False Certificates of Self-Righteousness

Here is a sane article on how the Puritans sought Religious Permission to break from the Church of England and Self-govern their communities in the New World. This is the permission almost all evangelical leaders and ministers tell their flock THEY OWN, and thus they are obligated to ENFORCE the will of God-Jesus in this Democracy, with no respect to a two party system. My Puritan ancestors did not make room for a two party system. Indeed, it was required for everyone to believe in God-Jesus. They did litigate Religious Freedom, allowing for many forms and churches of – BELIEF!


Owning Rigorously Honest Religious Credentials was the goal, because the Puritans BROKE from the Anglian Church, and were labeled Heretics and Rebels. It has long been my contention that the False Evangelical Church of John Darby, KNEW they did not own The Right Stuff, and thus, used THE VOTE as a means to own Certificates of Self-Righteousness. They surely do not own any such certification from my kindred, John Fremont, a co-founder of the Abolitionist Republican Party. The claim Evangelicals are upholders of Traditional Family Values, IS FALSE! I have ordered them out of my FAMILIES TRADITIONL PARTY. I have threatened to sue!

Many Evangelicals have embraced Putin because he has made Gay People – ILLEGAL! Most Christians believe Jesus is a UNIVERSAL DEITY, and thus he is not indigenous to this Democracy, and, had no vested interest in the signing of our Construction. He allegedly had a larger Master Plan in mind. Therefore, INTERFERING in our LAWMAKING is not a God-given Commandant.

My ex-friend has made my case that her LEADERS have given their flock permission to BATTLE THE ENEMY, but, don’t let them know they are being demonized. These Fake Leaders do not want any Man of God defending any Demonized Human Being. The Demons deserve no religious advocate – in THIER democracy! True Believers are given holy permission to look down their righteous nose at the Living Damned, and smirk!

Evangelicals are frustrated with their Holy Ally, because Putin is pro-choice! If they could just find a way to get a Trump-like Messiah in power in Russia. There is talk of Messiah Trump invading Venezuela –  with sacred Grabbing of Oil – in the name of Jesus! I might be all for this, if they vacated the Republican Party, and, turn that troubled nation into a benevolent Socialist Holy Garden of Self-righteous Bliss. Let’s see some proof, that Christianity – WORKS! Lead by example! Evangelicals have proven Democracy does not work, because, they could care less if Putin helped put THEIR MAN in the White House via THE HOLY SIDE DOOR! Whatever it takes, is just fine with them.

Two young people are suing major Universities for running a RIGGED GAME. Because my religious ancestors founded major Universities, and, are honest and illustrious alumni, then I believe they have given me an opening for my lawsuits.

“Your honor, these people are the wrong people, and should not be in power! They are pretentious imposters! One is rendered LESS holy after dealing with them on any level. They have loaded the dice! They fight for a shred of Jesus’ robe. They Should be stripped of all their power – and wealth! They should be put in a public pillory – and shamed!”

John ‘The New Puritan’


The normal track for credentialing pastors includes college, seminary, and an ordination council. But what about credentialing pastors who take non-traditional routes? Is there space in your denomination for that? Should there be?



In a class action suit, two Stanford University students are suing the University of Southern California, Yale, the University of California Los Angeles and other institutions involved in a massive alleged admissions cheating case involving affluent parents allegedly paid bribes to get their kids into top universities.

Erica Olsen and Kalea Woods say they were denied a fair opportunity to gain admission to their choice of a top college, and that their Stanford degrees were devalued, by criminal racketeering charges leveled by federal prosecutors.

In the federal complaint, Olsen, from Henderson, Nevada, said she had “stellar” standardized test scores and athletic talent, but was rejected by Yale after paying her application fee.

“Had she known that the system at Yale University was warped and rigged by fraud, she would not have spent the money to apply to the school,” the lawsuit states. “She also did not receive what she paid for – a fair admissions consideration process.”


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