“Why don’t you design altars?”

A Rose Among The Woodwose

Last night I had the most beautiful conversation with Marilyn. She had sent me a picture of the Rosary Chapel. After I was not allowed to see my first flame, under threat of arrest, she allowed Jeff Pasternak to take her on a freighter, to Paris, where she studied clothes design. I asked her the name of the wooden doll fashion designers use. She told me, but I forgot again. I said

“The drawing is the wood doll upon which the blue robe is draped upon. The color that filled the outline of the priest, has been removed and is, coming, or going out the window. This is pure genius. It shows ‘Holy Space’ it it’s purest form.  The altar is powerful in it’s simplicity. It grounds the airiness of the holy spirit and reassures the people in the pews they are at a church about to learn something meaningful. One chair awaits the return of the teacher. The lesson is…………in session.”

Marilyn then gave me a long lesson on Maltese.

“I am impressed on how much you know about art. You know more than me. I remember walking into your bedroom, for the first time, and seeing your altar. There was white lace laid atop your dresser. There was a small blue Chinese urn that contained your joint we never smoked. There was a orange crate next to your bed with book inside. You had to part more white lace to see the books. You had a copy of Gohil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’. There were two Renoirs on your wall. One had a young woman walking in a field of red poppies. I felt like I had hit pay dirt. I found my Bohemian Parisian Lover – in this lifetime.”

At this time, I do not know if Marilyn hid the Forbidden Book between her mattresses. How clever is this – not! She may not have owned it yet. I will have to ask her. But, her mother being a Religious Addict, she would have found it long before she did. I questioned Marilyn if the finding of the book was the reason Marie made me go to three Billy Graham meetings. I had to be the one who gave it to my love – to read. I had not read it yet. After the tears in the Rose Garden, I bought my own copy. Marilyn found her copy on a rack at Rexall Drug store. The cover caught her eye.

I read it when I was in much pain. I was on the sofa in the backyard. I could not put it down no matter how much it hurt. All of a sudden I felt warm fluid covering my chest. I reached down, then looked at my – bloody hand, I jumped up and looked at the pool of blood I was lying in, and watched it fade away.

I had done a large painting of Jesus coming across the desert. There was a black sun. You could not see his eyes, but, felt A gaze. Marilyn borrowed it, and put it at the foot of her bed. I am going to replicate this painting and give it to her.

For fifty days I was allowed to look at Rena. She looked just like Jesus’ daughter. I found a image of her that shows how tough she was. She is an Aries. So is Marilyn. Somuch beautiful fire – consumed me!

Many people are talking about rebuilding Norte Dame. Marilyn and I began working on the altar – seven hours before the fire begun!

They saved the Crown of Thorns.

The Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence (Chapel of the Rosary), often referred to as the Matisse Chapel or the Vence Chapel, is a small Catholic chapel located in the town of Vence on the French Riviera. It was dedicated to the Dominican Order.[1] The church was built and decorated between 1949 and 1951 under a plan devised by Henri Matisse.[2] It houses a number of Matisse originals and was regarded by Matisse himself as his “masterpiece”. While the simple white exterior has drawn mixed reviews from casual observers, some regard it as one of the great religious structures of the 20th century.



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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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