The Bohemian Rose of the World

It is in our DNA. Christine and I descend from Bohemian Royalty.


Christine Rosamond


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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    I told my friend Casey Farrell about my dream, and my conclusion I am a Heir to my Bohemian linage. I said if I build a Camelot, what is mine, will be gathered – there! An hour ago I discovered there is a fight over Mucha’s large canvases. My great grandfather, Wensel Anton Braskewitz, came from Bohemia. I lived in a shed that was owned by Ernie. I went to the park next door to use the bathroom, wash my hair, and take sponge baths. I painted Mucha and Pre-Raphaelite figures all over Vic’s old radio. I did a Mocha-like painting. I took pics that Christine saw. I want to go live in a castle in Czechlosvakia and do large canvases.

    The artist’s heirs and the city of Prague are fighting over the cycle of 20 beautiful paintings of a mythical Slavic history
    Books, arts and culture

    Dec 6th 2016
    by B.C. | PRAGUE
    ALPHONSE MUCHA is best known for his pioneering art-nouveau work in fin-de-siècle Paris, especially a series of posters depicting Sarah Bernhardt, a legendary actress. But the Czech-born artist considered a 20-canvas cycle called “The Slav Epic” to be his masterwork, and he donated the massive paintings to the city of Prague in 1928 with the proviso they build a facility to display them. The Mucha family is still waiting to see that wish fulfilled.
    With “The Slav Epic” slated for an Asian sojourn next year, Mucha’s heirs, lead by a grandson, John Mucha, are suing to block the museum tour in what may be the final chapter of a century-long saga that has seen the paintings outlast the Nazis and the communists. The bitter conflict between the family and the city has lingered for years, with the family contending that Prague’s failure to construct a venue should nullify Mucha’s gift.
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