Valkyries “threat” over to her self. I talke twice to an FBI agent in 2014.  As incredible as this sounds, the Haffners picked a huge fight with me, because they want to BRAG ON GARTH, and not my late sister and I. These are…..

DNA NAZIS! Who are guilty of stalking me!

Here is an article about creative people and mental illness. Below is a list of the famous people MY brother-in-law did murals for, he spending a lot of time in the homes of the rich and famous! The Hafners ae trying to stop me from feeling proud of my relative who I share DNA with. They do not share DNA with any famous person, but one, Jack Webb. But, that has not been proven. Has any Hafner taken a DNA test? Are they content to be “psycho parasites”

Above is one of Garth’s clients, Prince Faisal.  I think Garth was on LSD when he did ‘Hung Jury’. I hope I haven’t disillusioned Springfield’s ‘Queen of the Goody-Two-Shoes’. Garth did take LSD.

Last night I told Kim she will appear in my novel as The New Nurse Ratched. She will be a somebody, someday. Will Sue Haffner disown her daughter? Who gives a flying fuck!

Best wishes to my niece Drew Benton who needs to take a DNA test. I hope you and Shannon will get a grant and locate and photograph all your father’s murals and put them in a book.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Representative Client Comments:
“Benton’s work is breathtaking.” “In addition to being one of most talented artists of his time, he is a wonderful person—soulful and real.” “I am glad to know that this kind of skilled artist still exists.” “Garth transports you to another time with his art.”

“To Garth with appreciation of your wonderful assistance and with warmest, best wishes.”
– Betty and Gerald Ford

“What a joy to have your murals!”
– Bob and Dolores Hope

“Your work is truly fine, and you go above and beyond the call of duty. So when you present your final bill to me, make it for whatever you like…within reason, of course.”
– Barbra Streisand

“To master artist Garth Benton, and his two talented daughters, and with gratitude for your beautiful additon to our new home.”
– Rhonda “Mann” Flemming

(Partial List)
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hope
Pres. and Mrs. Gerald Ford
Ms. Barbra Streisand
Mr. Sidney Sheldon
HRH Prince Saud Al Faisal
Ms. Carol Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wolper
Ms. Jaclyn Smith
The J.Paul Getty Museum
M.H. De Young Memorial Museum
Mr. Danny Kaye
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Singleton
Mr. And Mrs. Mickey Rudin
Mr. Dean Martin
Mr. Hugh Hefner
Fluor Corporation
Ralph M. Parsons Company
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Firestone
The Beverly Hilton Hotel
Squaw Valley Inn
Mr. Richard Cohen
Lily and Richard Zanuck
Mr. and Mrs. George Doheny
Princess of Iran
Ms. Polly Bergen
Mrs. Walt Disney
Ms. Pamela Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Spelling
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Douglas
Mr. Jerry Magnin
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Resnick
Ms. Danielle Steel
Mr. David Nutt, Esq.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I sent Sue Haffner and email that shows my name to be John Ambrose. Did she get on the internet? Did she find Alley Valkyrie’s fake Eugene Abuser report that says the content of my blog are PROOF of how carzy and danderous I am. In the video Kim says she read this in the Eugene Weekly. WRONG!

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