The Great Erasmus

Six days ago I made an amazing discovery that will change Western Culture and the way we see Shakespeare. The fire at Notre Dame reminds me of Bosch’s panels. Has it occurred to anyone Paris was invaded from – The Underworld? Sometimes I wonder if I am the Arch Angel Michael.

My ancestor, Gottschalk Rosemond, defended the Great Erasmus from the Spanish Inquisition. My kindred, Thomas Wilson, went to Holland as a spy. John Wilson is his grandson. His father, William Wilson, is interred at Saint Georges Chapel. My DNA is found under the floor about ten feet from where William and Harry Windor stand in ther wedding video, I come from a historic and religious heritage that need to be protected. I am the Wilson family historian.

What my moron-distractors can no grasp, is I am authoring several Historic-Fictions, and will go into fantasy dialogue now an then. I also go into a poetic mood. This is an exercise for my own amusement, and will soon publish a few of my books. Nathanial Hawthorne wrote Historic-Fiction. I have been on a genealogical quest for twenty years. I work ten hours a day. I cross paths with people who have an amazing muse. They overpower me at times. Writing is not easy. I love to write! I have graduated from the She-Devil boot camp. I could write in a trench during a battle. If Armageddon comes, I will be the only writer with my head up taking it all in.

I cover the waterfront.

John Presco

Bosch’s Disciple

A time portal has opened. The Greek facade on the old grounds of the Bohemian Barrel Company, is a Gate to the Future. John Koster was a member of the Bohemian Club. Did he have this facade made, or, was it salvaged from the earthquake?

John Presco
Copyright 2019

Rosamond Press

How easy my life would be if I claimed I was a Born Again Christian, and say;

“Let’s go to the mall and count the Demonic Baby Killers!”

Not only was my ancestor a good friend of a Pope, he was a friend of the Great Erasmus – whom he defended! Pope Adrien’s papal papers were probably thrown out in the trash by the Medici, along with Gottschalk’s papers? They were at the cusp of the Reformation and, and the center of Dutch Renaissance. Note the wallpaper behind Erasmus, that is like the work of Kehinde Wily, that took me to the very feet of Erasmus and his Habsburg backer – unknowingly!

Members of the Rosemont family were interred in the Minderbroedersklooster that was founded by the Franciscan Monks. Above are my Wieneke kindred who were members of the Order of Saint Francis. This is the real Rose Line. I was…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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