The Great Republican Hoax

What many Democrats do not understand, is, Republicans promise to do nothing but maintain the status quo. Whatever goes wrong, white people will come out on top. This is why President BoBo has created a village soccer village viciousness where nothing matters but the fistfight before and after the football games. BoBo never played football, or a sport, yet it’s all about his team beating the other team, no matter what. This is perfectly clear in BoBo’s attempt to DEFEAT Obamacare, as last, with no replacement in sight. There is no need to offer environmental solutions, because the problem is not real.

Here is a very good article that showed me there is a Doomsday Clock inside the Bobo Village Totem, being, BoBo is going to eliminate the Enemy Team, and thus, what need of the Village Totem, and the BoBo Cheerleaders? What need of……………..BoBo?

The game……………dies! The ratings go down. No one shows up at the rallies. BoBo becomes boring.


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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