Build Third Temple – Now

Thanks to King Bobo ‘King of Jews’ it looks like Bubba Bennie ‘ King of Rednecks’ is going to win the Israeli election. This will mean more severe cuts in our social safety net that was championed by Kim Hafner and Alley Valkyrie. They fed the hungry homeless and called me insane because I claimed only a Nazarite could build the third temple. Much of what I say of a religious nature is in anticipation of the Christian-right fulfilling the End Time prophecy of Tim LaHaye with the help of certain Jews, who will stay in power.

I think I am too busy to fulfil my duties as President or Mayor, so I am going to run for the City Council of Springfield on a promise to build the Third Temple. This is all I need say to win a seat. No Evangelical cares if I am titled “mad”. Indeed, it will put over the top!

“I am a Republican who wants to see the Third Temple built in Jerusalem!”

Seer John

Moshe Feiglin leads the Zehut—or “Identity”—party. The ultra-nationalist libertarian group holds many extreme views. Among them, that Israel should annex all Palestinian territories in the West Bank, enourage all Palestinians to leave Israel and the West Bank, reimpose Israeli military control in the Gaza Strip, build a third Jewish temple on the disputed Temple Mount and limit the authority of the Supreme Court and attorney general.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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