Blondeel and the Beligiam 5th. SAS

I have a candidate for Ian Fleming’s James Bond. Eddy Blondeel exceeds all qualifications, and performed miracles in bringing woe to the Nazis. He trained the Belgium Secret Air Services at Loudoun castle. I suspect Fleming could not mention Blondeel (Bondeel) because the Belgium 5th. continued operating after the war.

John Presco

Lieutenant-Colonel Dr. (Dent.) Edouard “Eddy” Blondeel DSO (25 January 1906 – 23 May 2000) was the wartime commander of the Belgian 5th SAS. After the war he was first C.O. of the 1st Regiment of Parachutists. He retired from the army in 1947 to work as an engineer with Wiggins Teape.[1]


During World War II, the grounds just to the south of the castle, a tree lined avenue, were used to house a small military camp which contained about 20 Nissen huts, reportedly used for training by the SAS (Special Air Service).

regiment of the British Army

The Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces unit of the British Army. The SAS was founded in 1941 as a regiment, and later reconstituted as a corps in 1950. The unit undertakes a number of roles including covert reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, direct action and hostage rescue. Much of the information and actions regarding the SAS is highly classified, and is not commented on by the British government or the Ministry of Defence due to the sensitivity of their operations.

Another nice little piece 1994 the Belgian S.A.S. veteran Paratroopers, who trained at Loudoun Castle in 1944, gifted a sum of money with the proviso that a plaque be displayed on the wall of Loudoun Kirk bearing the words “In memory of all members of the Belgian Special Air Service Regiment who under the command of Colonel E. Blondeel, D.S.O. were stationed at Loudoun Castle during 1944 and who wish to express their gratitude for the hospitality and friendship extended to them by the Loudoun Family and the people of Scotland. November 27th, 1994”.

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