Range Wars and Nazi Sympathisers

I and my newspaper are right on target.

Rosamond Press

Being an American Nazi sympathizer and racist is THE TOPIC these days! I have longed suspected Christian Nazis in Bozeman Montana turned Rena against me. I had a dream, that is now linked with the dreams of Siener van Rensburg.

Trump ‘The Nightmare’ is down South waving around a rope and a lynching hoping to save a Republican seat. Get out! Get out of the Republican party founded by my kindred as an Abolitionist party and movement.

Seer Jon


My Muses Gone Hog Wild

With Pussy Grabber’s attack on the Me Took movement in Montana, I am set free of the false charges Rena Easton filed against me. I ‘Dreamer Jon’ used Rena to see into the future that he warned was coming. We were destined to meet. We are a work of art.

Jon Presco






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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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