Alan Pierrot – Artist

Vicki Presco was named First Executor by Christine Rosamond Presco, but, refused to serve.

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My aunt Lillian said Stacey was an Heiress. I can tell when she and Rosemary are using half-truths to conceal THE TRUTH. They were raised Catholics. Therefore, I looked at Stacey’s father! Is he Mr. Moneybags? He own a famous Nip&Tuck hospitial in the Central Valley. Did he send his buddies and patients to stay at the Lighthouse Lodge? Did he hand out a coupon? Perhaps Alan was looking for a good tax loophole, and heard a great one had been Christine’s partner in the first Rosamond Gallery? Chazen was Gordon Getty’s tax loophole finder. How well did Alan know Jacci? Did she spend the night when Stacey threw a pajama party? Did they create a bond?

That girls a whip!

In Snyder’s book, Stacey says she got back from visiting her parents the day Christine drowned. Will Alan say this is true – in a court of law?


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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